Blogging Friendship and Titles

I have been writing about various aspects of the act of blogging. In last few days another aspect that struck me was the friendship we form, friends we make via blogging. Recent bomb blasts in Ahmedabad & Bangalore where some of my blogger friends live and mysterious disappearance of a fellow blogger/chat friend from Internet are also the reasons behind this post as they made me feel genuine concern towards them. Blogosphere is the meeting place of alike minds and sometimes even clashing ones but it always scores over social networking sites and even chat rooms. Chatrooms are mostly filled with dumb jerks or perverts or guys pretending to be girls!! There is quite a lot of hesitation to trust enough to be a friend in the first place and to extend the friendship to real life like exchanging phone numbers or even meeting. Social networking websites are facing their own set of problems like fake profiles, misuse of personal information and even murder. Whereas in blogosphere we get an idea of the blogger’s thoughts and persona as a person from his/her posts and more so when he/she uses real identity. I believe one can’t carry a facade of one’s personality for so long. Its not possible to sustain an image of what you are not in your writings for long. And then if we meet someone of our mental wavelength & liking, we can befriend them. Its easy to interact with such known persons and if we feel comfortable enough, one can exchange phone numbers easily. Then bloggers even meet up with each other personally or in bloggers’ meet and enjoy. [In some extreme cases like Nikhil experienced it can grow into blogoromance too!! 😛 😆 ] One may not understand the concept of online friendship at all or may do an unfair comparison with real life friendship. Blogging friendship of course has its limits and may not achieve that depth and “being there” stuff like the real thing but it does provide something which we strive for – some light hearted chit-chat, little concern, a smile on our faces and relaxation of mind. And even a good argument stimulates the mind!! Now for the fun part. On this day I award my blogging friends (whose blogs I read most) with titles according to my perception. 😀 And there is a Mr. Best Blogger and Ms. Best Blogger too!! *Drumrolls*

Adarsh – Mr. American Indiblogger

Arvind – Mr. Entertaining Blogger

Ashish – Mr. Musical Blogger

Bhavana – Ms. Best Debut

Chakoli – Ms. Tidbits Blogger

Deeps – Ms. Relationship Blogger

Dev – Mr. Simplest Blogger

Harsha – Mr. Best Debut

Ishmeet – Mr. Most Popular Blogger

Joel – Mr. Most Promising Blogger

Mehak – Ms. Beautiful Blogger

Meghana – Ms. Most Promising Blogger

Nikhil -Mr. Best Comedy Blogger

Nova – Ms. Prettiest Blog (WordPress)

Nita – Ms. Journalist Blogger

Prerna – Ms. Political Blogger (WordPress)

Robert – Mr. Phoenix

Rekha – Ms. Poetical Blogger

RJ – Mr. Invisible Blogger (purely due to his current status)

Smita – Ms. Prettiest Blog (BlogSpot)

Sakhi – Ms. Blogosphere’s Best StoryTeller

Scorpria – Ms. Most Coveted Blogger

Sandeep – Mr. Techie Blogger

Shefaly – Ms. Most Serious Blogger

Soham – Mr. Political Blogger (BlogSpot)

Suda – Mr. Most Friendly Blogger

Sulz – Ms. Most Expressive Blogger

Swathi – Ms. Mature Blogger

Vishesh – Mr. Poetical Blogger

Willow – Ms. Artistic Blogger

Xylene – Mr. Mishmash Blogger

And lastly Poonam – Ms. Best Blogger and Amit – Mr. Best Blogger


[ Its on 3rd August but I’m wishing in advance as we already know the effects of weekends on blogging 😛 ]

P.S. To all those (whose blog I read and who read my blog) I have not specifically mentioned, I cherish each and everyone of you.


80 thoughts on “Blogging Friendship and Titles

  1. Happy Frendship Day to you too 🙂

    1stly Thanks for the award 🙂 I am gonna be on cloud Nine today 😀

    2ndly thanks for giving such a comprehensive list am sure I haven’t even read even half of these blogs, now am gonna be busy 🙂

    3rdly Online frenz..Hmmmm i agree with you…when we are interacting here it is on the basis of what we are writing. And writing reflects our true personality. 🙂

    Lovely post and am glad to have joined the blogging world and glader that you all have welcomed me this sweetly & encouraged me too 🙂

  2. Wow !! This was superb .. You have got this uncanny knack of coming out with some out-of-the-box topics and you always make us feel proud and motivated ..

    Yeah!! Your perception about me as Mr. Political Blogger (BlogSpot) is absolutely bang on target .. I just love politics .. I mean not to play politics but to keep myself u[dated in the political scenario of our country..

