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Start Living!!

Life is so fickle. One moment you may be on the top of the world and in next moment you may literally be on the top of the world if you know what I mean. One moment you may be driving back home looking forward to a nice dinner and next moment you may be dead due to a bomb blast. And there can be more examples of how uncertain life is. In the next moment you may never see the people you care about ever again. You may never get to make that pending phone call again or finish those long due stuff on your “to-do” list. You may never get to say that “I’m sorry” or “I love you” ever again. One moment you are making money left and right and next moment you are dead before you could enjoy the fruits of your labor (legal or otherwise).

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My Take on Sex and The City

WARNING :- Its a chick flick and I seriously doubt whether men would like it. Those who do..well…their girlfriends/wives are lucky to have such men. 🙂 Also this post isn’t a review. Its my pondering about the movie and friendship. So skip if you want.

I feel those who have seen the series “Sex and The City” on television or atleast have the general idea about the characters & story and liked it are bound to enjoy the movie. But for those who have not, its like watching “Harry Potter-13 years after” without having seen from Sorcerer Stone to Deathly Hallows. One may enjoy the special effects but still miss being really hit by the movie (in a positive way).

As for me, I watched the episodes whenever I could and in many of them I liked the way in which the workings of a female mind were quite accurately depicted and some questions regarding love & relationships were raised which I’d asked myself at some point in my life. Also it made me glad that we live in a society free from such stressful and demanding dating scene. Thats one good point of a not so liberal society..saves its people from lot of mental stress.

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Kismat Konnection Review

I finally got the time to catch a movie after many days. Classes and job are taking away recreation and blogging time. Anyway, so here’s my review on Kismat Konnection.

# First the title. I strongly suspect UTV has made a jibe at Ekta Kapoor’s superstitious obnoxious obsession with the letter “K” or maybe they themselves believe in that. 🙂

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Lecturers’ Day Out

On this last Saturday, me and my colleagues had gone for a picnic at the local zoo to celebrate birthdays of two persons of our group. Usually we go to some restaurant and have dinner and come back. So this time we planned a day out with lunch funded by the two birthday girls. Oh it wasn’t their birthday on that day. We usually have parties belatedly. So after half day college (Saturday!) we all left for the local zoo + garden + entertainment park. Me and AJ reached in the nick of time to take cover under a shed just as heavy rain started. All the rest of us got totally drenched. I was only worried about the food 😀

After finding a dry spot, we had our lunch and then went to visit the zoo. I have always loved visiting zoos but the sight of caged animals saddens too. This place has lost its glory. In my childhood there used to be so many different types of animals and birds here. The lions and tigers were also quite in number. As the township is a one maintained by public sector industry, poor maintenance and few animals have resulted due to cost cutting. Though zoos don’t only mean caging of animals for display, yet one can’t help but feel sad for free spirited birds like eagle caged in a small cage that 2 in one. I’m sure with time they will lose their wings strength. Also I was surprised to see birds like emu and turkey in an Indian zoo. I’m no expert but I seriously doubt whether Indian climatic conditions are suitable for such exotic birds. Check out the snaps. (Hover the mouse on the photo for its caption. The girl in the yellow dress is yours truly)

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Education Boom or Education Doom ?

In the coming college session 2008-09 of Engineering, around 10 new colleges will add to the existing 19 colleges in the state of Chattisgarh. Also the number of seats in the existing colleges will go up. That would mean around 10000 seats for engineering admissions. Similar conditions exist in other states too where day by day new colleges, technical or otherwise, are coming up. Education is the one of the biggest investment areas now in India. Big parties are pooling up their legal or illegal money and setting up colleges. Just by showing basic fulfillment of norms, they are getting approval from the AICTE too. Students getting absolutely any rank or even no rank in the state’s entrance exam can now get admission in Engineering easily. The fees of this state is more than Rs.50000 per year, not taking into account donation money for management quota seats.

