Archive | August 6, 2008


As I have said in my “about me” and as time proves to me again I’m really too gullible and I trust easily and care too much even for an acquaintance. I even consider them to be my friend. I have been lauded and appreciated for my post on blogging friendship and on my blogger friends but I never thought within a week I’ll be proved wrong and that after all one can’t trust online friends. One may say I’m really stupid to care for and trust someone whom I have known for just few weeks. It doesn’t mean my caring was wrong. It just means, my friend, you didn’t deserve it. You didn’t deserve me talking to you in the first place.

As I have also said in my “about me” that I’m sarcastic if provoked..unforgiving if hurt; I will never forgive you, my friend, for betraying my trust and hurting me. I may seem to be sweet and all but that’s just one face of me. I don’t take shit from anybody. And one thing I hate most is betrayal. If I vent more I may reveal that two faced person’s identity so I wont say anymore. I can’t pretend on surface that everything is fine like you do. I behave outside exactly according to what I feel inside. With this post I sever all my ties with you. Goodbye.