Rain Songs

Ahhhh!!! Finally rain has arrived in my town. Its such a beautiful evening with wet leaves and the wonderful smell of wet earth. Just felt like sharing my favourite rain songs. [Hope your internet speed lets you watch the videos]

#1 Rain by Madonna (I’m a huge fan of the lady!!)

#2 November Rain by Guns n Roses (for rock lovers!!)

#3 I Love a Rainy Night by Eddie Rabitt (wonderful music!!)

#4 It’s In The Rain by Enya ( beautiful video!!)

#5 Crying In The Rain by A-ha (nice lyrics and great voice)

and last but not the least the classical I’m Singing in the rain by Gene Kelly (a must-must-must watch for the dance!!)

31 thoughts on “Rain Songs

  1. Ah, nice collection. You set me thinking about rain songs, and funnily, not even one English song comes to my mind.

    My fave rain song happens to be Barso Re Megha from Guru. I love that song, and I love the way Shreya Ghoshal sang it. And I liked it despite Aishwarya, so it must be good!

    And I also figured why your blogroll is showing a new post on my blog. Actually, I had updated one of my old posts because I was getting a lot of spam comments on it. So probably your blogroll thought that it was a new post and showed that ‘New’ sign.

  2. @Robert any particular reason for hating axl rose? what about the rest of the songs I’ve listed?

    @BSG The link u sent said this video is not available in my country. Then I searched and listened to the song..I missed it cuz I hadnt heard it before.

    @Ish U know I was thinking of including some Hindi songs too and Barso re megha was the 1st that came to my mind πŸ˜€ But as I listen mostly to these I listed these. U dislike Aish?? Good to know that..cuz guys r like crazy over her.

  3. Mostly the stuff you listed is too poppy for my tastes…You gotta realize ive heard most of these songs 100,000,000 million times on the radio.

    Something more to my tastes would be(tho I dont think the song is really about a storm, sorry for the crappy recording quality, its a bootleg):


    Lyrics are something to the effect of:

    Riding the storm out.

    Waitin’ for the fallout.

    On a full moon night in the Rocky Mountain winter.

    Wine bottle’s low,

    Watching for the snow.

    I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been missing in the city…

    But I’m not missing a thing!

    Watching the full moon crossing the range.

    Riding the storm out
    Riding the storm out
    Riding the storm out
    Riding the storm out

    Lady there beside me,

    she’s there to guide me.

    She says that alone we’ve finally found our home…

    The wind outside is frightening,

    but it’s kinder that the lightning life of the city.

    It’s a hard life to live,

    but it gives back what you give.

    And I’m not missing a thing…

    Watching the full moon crossing the range.

    Riding the storm out
    Riding the storm out
    Riding the storm out
    Riding the storm out
    Oh yes I am…

    And I’m not missing a thing.

    Watching the full moon crossing the range.

    Riding the storm out
    Riding the storm out
    Riding the storm out
    Riding the storm out

    Riding, Riding, Riding the storm out!

    And I hate axl rose because I think I think he is a whiney little weasel, and also a no talent hack.

  4. this is why I dont use blogger commenting

    Shortened my URL again.


    Search it at youtube and your’ll find it.

  5. or I was gonna say november rains by harry chapin, but you’ll never find that online (hope you like lots of comments)

    When November rains
    it rides the cool wind
    you need somebody holding you tight
    When November rains
    you need somebody caring
    you want somebody sharing your night

    When November rains
    that’s when it all falls down
    there are clues
    When November rains
    and it’s all around
    and it seems that there’s nothing left ‘cept the dream
    of the first sweet warm morning light
    November rains into your deep, dark night

    When November rains
    midnight is calling
    the old year is falling away
    When November rains
    It’s like something is greiving
    or somebody’s leaving this day


    November rains,
    why don’t you shine your warm sun on down
    November rains,
    why don’t you keep me warm as sundown
    Why don’t you rain your warm sun down,
    Down on me
    Don’t leave me

    When November rains
    something is needed
    Somebody is sending an echo
    When November rains
    it’s too late for praying,
    it’s like somebody’s saying
    don’t follow


  6. @ Reema: It tickles me no end – except when I am running in the rain here in London – that the moment the rains came down, the Indian blogs are full of songs and poetry. πŸ™‚ It does not happen here and we have had loads of rain since April, including an almost tropical downpour I got caught in yesterday.

  7. So, u belong to ahmedabad! Yes, the clean air and green leaves(whatever has left) do look wonderful.

    we amdavadis should have one forum of amdavadi bloggers. What say?

  8. @ish and reema

    happy to know that there ARE guys who actually dislike aishwarya! yippeeeee. And i thought all the guys are ga ga over her…

    yippeeee again…

  9. @Robert dont worry abt the URL beinglong..as I said I get the comment in mail too..so in that whole url comes. Boy! u have flooded my comment section πŸ˜€ good good else u know its weekend which r dry days.

    @Shefaly The poetry n songs come cuz in India rains comes after a long hot summer…u know happiness after long duration of pain brings out the romance in everyone.

    @Sakhi Welcome to my blog!! Sad to say I m not from Ahmedabad..where did u get that? from my IP address? I use BSNL BB which is NIB (National Internet Backbone) based so it may show any place. Thanks for adding me πŸ™‚ Hope u wont delete after knowing I’m not a amdavadi :)Keep visiting.

  10. I would have also liked Hindi (or any other local Indian language) songs lol. Wonder how it feels in monsoon climates … this waiting for the rain in hot weather and the extreme relief when finally rain falls. Here in Italy rain is only a nuisance….(well, not for the farmers tho)

  11. @MoR welcome to my blog! for Hindi songs u can check out these links [plz put http. I’d to shorten the url]


    Keep visiting!!

  12. @Reems – hi! πŸ™‚ Of the songs you listed November rain is my fav followed by Enya. I am not a huge Madonna fan, never heard Eddie and A-ha. I am going to soon as soon as I finish commenting!

    Hav you heard Led Zeppelin – Rain song? My super fav rain song!

    Check it out!

    Nice post! I have been hearing from all my friends about the excitement due to rain after the scorching heat – I am sure it must feel nice.

    Keep smiling and keep posting,

  13. @RJ Hi! will check out the LZ song surely.Yes it feels good after such a hot summer! Beach outing..good πŸ™‚

  14. being from ahmedabad (or so i thought) didnt put you on my blog roll. It was because of the contents of your blog. πŸ™‚

    keep smiling!

  15. Hey you forgot an old time classic “Dekho baarish ho rahiiiii haiiiii… its raining, its raining, its raining!!” πŸ˜›

  16. @Reems – You even forgot the so called sultry number “Tip tip bharsa paani…paani ne aag lagayi”

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  17. @Sandeep *same pinch* πŸ˜€ sounds girlish? πŸ˜€

    @Sakhi Thanks!!

    @Nova,RJ I have missed lots of Hindi songs πŸ™‚ don’t know why but rain reminds me of these songs esp the madonna and eddie ones.

  18. @Reems – A lot of hindi songs…even the jo haal dil ka from Sarfarosh was a rain song right? Sonali looks ahem! ahem!

  19. @Reems – Yea, dont remind me about that πŸ˜› Even the dimple kapadia song – forgot the name! It used to come on etc and I ws forced to changed when somebody passed by the TV room πŸ™‚

  20. @Reems – LOL! Its a very normal feeling πŸ˜€ Dimple was cool in that song btw! I am sure Sandeep watched it a million times πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

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