World War 3.0

So now I know how the world is going to end. It will be annihilated by the commencement of World War III. How did I reach to this conclusion? Read on.
There was a bomb blast in Thane, Mumbai on June 4 2008. Some more bombs were recovered live from other places. Two Hindu extremists have been arrested for the same. Supposedly they belong to some Hindu organizations called Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Sanatan Sansthan. Read the whole news here. Now after this happened, the Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece Saamna ran an editorial in which Mr.BT (the editor) advocated “build-up of Hindu response to counter the ‘growing Islamic terrorism’ in the country while ridiculing members of a Hindu fundamentalist organisation held for low-intensity bomb blasts in Thane.” Of course it doesn’t matter that 7 people died (correction:injured) in the blast and my guess would be all of them were not Muslims. What is the problem if 7 die (correction:get injured) among 13 million population of Mumbai? Sacrifice must be made for the greater good, right? I guess this is the convoluted mentality of these people.

So Mr.BT has commended the creation of Hindu suicide squads as a tit for tat for Islamic outfits. I’ve already expressed my indignation over how irresponsibly leaders speak and behave. But this has crossed the limit. How can a leader in his sensible mind ask his people to form suicide groups for spreading violence? How can he ask them to sacrifice their lives and families to die for his absurd cause or rather I presume his personal vendetta? In today’s world how can a leader champion the cause of terrorism and blood for blood? Our Nation’s Bapu must be turning and tossing in his grave!! (yes, I know he was a Hindu) How can a leader encourage his people to take the law in their own hands?

I condemn such fundamentalist leaders of any country who show the path of violence and bloodshed to their people. Instead of waging wars why doesn’t he encourage people to form cleaning squads to keep Mumbai clean and water logging free?
According to Mr.BT these Hindu squads should go to Islamic countries and carry out bomb blasts there. I guess if this happens those countries will retaliate and US & EU will jump in too in the foray. Taking the opportunity China may attack India from other side. And thus World War 3.0 will ensue. And the world will come to an end.

On second thought, that might be a good thing. Everything will start anew after humans have wiped out each other. Sigh! A 6 yr old kid is wiser than a 80+ adult.

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36 thoughts on “World War 3.0

  1. BT is a useless and crazy politician, but then each one of them have similar traits.
    If a person actually thinks he is right, that person has to be blamed.
    I really believe that our problems will be solved once each and every individual thinks before (s)he acts.

  2. First, in the thane blast, nobody died .. It was just a small blast to stop the show of one marathi drama not to cause any casualty ..

    We, hindus, dont have any courage nor any power or money-backup to carry out the blasts that Islamic terrorists always do …We hindus are very tolerant and selfish people .. we even dont hv any respect for our religion nor we do care abt it..Any tom-dick and harry comes and draws our GOD’s naked and vulgur painitings and we appreciate tht art and the artist .. Any tom-dick and harry comes and demolish our temples and builds mosques, churches etc but still we love those invaders and worship them..Any tom-dick and harry comes and burns us alive while we are travelling in a train and chanting ‘Jai shree ram’ but still we feel pride in calling ourselves fanatics and fundamentalists..In the country wehre 80% of the people are HIndu, we still are not able to build a temple where our lord RAM was born(Ayodhya) – our lord KRISHNA was born(Mathura) .. How tolerant, sober and noble people we are ..

    Bal Thackrey might be crazy and useless for u but dont forget that he was the one who saved our A** during Babri riots othwerwise thousands of hindus would hv vanished and killed .. it’s easy to criticize someone from sitting in an AC room and on cozy-comfy bed-couch but you hv to face the reality..

    I dont justify BT’s statements that we should start hindu terrorism and all because we just cant do it..we cant kill anyone on the name of religion .. but we have to be strong and courageous so that no aera-gera can come and abuse oyr GODS and religion..

    I was, am and will be proud to be an indian and a hindu !!

  3. Absolutely disgusting!! I hate it when people want to get their voice heard and they kill for it… Why can’t everyone settle their differences and live happily!?