    ** Taking my HAT off in the appreciation for your genuine efforts and unimaginable creativity **

  3. Just a quick question:

    Why have you written wordpress or blogspot in the brackets just beside few names?? .. I’m just curious ..

    And yeah !! .. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO YOU ALL .. I started blogging in March 2008 only so you all blogger friends are the one which I earned and gifted myself in this year only and this is our forst friendship day celebration ..

    So hv a wonderful day and weekend ..

    You all r rockstars .. YOu all simply rock !!

  4. Wow! This is amazing! I am honored to be mentioned on your blog! 🙂
    Best Comedy Blogger, huh? Hehehehe… Thanks a ton! 😀
    Happy Friendship Day to you too! You remember my promise, don’t you? One day, I’ll stick to it… hehehe… 😉

    Have a lovely day! Cheers! 😀

  5. WOW.. I like this post. .. 🙂 .
    So my self proclamation of being an entertainer clicks OFf..,

    i think what u said is true blogosphere has opened a new world to me.. new friends new life…
    almost all the titles u gave are 100 percent apt with them …
    happy friendship day to you too !!!

  6. Wow such a nice post !
    n thanks for the award !!

    yeah its really true that ppl who share similar ideas in similar platforms get to be good friends!! n seriously the commenting in blogs is more fun 😉 than anything else i do in web 😀
    Being in the blogosphere is much more fun than being in a social networking site nt it ? 🙂


  7. Hey great write up Reems! 🙂

    Hope i change my image of techie blogger to travel, photo, adventure, or in general best blogger 😀 😀 😛

    Happy friendship day 2u2! 🙂

    P.S.: All are ‘Miss’? 😛
    can’t help but notice 😀

  8. I think blogging forms beautiful relationships, because even if you haven’t met the know their other side that they usually don’t show to the rest of the world..its an amazing phenomenon.

  9. hey thanks sweetie pie! 🙂 *happy friendship day to you and all the friends* on and off the blogroll! 🙂 🙂

    🙂 🙂

    U made my day and a couple of days to come! 🙂

  10. Aw thank you so much Reema! Mr Most Popular Blogger, eh? Cool. Makes me very happy 😀

    And you’re my Ms. Teacher/Student blogger. 😛

  11. Such a sweet post! You love is showing Reema! 🙂 Thanks for the title and for mentioning my blog. 🙂
    Talking of blog friendships I have met one person after knowing her online and that is Axinia. She even came and stayed with me. I am grateful that she trusted me…after all it was she who was coming to a foreign country and choosing someone to spend some time with. I was trusted her too, implicitly. And when we met in real life we found both of talked so much that there was never any ice that needed to be broken. After this positive experience I am more open to online friendships. Before this I confess I was doubtful as I am aware of the fake personas that people put up. I am not a member of a single social networking site and don’t ever intend to be…I guess I am old-fashioned that way.
    Even then like you say, I prefer to meet people in groups, like say bloggers meets, but I have never attended one because none of my real life friends or relatives blog! I mean, I don’t have someone I know who I can go with. However if there is a blogger meet with some people from this community of ours, I will surely go. Mostly these bloggers meets are filled with people who already know one another.

  12. Looking at your post makes me feel alone and left out.

    None of my friends or people I know blog, and even I am pretty new to blogging.

    Wish I had started blogging a biit early or attended some bloggers meet.

    I really feel its a lot better place to meet people than on social networking site.(I have profile on almost all of them.)

    But as some one has rightly said “its never too late”

    Happy Friendships day.

  13. What best way can i find to scream myself out, than a poem coming from within!! here it goes and it is dedicated to you Reema 🙂

    The best of all worlds comes
    when all bloggers meet
    and what best way than awards
    can we get each other to greet

    Thank you reema for making the gesture
    And thank you wordpress for keeping me here
    Thank you my friends who do not meet for real
    These faceless meetings are wonderful and surreal

    debutante though i am in here
    this day made me feel blogging my 2nd home
    This post stands apart by writing with fire
    tht friends can be made whenever, wherever!

    Happy Friendship Day to One and All

  14. Well written. Second your thoughts. You can’t pretend in your writings and it is easier to guess what sort of a person he/she is based on the writing style.

  15. Thanks for mentioning me Reema. An award is always welcome.Do I write so much about politics?
    Happy friendship day Reema.
    I am with Nita //if there is a blogger meet with some people from this community of ours, I will surely go//

  16. Reema,
    Thanks a lot fr the award and for the mention!
    A very thoughtful post…and as correct as anything can be!

    Yes, blog world is one place whr we get to kno the person first and then meet, if we meet at all! A virtue.

    Hope tu meet you someday too!


    lovely poem!!!

