Social Awareness Ads

I came across these ads for social awareness on YouTube.

Although the uptight sophisticated feel & the price of ticket didn’t appeal to me, this is the one thing I liked about Gold Adlabs in Pune that they played the National Anthem of India before the movie started and all stood up in respect. I don’t know if all movie theaters of Maharashtra follow that or only Pune. And I’ve no idea about other states except MP & CG where there is no such practice.

This one is a bit long but a very nice song & theme and one cant guess whats the ad about till the end. I hope posting it here will spread the awareness.
I couldn’t believe this one was titled “social awareness”. I admit there should be freedom (with responsibility) to choose one’s career/job/life partner but creating a ad about Mens’ Freedom??? and what was the implication? First guys should get their freedom then girls??? What a sexist ad. Stop cribbing and comparing to women. But its funny. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Social Awareness Ads

  1. Hey nice videos! 🙂

    2nd one is too touchy..

    i think 3rd one also makes sense.. though prioritizing the freedom of men over women isn’t right.. both are equally important

  2. Very nice videos.
    The 2nd one is very touchy, and reveals the truth.
    Speaking abt, National Anthem, All the Multiplexes in Pune play National Anthem before every show. So that is a very good thing.

  3. Why not? It tries to reiterate the fact that in this supposedly “male dominated” nation, where guys aren’t given a chance to make a decision, how can we expect women empowerment?

    Against orthodoxy -definitely makes sense if you ask me.

  4. @Sandeep Yes 2nd one is the best. hmm both??..hmmm…

    @Hemant Welcome to my blog! thanks. Only multiplexes? what about single theaters? Keep visiting my blog.

    @Abhijeet Welcome! Yes it makes sense against the orthodox & often illogical views of parents. But somehow I didn’t like the punchline. Keep visiting!!

  5. I dont really “get” the ads other than they seem to mean to be aware of others problems and to be nice to them (And respectful of the national anthem).

    The food in them looks so yummy! I need to go get something to eat now.

  6. @Shefaly I wonder who came up with such an social awareness theme to make an ad on.

    @Robert See,the first one is about respect to national anthem.When a lame person can stand up in its respect why cant all of us. Many dont stand up cuz they find it silly or are to lazy to do that.
    2nd Holi is an Indian festival where people play with colors. These children shown to be playing are actually blind so they cant see the colors.The ad is for Eye donation.
    3rd A father is giving a tongue lashing to his son who wants to marry a girl of his choice, the punchline says in a place where men are not free how can we talk about women empowerment.

  7. hey i love the 2nd one, have seen that manytime myself…you know i always feel our advertising is more sentimental and touchy rather than ads here in US. i sometimes just enjoyed watching ads than the serials when in India. Now, thankgod i have youtube to see them once in a while. There are lot of others ads by Aajtak group too which are about social awareness which i really love.

  8. I can’t see any of them but i enjoy reading about them.

    here in the Caribbean there is a whole men’s rights movement about helping men live their lives to the fullest in terms of education, and employment. but here we have problems with men feeling as though they have to subject themselves to woman because woman seem to be so much better at what they do.

  9. Nice ads, I actually saw Hemant (second comment) shudder while watching second ad.

    About third one, it has sensible topic but its not made in good way.
    Just tell me, all you girls criticizing on third ad, do you really think there is complete freedom and absolutely no need for awareness ads for boys in India?
    If you think boys get all freedom that girls are not allowed then you are looking at wrong places. May be you have only seen one side of coin. I have more to say but after someone replies.

    Did you say misogynistic bullying? I think it means hatred towards women, or I am wrong?


  10. I liked all the three. 🙂 Second one was very touching.
    And I think in the third one what they are trying to say is that we should not talk about liberating women alone. The guys need help too!!!
    Believe me, I know of one such guy who went through this even though the girl was from his own community. His father couldn’t stand the thought of his son falling in love. He was bashed up too. His girlfriend is married to someone else now.

  11. @Swathi Yes there are some ads I like watching more than the main program…But my Dad always changes the channels and I’m like “why u changed it? I was watching the ad” 😀

    @Beth why couldnt u see the videos? 😦 Its so nice to hear a point of view from a place different than India. So its about Men Empowerment there,eh? Just fighting to maintain the dominance I guess.

    @Suda Do u know Hemant? See I admit & agree men have their share of problems and there is need of awareness..what I didnt like in the ad was the comparison. But u have to admit too that guys definitely have much more freedom than girls.

    @Amit Ohh so sad 😦 As I said to Suda its just the comparison that irked me n all the girls.

  12. no, there is a definite displacement problem here. For the past 8 years more the 3/4 of the high schools and colleges population are girls. And woman are starting to become more likely to get better jobs etc… This leads to a sort of left out feeling. Empowered women often marry to uneducated men and there is a general is a general power struggle and role shift, since traditional domestic roles still fail on the woman with the CEO job. Something that women are rising up while men are generally holding on to colonialism and slavery.

    I personally think that empowerment has to be balanced. We have to empower woman but keep man empowered too.

  13. @Beth it seems an opposite world there in terms of education n empowered majority but the role playing is same I guess..the women has to play homemaker everywhere..Yes I agree with u..empowerment has to be balanced.

  14. nice posting shows the real india’s image……
    all the ad’s and you guyz discussion was too much helpfull to me as I’m working on my college project about social awareness advertisements and their impact on public..
    and had to even write public views for that all comments were useful !!
    THANKS to all.

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