  4. I never pay attention to Saamna and likes of it. They do it for attention as there are no real outcomes of what they do. I deny them just that, I never pay them attention.

    I always like Calvin cartoons, they are so apt.

  5. @Adarsh yes once ppl follow the golden rule of Do not unto others what u would not have them done unto u, peace will reign the world.

    @Soham I think ur agitated because of Adarsh’s use of words. I’m a Hindu too and proud of it but I dont advocate keeping religion over everything else. Respect to religion??? I think humans should respect each other ..everything else will fall in place. Is my religion or God so small that just by drawing any vulgar pictures etc can abuse Him?? U think we should start vandalism? And if u would look at old temples u will find sensuous sculpture of gods made by “Hindus”. what about those? and I dont believe in 33 crore gods. There is only one force and we humans have created nothing but trouble for ourselves by giving Him/Her many names. (yes it may be a Her too) “aera-gera “??? Lol they r also humans just with a different point of view. The Babri thing wouldnt have started if there were no different religions to begin with. i dont I need to belong to any one religion to pray. I can go to church as easily as a temple. I dont believe in shouting hymns to please the God. I dont believe in making a Gold temple when there million mouths to be fed. And thats my view. U r entitled to yours ofcourse. And i think the ayodhya land could be put to better use like a hospital than a temple. I dont think my God is so petty that He will be displeased if he has one temple less on his name.I think my God listens to my prayers best when i pray silently in my mind not at some temple by ringing bells. //it’s easy to criticize someone from sitting in an AC room and on cozy-comfy bed-couch but you hv to face the reality..// Everybody has the right to criticize n in proper manner. Are u criticizing by sitting in the sun??? or on bed of nails? What r u doing for the betterment of ur fellow Hindus except just saying ur proud to be one? Have u donated ur eyes yet? have u made one charity contribution yet?

    Anyway i refuse to be drawn in such a useless discussion cuz my post’s point is about irresponsible leaders. If I was a American I would written about Bush. or a Burmese then about the “junta”. so its just an expression of my opinion which is not about religion.

  6. @Nikhil They have found the violent way to settle their differences and ofcourse find many supporters to their theories.

    @Poonam But there are many who have left thiking on their own and follow whatever their beloved leader says. A leader, knowing the power he wields over people, should speak responsibly and for smthg good. C&H rocks!

  7. Reema,
    thanks for dropping by. Yeah i had a hectic time at work.. took a break, but back to blogging.
    .. and thanks a lot for adding me in your link.

    I have read your latest post (*i am going to read your earlier posts), I am not very good with words to write.. but found out that you are an apt person for column writing or a freelance journalist.

    Your word charm will work.

    Keep in touch
    Manu M

  8. @ Soham and Reema,

    I have mentioned earlier also that i am a rational perosn. Was even more rational before *mandal panch* and *godhra Kand* took place… soham is some what right, it is easy to say anything from a comfy AC office… If you go through something, then the scenario is reversed..

    I have almost experienced the godhra kaand in 2002.. My daughter was just born. The train got burned and the whole gujarat was taken at ransom.. every body later talked about atrocities levied out on a minority community, why no body dared say anything towards the whole “train incidence” where so many of Hindus were burnt alive?

    i remember the sound of the bullet which passed from just above my room and as i told earlier, my baby was just 1 month old then. Can you even think of that situation? a situation where you were to be prepared all the time to run away (alive, if possible!) leaving your dear place and probably old parent back so that you can save your child’s life!

    I still don’t believe in terrorism, but yes, 2002 taught the gujaratis atleast one thing.. Retailate when it is needed. And strangely after that “kaand” there are not riots in ahmedabad! (otherwise, ahmedabad was known for communal riots)

    i know i have come out too strongly and the comment is the biggest ever i have posted… some old ugly memories just resurfaced! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  9. *I think humans should respect each other *

    –> HUman can respect other human only when his/her religion, region, creed, cast etc are respected .. I respect Muslims, christians etc but in return i expect the same behaviour .. I am no Gandhi .. If u cant respect my religion, i also wont ..