  17. How can you be sure that I’m not a 4736578436 year old woman blogging under an assumed identity? 😛

    Mr. Musical Blogger… thanks. Although, The Iron Emperor sounded more macho… 😛

    Amit won best blogger? MATCH FIXING!!!! 😛 Let’s have a reality vodcast of “Best Blogger”! 😀

  18. Hey Reema….tune tho mujhe emotional kar diya aaj….Happy Friendship day dear…and quoting me as Matured such an inspiration for me..u wont belive internet means a lot to me…my better half is a gift of internet revolution [:)]..
    Lots and lots of love..

  19. Awwww!!!! That was so sweet. 🙂 Thanks for the BIG title.
    And such a huuuge list. So well thought of. Its great. Everyone got an award and went home happy. 🙂

    I have never met any of my blogging buddy in real life although I am in contact with Ish, Ruhi and You too!!! Now a days I really wish for an extra hour in a day so that I can do that extra bit. 😦
    Anyways…such is life. I would really like to meet up with many of the people here. I missed the Bloggers meet in Chennai in May.

    Thanks very much for the AWARD. 🙂

  20. @Smita 1. welcome! 2. welcome!anything to take ur mind off from tension of the internet guy :)3.Thanks!

    @Soham I m flattered.Thank u so much! 😀 😀

    @Dev Ohh U know u haven’t got any widgets and all on ur blog even when u are blogging since long and u just post simple stuff not any longgg deep topics. Hence the title. 😀 Dont mind!!

    @Shefaly Welcome and thanks for taking it sportingly even if u did make a post out of it. 😛 😛

  21. heyyyy reema,

    what a wonderful post lady…!! LOL and yea, even I have realised I some how specialise in relationships more than anything else. 🙂 Thanks for this wonderful one gurl!
    And Wishing you a happy friendship day as well! Stay in touch!

  22. @Soham Ohh most of the bloggers I have mentioned are on wordpress and there were 2 whom i wanted to give same title e.g. Political blogger so I mentioned where they rule!! U being political blogger of blogspot and Prerna being of wordpress. 🙂

    @Nikhil 😀 This isnt the first time u r being mentioned u know. *Fluttering eyelashes* 😛
    U r welcome! Yes I do remember ur promise 😛

    @Arvind Thanks!! Keep entertaining!

    @Rekha Thanks and welcome! Commenting rocks! :)I have long left “regular orkutting”. I just do it once in a while.

  23. @Taju I searched and searched that what u mostly blog about but ur crapbook is a mixed bag!! 🙂 Hence the title.Welcome!

    @Sandeep Thanks! yesss! give competition to Amit for the next year awards 😛 Silly Ms can be used for either miss and mrs. 😛 U wish!

    @Nova Aww thanks! 🙂

    @Chandni welcome to my blog! As u can see on my blog roll u r in my blogging gurus 🙂 Keep visiting!

    @Lemonade Very true!

  24. @Sakhi Welcome dear!!

    @Ish Welcome!! Achhe se college attend karna – Reema the teacher. I hope u get some really good chicks as classmates – Reema the student

    @Nita Welcome!! U r somewhat like my sister. She is very paranoid of all these social networking websites and doesnt have a profile in any. :)It will be fun to see the faces behind the blogs/words 🙂 Heyy movie on first day that too weekday itself!! *Jealous*

    @Sharad Awww dont worry. With frequent interaction u will also come in the circle of blogger-friends. :)I’m in same boat. except my sister none of my friends or people I know blog!! I have also not attended any meet. Yup its never too late. Soon u will be a old blogger 🙂

  25. @Harsha I m soo impressed!! Wow!! Fantastic!! Thank u so much!

    @Sulz Welcome!!

    @Manasa Welcome to my blog and thanks for agreeing with me :)See u around!

    @Priya Welcome!! aww hope to meet u too!

    @Ashish 😀 I wanted to put weird music lover!! 😛 No emperor cuz i didnt get any ministry. 😦 Hey there is no match fixing!! I didnt get any bribe 😦 Maybe i should have declared first that there is gonna be such a post. Hmmm. next time surely!

  26. @Vishesh 😀 😀

    @Prerna Welcome! I went upto feb – march in ur blog to get a general idea as u have not put any category or tag widget. And as Shefaly has answered ur query in her blog, ur blog is like on the recent hot topic of India which is mostly politics. 🙂 Its v good u know. else women are mostly disinterested in politics and sports. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    @Bhavana Welcome and thanks!!

    @Swathi Ohh ur marriage too is an outcome of Internet?/ Good! :)U deserve the title dear. Lots of love 🙂

    @Robert Awww thanks dear!

