Pictures Of Love

I got this as a forwarded mail and I dont know if its true or not. But I felt touched by the pictures. So I’m sharing this with you. The story is of the suffering of a poor bird shocked with its partner’s fatal injury.

Here the partner is injured and the condition is very appalling

Here the other bird brings food and attends its partner with love and compassion

The bird is shocked with its partner’s death and tries to move its partner

The bIrd is aware that his partner is dead and he is calling out loud

Stands beside the dead partner and screams saddened of its partner’s death

Finally aware, the bird stands beside the body with sad and sorrow

Photos of two birds said to have pictured in the Republic of Ukraine where this bird is tries to save his wife. It is said that the photographer sold these picture for a nominal price to the most famous news paper in France. And all the copies of that news paper were sold out on the day of publishing these pictures

44 thoughts on “Pictures Of Love

  1. birds do take care of their kind very nicely whether it is a partner or not (i dunno if there are any exceptions)… it is a high time that human beings learnt the lesson of compassion and love for one another from these creatures… (including me, and, i am trying sincerely)

  2. @Robert I guess that person also got the same mail 🙂 The second one is a v beautiful pic!! Thanks for the links.

    @Vishesh yes it sure is.

    @Adarsh Totally!!

    @Mahak thanks!

    @Taju looks like u and me are in the same forward mail circle 🙂

    @Arvind yes its v touching.

    @Harsha Actually there are some polygamous birds and then again there are some monogamous for entire life or breeding season. It depends. But what we can learn is the compassion and care from them.

  3. That is one emotion which is universal. I wonder what would have happened if the bird had the power to kill the one who killed her mate.
    That’s how terrorists are born. Aren’t they?

    Its said that a pair of swans can never live apart. If one dies, the other dies to within hours. Don’t know if its true…

  4. This pictures tells us that all of us with life in us can feel. It’s time we became more sensitive to the feelings of birds and animals.

  5. @ Reema
    Very touching indeed…i have got this as a forward sometime bac…

    Very true. I’d like to add trees to that list!!! Yesterday, on my way to meet friends, i passed this area (in Bangalore) where, for the sake of road-widening, innumerable trees had been felled. I was drowned to despair for sometime!

  6. Really touching! feeligns are universal and it is so saddening to lose a friend or a spouse, whether it is in us or other animals!!

    simply awesome!

  7. @Amit That is a myth regarding swans.Even if they r monogamous its just for one breeding season. Whereas birds like eagles, geese and some owls make mates for lifetime.

    @Bhavana One is lucky to know two human beings so much in love and with so much yearning.

    @Swathi Yes wonderful photography!

    @Nita yes, it really breaks my heart to see birds being sold in cages and peacock plumes for sale. 😦

  8. @Priya yes it really is touching.Hey now we get to see ur pic when u comment!! good!!

    @Sakhi To lose a loved one is really heartbreaking.

    @Sharad U know some birds do not take fellow birds back in community if they have been touched by humans. I have seen that in crows. A photographer gets tied by his job I guess and behaves neutrally.

    @Deeps Thanks!

  9. Ah! that’s so touching. The 5th pic was something really I felt sad for 😦 Damn! If at all I was there in front of it I seriously would have cried very badly…I don’t like to see animals or birds suffering…It hurts 😦

    Thanks for sharing this Reema.

  10. @Lekhni Thanks for the link. The geese story was really touching. I had read about this monogamy of geese while searching for birds mating habits.

  11. @Reems – Aww, thats really sweet and sad! Emotions speak a lot for themselves!! Like most of my friends can make out when I am sad, happy, in love, blushy, angry etc etc

    I think its the same for plants, birds, animals – how cool naa? God is great!

  12. To me it looks like the bird killed the other one. It could have easily been two males fighting. Especially with the picture of the bird with talons out.

  13. great post – thanks for sharing!
    have actually seen a similar situation here in Australia. such an unusual and private ritual to witness, when a native parrot stayed by its recently dead partner at a roadside, singing and bobbing his/her body up and down in a manner best understood perhaps as mourning. seemed too sad to be a celebration of life.

  14. Hmmm … I think we’re all being a bit sentimental here … except Jude. These appear to be two male Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica).

    The ‘Handbook of Swallows and Martins of the World (ISBN 0-7470-3202-5) writes about this species: “Nest-owners use a threat display in which they sing, with wings slightly open … and chase and fight in mid-air, sometimes wounding or even killing each other.”

  15. Sorry, this is a swallow trying to mate with a dying/deceased one. I know it might sound gross, or bad, but that is what it is (such behavior has been documented in the past…).

    The truth is, animals DO have feelings — feel love, compassion, remember things, etc… I know, I have been around animals all my life. We don’t give them enough credit for their intelligence, etc…However, this really is just strange mating behavior… Sorry to burst the bubble. The story is nice, but untrue…

    Reema: Ok thanks!!

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