Archive | August 8, 2008

In Memoriam

One day I found it sitting on the printer on my computer table staring at me without batting an eyelid. I somehow managed to shoo it away. Few days later I saw it climbing down on the curtain on the window behind my computer. I made all sorts of clapping and flapping sounds to scare it away. I even shook the curtain to make it go but the brave soul it was, it clung on stubbornly. I was scared to sit at my computer with it staring at me. Else unlike my sister, I have no problem with it and I peacefully co exist with it in my room. So I decided to use a deodorant spray to shoo it off. I sprayed on it liberally and as expected it scampered off. Next day I found it on the floor beside my dressing table dead as a doornail and that too upside down with all its limbs in air.

This post is in loving memory of a useful creature whose crime was just that it was fatally attracted by my computer table or computer. The murderer deodorant spray should be investigated for its chemical composition. After all we use it on ourselves too. The funeral has been conducted. But don’t be sad. I have pictures of the dead body of the victim.

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