Save the Environment

Stop thinking like that!! On World Environment Day i.e. today, I want to list few tips and ways to do our part in saving the environment. Though there are many sites which tell about 100 ways or 51 ways to do it, I thought of listing some of them here as well.

In Your Office

# Copy and print on both sides of paper.
# Reuse items like envelopes, folders and paper clips.
# Set up a bulletin board for memos instead of sending a copy to each employee.
# Use e-mail instead of paper correspondence.
# Use recycled paper.
# Use discarded paper for scrap paper.
# Use a ceramic coffee mug instead of a disposable cup.
Shut off electrical equipment in the evening when you leave work.

In Your Home

# Clean or replace air filters on your air conditioning unit at least once a month.
# Turn off unneeded lights even when leaving a room for a short time.
# Set your refrigerator temperature at 36 to 38 and your freezer at 0 to 5 .
# Use a microwave whenever you can instead of a conventional oven or stove.
Turn off lights, computers and other appliances when not in use.
# Use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to save money and energy.
# Use cold water instead of warm or hot water when possible.
# Learn about alternatives to household cleaning items that do not use hazardous chemicals.
# Use traps instead of rat and mouse poisons and insect killers.
# Check and fix any water leaks.
Install water-saving devices on your faucets and toilets.
Don’t wash dishes or brush teeth with the water running continuously.
Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones.
# Use reusable plates and utensils instead of disposable ones.
Use reusable containers to store food instead of aluminum foil and cling wrap.

In General

# Walk or ride your bike instead of driving, whenever possible.
# Avoid products with several layers of packaging when only one is sufficient.
# Buy products that you can reuse.
# Maintain and repair durable products instead of buying new ones.
# Reuse items like bags and containers when possible.
# Shop with a canvas bag instead of using paper and plastic bags.

So implement some of these atleast if not all before it comes to this:-

Last but not least, let us all strive to save the social environment too by promoting love and peace. As Michael Jackson puts it “Heal The World”.
P.S. For lyrics to the lovely song read here. All images credited to Chris Madden.

22 thoughts on “Save the Environment

  1. Im already doing almost all of those things, not to save the enviroment but because they cost less money.

    Being enviromentally friendly is easy once you realize its also economically sauvy.


  2. Your list covers most of the things that we can do.. I’m proud of the fact that I did some of them… I wore a green shirt, too! 😀
    But I think it’s gonna take time for the message to sink in! Sigh… It’s gonna be a long wait…

  3. This post reminds me of my daddy, as if he is speaking here :))..i do keep in mind most of the things u wrote!!! good listing reema!

  4. @Robert u r right…the best way to get ppl to adopt sustainable ways is too show them the monetary benefits

    @Nikhil Awww…u wore a green shirt did u? 😛 😀 yes its gonna be a slow n long process.

    @Swathi Thanks!!

  5. I try to do most of the things mentioned here + not leave my phone charger on unnecessarily. We could all plant a tree once a on birthdays! It’s easy!

    My dad keeps telling me save electricity, save electricity and switches of the fan early morning! 😀 This later I found out was not coz’ he cared about the environment but cared about his wallet getting lighter by the day 😀

    Keep one you got here, keep smiling and keep posting,

  6. Great post. It’s a shame the _vast_ majority of people in the UK don’t share this kind of thinking. It’s pretty much a ‘takeaway culture’ and everyday it’s a 5 minute job to clean up discarded food cartons from my front garden.

    I’m trying to be more ecologically aware these days, it’s not hard to see the damage we are inflicting!

  7. I just remembered – ppl here in the US absolutely print every mail! Everything from calendars to agenda – some you can’t skip but everymail is ridiculous! I have seen 5 of my 8 managers do that!

  8. @RJ Welcome to my blog!Planting a tree is a nice idea. Keep visiting!

    @Sandeep Thanks!

    @BSG Welcome! Just do your share in saving the will follow..Keep visiting!!

  9. For a change, Iam reading a list which doesnt tire me while reading..
    Good suggestions..
    Btw, I added you on my blogroll..

  10. Hey reema, a cool post! All these tips should be made compulsary in every school from the very first day of the class so that the young minds get trained in enviornment friendly attitudes!

    Keep writing and keep smiling!

  11. List is excellent and idea of using these as rules in schools is far more excellent idea. I am doing it 😀

  12. Great blog, Reema!

    You seem very passionate about helping the planet! Just like us!

    You might find this interesting:

    We are having an eco-creativity contest with lots of prizes!

    Keep on spreading the word about saving the environment, we need more people like you!

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