National Treasure Review

I saw the movie “National Treasure – Book of Secrets” today. Nice movie…I have always been fascinated with the idea and the thrill of a treasure hunt. As a child I used to have these detailed,colorful, and thrilling dreams of adventures like treasure hunt or catching some dacoit….I saw such dreams quite often but as I grew up, I stopped having those dreams and now sometimes in a blue moon, I see such a exciting dream.

Anyway, coming back to the movie….I was sad to see the old balding Nicholas Cage. He has been one of the actors I liked. Especially his eyes. He surely has some Scorpio effect. I was also sad to see what i suspect a slight double chin. Sigh!!! One cant fight the aging process..its the inevitable way of life cycle.
Overall I liked the movie.
Till now I’m enjoying a nice quiet Sunday.

One thought on “National Treasure Review

  1. Yet all things must die.
    The stream will cease to flow;
    The wind will cease to blow;
    The clouds will cease to fleet;
    The heart will cease to beat;
    For all things must die.
    All things must die.
    Spring will come never more.
    O, vanity!
    Death waits at the door.

    From “All Things will Die” BY
    Lord Alfred Tennyson

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