The question that arises is whether this education boom is actually a boon or bane? Will it prove useful in the long run for India or will it spell out the doom of Indian technical workforce? These are the important points to be considered before deciding the answer to this question.

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Blogging Observations

Since the day I moved to WordPress and started getting more comments and hits [Thanks unofficial WP ambassadors 🙂 ] , I expanded my blog surfing and came across many types of posts, blogs, bloggers, readers and commenters. I also made some observations regarding all of these which made ponder over a few things. These are some of my observations regarding the blogosphere.

# Tags are narcissistic. Every other tag has a question asking what do you think about the person who tagged you. For example “List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you” in this tag or “One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?” in this one. Notice the words good and nice!! As if forcing one to praise the one who tagged you. I firmly believe whoever included these questions in tags was just looking for some praise and compliments. 😛

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Motherhood – Necessity or Choice?

This article came in a Hindi daily on the necessity of motherhood for a woman. The author of the article is a female gynaecologist. One or two sentences in the article seemed to emphasize too much on the importance of motherhood for a woman to feel happy, healthy and to feel complete. “A woman’s body is made in such a way that childbirth keeps her happy in mind and healthy in body”; “A child is an inseparable part of woman’s body, her whole life’s spindle and aim too.”

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Ek Post Teen Tag

Nita and Xylene tagged me to do this three in one tag. Blogosphere’s self declared meme queen Poonam has decided to separate the tags into individual posts just to retain her status 😛 😛 I being a poor subject of the queen chose to do it one post.

Write 6 words.

Love, Family, Friends, Happiness, Food, Money

Ok this ought to be voted the shortest tag in blogosphere.

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The First Day

Yawn!! Yawwnnn!!

I can’t believe I inflicted this torture of attending classes and that too in morning on myself. How very masochistic.

Ok. Enough. One gotta do what one gotta do.

Pay attention.

OMG!! This man is teaching the stuff we have already read in the undergraduate level.

Stare outside the door. Look at watch. 45 mins more.

Ok. He is an old conceited egoistic grouch. Better listen carefully and take notes.

Shit!! Never took notes in B.E. lectures. How can I take now? Ok. Its better to scribble than doze off while sitting on first bench.

Yawn!! Stare outside the door then watch. 30 mins more.

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The 8 Tag

Adarsh tagged me to this. So here it is.

8 things I am passionate about :

  1. My family
  2. My job
  3. Good food!
  4. Shopping
  5. My computer (& Internet)
  6. Love
  7. Life
  8. Cats

8 things I want to do before I die :

  1. Keep a cat as pet.
  2. Meet some people who got lost in the way.
  3. Shop without thinking whether I can afford or not.
  4. See the famous places and beaches of world.
  5. Learn swimming.
  6. Read all the books that are waiting to be read by me.
  7. Be a famous blogger 😀
  8. Make my will and destroy incriminating secrets.

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The Mosaic Tag

Poonam tagged me to do this collage sort of tag. These are the rules.

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page, pick an image.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

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The Postal Scam

Have you ever had a letter delivered to you by the postman which didn’t have the adequate postage stamp on it? Have you ever paid the bearing charge (fine) for such a letter and said expletives in your mind for the careless sender? Many of us may have encountered such incidents. In most cases we blame the sender instead of suspecting the postal services. But a recent incident led me to strongly believe that there is a huge postage fine (bairang) scam going on in Indian Postal Services.

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The Studies Reloaded

The sense of relief and happiness that all students feel after their exams are over, is indescribable in few words. The exaltation is more if the exam is the last one of whatever course the student had been studying for a long time. The sense of riddance from studying on exam’s eve, doing an “all-nighter”, the nervousness, the nausea induced due to tension, sleepiness in exam hall, sudden blankness shrouding the memory and the postmortem of the question paper; is nothing short of a pleasure comparable to the sensation caused by cocaine (as rumored by drug abusers). And after graduation, often we pledge not to fall again into the trap of education system and its encumbrances. But as I’ve expressed my philosophy earlier, one often meets his destiny in the road he takes to avoid it.

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