My Garden

I used to be very interested in gardening and believed I have a green thumb. Once I had even planted a small sapling in a flower pot and stuck a paper label with gum with “Planted by” and my name written in sketch pen (which washed off as soon as I watered the plant with a hose). Now looking back I think this act was a kid copying the events shown on TV where some big shot plants some tree and a plaque is put up in his honor. Anyway so now I just wanted to share some beautiful snap shots of the garden at my home.

4 thoughts on “My Garden

  1. nice pics of flowers…. i give kudos to the person who captured them… keep up the good work

    last but not the least.. thanx for dropping in my blog… yeah !! ur right !! the words of my last blog are the words of a song… i cant fig out by whom…

  2. nice too liked to gaze at flowers and take pics of them…
    also i really agree with your blog description…the choices we make are our responsibility ultimately…

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