  27. @Oxy “Films” aka blogs released in my blogosphere after 15 July 2008 will be considered for next year awards. Keep up the good work!! 😛

    @Meghana Welcome pretty lady!I m sure u will keep all the promises 😉

    @Amit Welcome and thanks!! Yes I also want to meet many people from my blogosphere. 🙂

    @Adarsh Welcome!!

    @Manoj thanks!! Blogging rules!

  28. @Sandeep Sorry for late reply. Studies + job! 😦

    @Deeps Thanks and welcome dear!

    @Tania welcome to my blog! I’ll check out ur blog surely. Keep visiting!

  29. Happy Friendship Day to you too!

    I like your thoughts. They are literally my own. I have used then many times when trying to invite friends to blog rather then use other social networks.

    I am glad to be a part of your blogsphere because you give me special insight.

    Two more weeks and my inconsistent Internet grab will be over!

  30. It’s funny that different people perceive you differently through the same blogging.
    Well, dont worry, I dont have much mind to mind.

  31. @Sandeep 😀 I will!!

    @Beth Thanks! Looking forward to read ur regular posts now.

    @Lallopallo Yup its all a matter of perception! Like I think u have lots of mind to mind. 😀

  32. Me, the best blogger…wow :blushing: plethora of emotions. Thanks for making my day! Thanks for such generous love 🙂

    I have not been able to read feeds and blog as I am busy with some messy things at work. I will come back soon with vengeance.

    All tags are apt. I like that invisible blogger tag for RJ. he he..thank God, you did not give me that one!

    Happy Friendship Day, to you! 🙂

  33. @Poonam Ahh the Queen comments at last. 😛 Welcome and welcome! Few more days and I would have updated your tag to the same as RJ. 😛

    @Chakoli Welcome! 😀

  34. Jus got in here, dont ask me thru them; there are a lot of fellow blogmates(but thanks to Poonam) now. But I guess, theres another Reema too. Correct me if im wrong, cuz I believe I read a Reema’s blog, but it sure didnt look this way.Anyway, better late than never; adding you to my blogroll.
    and hope I get into one of those titles next time 😀

  35. tadaaa…so I was here before, selective amnesia u see. But I am glad that u actually remembered my ooold comment! 😀

    Btw, in my earlier comment, ‘dont ask me thru them’–shud actually be ‘dont ask me thru whom’.

  36. @Poonam Well speaking for myself my profession gives me enough personal time 🙂

    @Hobo Welcome to my blog! Errr didnt understand ur comment in context to the topic! please explain. 🙂 See u around!

  37. Most friendly blogger 🙂
    I can’t stop jumping in chair….ohh its broken now. Anyway… usual I am very very late to comment and most of Big-B’s have commented… I can write anything in this comment and no one will notice except Reema 😀

    I am very happy about some awards u handed out ….. u know why and who 😀 (shshhhh our secret)

    Such an innovative post…and on such a great occasion….Happy Friendship Day…… Reema u will rule the minds of world someday!!!! 🙂

    I read all the comments and I must mention that this page took more than 5 minutes to load on my Airtel Internet….(as I am pretending to be ill and at home now)…..

    I request all the award winners to think of a award for Reema!!!!

    Ohh I am so happy today I want to keep on writing here………instead I will write a post 😀


  38. @Poonam : Exactly. There are so many things I want to write about but never get time. 😦 I haven’t read a single post in the last two days and there is no chance till Saturday. 😦
    Congrats by the way. 🙂 This award was quite unexpected. 😀

    @Ashish : Jealous!!! The emperor is Jealous!!! 😛 *Why so jealous??* 😛

  39. Wonderful post dear! Not everyone has the streak to go on appreciating people around and pamper them like this. 😀

    I am thrilled to receive the award. Thank you so much! **bow down, muah! muah!**

    And I wanna thank you for giving me the list of such wonderful bloggers. I haven’t visited the blog of many of them. It will be so nice to visit the blog of some new bloggers holding the coveted award titles.

    God bless you lady! 🙂

  40. @Suda Is it a secret anymore?? now the cat is out of the bag. Thanks dear!! Harsha did give me an award. So nice of him. see it on side bar. 🙂

    @Willow Thanks and u r most welcome dear! Ok. hope to see u more often. 🙂

  41. @Reems – Damn 69th comment! I am late, sorry da! 😦

    Thanks for making me Mr. Invisible! I would like to thank my work, my boss, Budget planning meetings and last but not the least the person who interviewed me for this job. I would like to thanks all other nominees for this category and tell them I am honoured to be selected 😀 😛

    Jokes apart, Reems thanks again! Happy Friendships Day!! Btw, I liked the way you categorized Mr and Ms. I am gonna comment on the Ms bloggers and take some advantage of this post 😀 😛

    @All – Happy Friendships Day – you guys rock and love ya all! Keep writing and keep commenting – stay healthy!

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