The Mosaic Tag

Poonam tagged me to do this collage sort of tag. These are the rules.

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page, pick an image.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

1. What is your first name?
Reema. Like Poonam I too cheated and selected a pic from the 2nd page 🙂 what can be more apt for a cat lover like me!!

2. What is your favorite food? Right now?
Chilly Chicken!! Didn’t get exactly what I had in mind.

3. What high school did you go to?
S.S.S. X Bhilai. Wow! I got a pic of my school on 1st page! Apparently something to do with Art of Living.

4. What is your favorite color?
Red. I had a hard time choosing only one!! Beautiful snaps! Here also I got one from second page. It seems the apt pics are on the second page.

5. Who is your celebrity crush?
Rahul Khanna. For ignoramuses, he is Akshaye Khanna’s elder brother and he won my heart since the day he was a VJ on MTV Most Wanted.

6. Favorite drink?
Mango Juice. Ahhh the results this keyword got!! Droooolllll! And my favorite brand came too in 1st page. Frooti!!

7. Dream vacation?
All the beaches and hill stations in India in one long trip.

8. Favorite dessert?
Banana Split Ice cream! Yummyyyy!

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ok. So this tag was started on blogosphere by a kid. I’m already quite grown up. Well still if I’ve to answer then “Happy”.

10. What do you love most in life?
My sister. Why I selected cows? Its a secret!! 😀

11. One Word to describe you.
A Gemini.

12. Your flickr name.
Phoenix. The mythological bird not the city!

All those who are interested to do this tag are welcome. I will take no names 🙂

1. Reema, 2. rice porridge with chicken, spring onions and sweet soy sauce, 3. SENIOR SECONDRY SCHOOL SECTOR 10 BHILAI, 4. APPLE & ICE, 5. Earth, 6. Guzzle it Down..., 7. Placid Waters, 8. Banana Split, 9. bless from above, 10. Three Sisters, 11. Gemini (Κάστωρ και Πολυδεύκης), 12. Phoenix

36 thoughts on “The Mosaic Tag

  1. Ooh, you got nice pictures. And I happen to share quite a few of your answers for instance, I love Chilli Chicken! And Frooti. Frooti and Mango Juice are synonymous in India I think.

    And I love the picture you got for phoenix, brilliant.

  2. @Poonam Heh Heh I knew people would get interested. 😀 Whenever a cow would mooo,I would tease Didi saying look your pal is calling u. Also I used to watch a cartoon moocow. So cow is a joke between us. 🙂

    @Vishesh :)Do it then!! 😛

    @Mehak Thanks!!

    @Adarsh Mango Frooti Fresh n juicy!! 😀

    @Chakoli 🙂 U could pick it up and do it!!

    @Ish Heyyy I look forward to you doing the tag too! 🙂

    @Whatsinaname Welcome to my blog! For the answer to your query refer to my reply to Poonam 😀 Keep visiting!!!

  3. “What do you love most in life?
    My sister.”
    Thank you, I am touched. I love you too.

    “Why I selected cows? Its a secret!!”
    Translating my advice loosely, readers should eat mango (or frooti), not count seeds. 🙂

    Well, it all started with a comic strip called ‘moocow’ in target.

  4. Flicker’s my fav! 🙂

    and great answer for what you wanna become once you’ve grown up!! yay..
    why is it that we give this answer only after we’ve grown up to be engineers or doctors? 😀

  5. cool answers!

    may i suggest a possible snap for chilly chicken… a green chilly kept with a live chicken! how does it sound! Imagine how we will decipher this image in your mosaic! he he 😀

  6. @Reema – Chilly chicken! *mouth watering* We don’t get it here – the Indian style 😦

    Cool mosaic! Btw, that ice cream looks super yummy! YUMMMMSSSS

  7. @Nomad 😀 😀

    @Sandeep Ummm I dont think my answer has anything to do with the fact that i’m an engineer. Even if i was simple graduate i would want ti be happy ultimately.

    @Sakhi 🙂

    @Willow LOL 😀 😀

    @Deeps Rule breaking?? No no only flickr 😀

    @RJ Thanks!!

  8. @Arvind Ahh u r back!! 🙂

    @Robert Hmm I wanted to use noun so i guess I should remove the word people. Thanks for teh correction.

    @Sandeep Okk this is what u meant. Good point.

  9. I like Cats too, good to know there are others that like cats as well. Red is a cool color, it makes that apple look delicious. Nice blog.

  10. @Robert ok

    @Umar Welcome to my blog!! I’m also kinda getting bored with tags But have some in drafts folder waiting to be published 🙂 See u around!!

    @Joel Thanks!! 😀

    @Leal Welcome to my blog! Thanks!! Keep visiting!

  11. Everyone’s Mosaic look so beautiful. Yours is also very good. I liked Poonam’s too and almost liked Ashish’s, if there would not have been any dead rats in it. 😐
    I’ll do it. I’ll do it. 😀

  12. @Nita 😀 😀 Oh its very simple, just give it a try.

    @Bhavana Wow!!!!!! I thought I was his sole fan. All my friends used to make fun of me. Nice to know there r other girls too who like him. 🙂

  13. hey wow….many are similar answers 🙂

    thats what i felt when i came 2 ur blog first…many similarities…but lost touch somehow…blogrolled u so wud b regular 🙂

    Reema: Thanks!!

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