Is it better to have loved and lost or not to have loved at all? – Part 2

Its so easy to write books like “chicken soup”, million books on break up and how to deal with it, etc etc…..and so much more difficult to actually go through it and come out alive. I appreciate Vinita’s efforts to give a balanced write-up.
In my opinion based on my personal experiences…..There is no pain more excruciating than the pain of a broken heart… especially the heart which has been broken by betrayal. After my personal experiences, I sometimes wonder why I have not become immune to this pain and why does it hurt still? Why do I still cry? Why haven’t I given up on “love” and the quest for it? For the lack of a “delete history” or “reload” option; I would say I would have been much more happier if I had never fallen in love. Unlike the bundle of insecurity, cynicism bordering on indifference, bitterness and suspiciousness ; which I am now. It would have been an alternative fate with alternative people in it and alternative events of happiness and sadness. I would have saved many nights spent in crying in misery and almost going insane. There is nothing in this world that causes so much pain and if I could choose between love and death, I think I would rather die. As the poet of the famous love poem “Frozen Tear” puts it

Even though I said that final good-bye
Even though it was all up to me
I still cry
I still cry for when we were the best of friends
For the nights we spent together
And for what was never suppose to be
I cry not for u or me but because of what was never there
I cry for what was in my mind and how it will never be again
To stop crying is something I somewhat learned from u
Too many kisses led to the tragedy
Too many hugs that felt for nothing
Too many tears frozen just because of that one simple good-bye
Too many emotions defrosted because I stood up for myself and lost someone special
But that’s in the past and that’s where it needs to stay
Forever I will remember the frozen tear that meant so much to me and nothing to u
One more frozen tear cried and I will forever say my final good-bye

4 thoughts on “Is it better to have loved and lost or not to have loved at all? – Part 2

  1. It is definitely better not to have loved at all. Although “time gilds with gold the iron links of pain”, it is much nicer without the pain in the first place!

  2. “a mighty pain 2 love it is,
    And ’tis a pain that pain 2 miss,
    but of all pains,the greatest pain,
    it is to love but love in vain..”
    these lines by cowley are very close 2me and i thot it complements somewhat,your post..
    nice read btw.

  3. I can feel your pain, having gone through the same myself.Why does love have to hurt so much? But then again no pain no gain. Dear Reema, God gives us pain to make us better people.You will definitely meet your soulmate.Remember, one has to kiss many toads before one gets to meet one’s prince.

    Best Wishes

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