    *Is my religion or God so small that just by drawing any vulgar pictures etc can abuse Him?? *

    –> Is not about being small or big – It’s about respecting other religion’s faith and aastha .. (U urself told that humans should respect each other .. Drawing other religion’s GOD naked is no respect what-so-ever..) Why that painter never draws naked pics of Mohammed Paigamber or Jesus coz he knows tht if he does then he will be killed in no time..but for hindus, he is safe coz he knows hindus r coward, selfish and tolerant people..they wont retaliate ..if some of them do, then those will be behind the bars and will be criticized by other hindus for being fanatics and extremists..

    *What r u doing for the betterment of ur fellow Hindus except just saying ur proud to be one? Have u donated ur eyes yet? have u made one charity contribution yet? *

    –> I hv already donated my eyes .. I am a regular blood donor ..

    –>My family has paid handsome amount of charity to VHP(Vishwa HIndu Parishad) to take care of the survivours of those who were burnt alive in Sabarmati train in Godhra..

    –>From my first salary in US, I paid around $500 to my Nani who bought blankets and she distributed in slums during winter..My family carries out this activity every year..We also go to muslim slum areas to distribute food, blanket etc..

    –>I m doin my part right now..I just got a new job here in India and once I am settled and getting a good savings, I will donate more tothose organization who work for hinduism and indian tradition and values..

  10. @Manu Thanks! Sure I will.

    @Sakhi oh I’m so shocked to know about that. and its ok I dont mind long comments ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Soham I’m so happy to know all the things u do.

    @Sakhi& Soham Everyone to his own view. I repeat my post’s point is about irresponsible leaders.Its neither defending nor opposing any religion.

  11. @Reemaji:

    *I’m so happy to know all the things u do. *

    Was it a genuine appreciation or a sarcastic remark?? .. Ha ha ha .. Just kidding teacher ๐Ÿ˜‰ ..

    @Sakhiji & @Reema Teacher:

    * still don’t believe in terrorism, but yes, 2002 taught the gujaratis atleast one thing.. Retailate when it is needed.*

    We never retaliated when Akshardham temple was attacked..because we know that it was carried out by terrosits who belong to Pakistan..Local minority community was not involved..Not a single riot took lpace after akshardham attack..

    But we retaliated when Godhara happened..why?..because we knew that it was the local minority community which has done that delibarately and intentionally to create havoc and fear..I dont jutify killings of innocent human beings but somehow I also feel that it was needed at that time..

    Check out my post on the same issue..You might enjoy it reading..

  12. @Soham I never make sarcastic comments at my readers and at such petty things.And please lets end the discussion here. More readers will just lose focus of my point will all this comments. Thanks!

    @Sandeep Sigh!!

  13. It sure is nice to know that people complain about a country’s foreign policy that isnt mine.

    Whew, for awhile there I thought only the USA was capable of making mistakes.

    At least we have robots to do our suicide bombing.

    Dont worry reema, all the bombs in the world cant wipe out the entire human race. enough will make it through to start the whole mess over again.

    I keep telling you the end of the world is a specter meant to frighten children, “be good or you’ll bring about the end of the world”

    But I do secretly look forward to it myself. Or the peaceful slumber I assume Ill have when my own little personal end of the world comes.

  14. Reema, your answer to some of the comments here ( which are naive and jingoistic, to say the least) has multiplied my appreciation for you by hundred times. You surely rock baby!

  15. he he ,.,..i liked the 3 rd pic true..
    i read what u ppl were discussing actually it would be endless if we argue on the matter..
    i basically hate whaever these leaders talk in the name of supporting relegion..they destroy the country instead//

    good post reema..
    actually u just posted what i was thinking yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. @Reems – I read through the news link and it says;

    Underscoring the ‘imperative’ to stand up in defence of Hindu culture and society under attack from ‘Islamic terrorism’ not only ‘by flexing muscles but by hurling the bombs’, the editorial further says: ‘It pleases us to read a headline saying ‘Hindutva’ supporters have caused bomb blasts but makes us hang our heads in shame when we read that they hurt ordinary Hindu people in a drama theatre.’

    Damn! where’a all the humanity gone? This is again a stupid reason for creating havoc for no good.

    Abt the post, once again, nice work as always! heroine ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Its all the “u scratch mine and i ll scratch urs” business. The world will go on like this unless the selfish nature of human being gets burried. Nice post.

  18. @Robert No i m not worried about world coming to an end. infact I want slate wiped clean. and Life on earth to begin again from amoeba. :)Wow! that last sentence was nicely worded.

    @Dev Thanks!! *Blushing and fluttering eyelashes*

    @Arvind Thanks! Yes that is an endless discussion…and not even what my post is about.

    @RJ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks!

    @Vaibhav thanks. yes what u said is true.

  19. Reema, Im not a big believer in evolution. That “theory” contains (and I use the ” because its really an untested hypothesis) quite a number of gaping holes you could drive a truck through.

    I guess I am more inclined to believe in a hybrid of creationalism and evolution. Both together I think make more sense. Maybe I should call it “assisted evolution”

    Ill point out a few of the holes Im talking about

    This is a direct quote
    “A species is often defined as a group of organisms capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring”

    how then could a mutant who is a new species create viable offspring with the “parent” species? This doesnt make much sense to me.

    Why cant scientist create new species of fruit flies just by breeding thousand of generations of them in their laboratories? Or dog breeders can develope traits in dogs yet they still remain the same species, canis domesticus, through 10,000 years of selective breeding?

    or the common cold, tho it mutates and changes constantly still remains the common cold?

    I hate people passing off their best guesses as fact.

    Dont get me wrong, I like charles darwin and all. Its just that I think while his ideas make sense on some level they dont explain everything going on. I cant bring myself to believe that this is all a big accident. It makes no sense to me.

    Am I really supposed to believe accidental mutation could make this moth look like an owl? Because thats plain silly.

  20. One thing I am sure about – If the world ends, it would end a lot of problems with it. ๐Ÿ˜€ But, still that won’t be a solution. We choose politicians to solve our problems. Something very basic. A representative to look after the people.
    And, then what has it come to…

  21. @Robert well i believe in evolution and survival of the fittest ๐Ÿ™‚ u remind me of phoebe buffay in FRIENDS. She also doesnt believe in evolution.

    @Amit Yes we gave them the power and now we are reaping what we sowed.

  22. OMG Reema! I cant believe you said that!

    I think I might be mad at you now.

    How can you even say that when you havent heard my singing!?

  23. @Robert ahhh that was just for the belief or the lack of it in evolution :)i dont mean to insult ur singing ๐Ÿ™‚ spare me your honor. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. @Robert thank u melord…i found out ur name from one of ur posts.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Dev I found out urs from Poonam’s blog roll. :)I kinda dont like calling people by their strange [:P :P] blogger feels v formal.

  25. Bal T has been making such comments for a long time. He becomes quiet for a while and then starts. Somehow I find him more ridiculous than anything else. That is why I don’t feel angry. But I know that he could be influencing vulnerable people and if I think of that it’s upsetting. I think he should be made a joke of. I wondered why the media gave so much publicity to his comments because that is what he wanted. The limelight. He should have been ignored and not reported at all! That would have hurt him the most.

  26. ok..sry for the late comment.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Well, I dont know why people have to fight with each other… I hate it. We all are living on a same land. People fight just for the sake of land, religion etc. What will they get in killing innocent people. Its disgusting. And I think the main cause for a big war is only POLITICS! nothing else…

    And BTW the second pic calvin just rocks…!

  27. @Nita Wish all shared this thought instead of considering a god and Hindu-protector. wish influential people spoke responsibly.

    @Joel ohh better late than never ๐Ÿ™‚
    people fight for such leaders who dont even care about them. People forget to think on their own. yes C&H is so true n apt!!

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