All In A Day’s Work

The duties and responsibilities of a technical lecturer comprises of teaching, instruction in laboratory, students assessment and evaluation, assisting in departmental administration and so on. Some may think teaching is a boring and dull profession but the truth is that the nearer one is to the youth, the more exciting life/job is. Now before I narrate an incident you must know that I work in a private college and many influential people’s sons & daughters study on management quota. Few days ago, over a girl; boys of two different streams (IT and Mech) had a fight which led to serious injury to one of the boys (Mech). Police came to arrest the main accused (IT) and our Jt.Director of college is said to have slapped him too. But the student turned out to be the nephew of a big politician and somehow construed the slap as politically motivated. So on 6th Aug around 100-150 boys (goons??) came to college and wrecked the administrative building. They even hit the Jt.Director with stick and manhandled the Chairman and Director. We all thought the repercussion had ended there.

But on 8th Aug, 25 people including the leader of local Rozgaar Sena (an offset of Shiv Sena) came and vandalized the Mech.Deptt building while brandishing sticks and swords. Unfortunately my Deptt. too is in the same building. They broke window panes of each and every classroom, lab and staff room. All the students and staff were scared out of their wits. As soon as the situation sunk in, the students were agitated and started chasing the Shiv Sainiks or shall I say hooligans. The leader and another guy were caught while the rest escaped. The angry students beat them up and set one of their vehicles ablaze. Meanwhile all the students found bamboo sticks (1st year induction program had been held on 7th) and started behaving as protectors, patrolling the different buildings and waiting at each building’s entrance in case the Shiv Sainiks return with more people as they had threatened. But ofcourse I feel some students were just having a field day! Not to attend classes and to let loose their testosterone is every student’s dream day. πŸ™‚ Some even had altercation with the Sainiks waiting outside the college gate. But by then police had arrived and were prepared to do lathi charge if the situation didn’t calm down. But it did. The Sainiks left and after a while students and staff were allowed to leave.

The leader denied destruction of property on camera and in papers. He said they had come to ask about the college’s stance on giving admission to locals/ST/SC/OBCs. But actually he inquired about this and then trashed the whole Mech block while shouting slogans. Here is a slideshow of the pictures of destruction. Hover the mouse over the pictures to see the captions.

So dears, don’t underestimate the teaching profession. Fighting goons and protecting students from anti social elements are all in a day’s work!! Seriously speaking, even be it a social calamity, I think the correct procedure to handle any emergency situation without panic and stampede is unknown to most people in India. One more thing I observed is the effect of rumor in an already tense situation. I also got to see some aspects of crowd and riot psychology.

42 thoughts on “All In A Day’s Work

  1. OMG.. hope you are safe! πŸ™‚ i kno wyou are safe since i talked to you umteenth time after that, i asked about your safety since i think it is a good way to show the concern! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    but i am seriously annoyed at whatever these influencial people do, tey just damage the public property and who is paying for it? We, the tax payers! ****ing politicians!

  2. God damn it.. i thought this happens only in movies! πŸ˜€
    I can’t imagine any such thing happening in the college i studied.. what say Nikhil? πŸ˜€
    Good to hear you are fine..

    The worst thing is, all this happened just for a girl!! When will guys grow up? πŸ˜›

    nice pic btw of the burning vehicle πŸ™‚

  3. Looks like think Shivsena always do. Keep yourself away from them at any cost. Abandon your Aadarsh and Usools if required. There is nothing called fair treatment in their dictionary.
    So be safe.

  4. the campus is gren πŸ˜€

    i think nikhil is right..
    why are u struggling with those morons. ???
    u got still one year right to complete ur mtech … ???
    looks like some violence movie πŸ˜›

    all for a girl ??

  5. I was startled to see those visuals and not at all surprising that they were shiv sena goons. the shiv sena is fond of violent protests, they love to burn and destroy. they don’t care if it is a college or a hospital or a cinema hall where innocent people are. in mumbai it’s common for them to enter colleges and schools and destroy and it happens regularly. I don’t know if this is reported in the papers there. A good thing you are safe, and as Suda said, treat these violent people as a disease.

  6. I have begun to hate this mobocracy. Using mobs for vested interests.

    I will not dwell into it it makes me seethe with rage. Rather I will focus on your green, soothing theme. It is calming. πŸ™‚

  7. Shiv Sena, I am not sure what they actually want. I think those sevaks would be not sure as well.

    Sevak 1 ” hey heres a beautiful college, since we dont have anything to do this evening, lets thrash this”
    Sevak 2 ” hahahahahahahahahahaha”
    Sevak 1 “Why are you laughing?”
    Sevak 2 “I dont know, they have a mechanical engineering dept, I dont even know what that means, may be I should destroy it”
    Sevak 1 “Sure go ahead”

    The students thrashed them? It serves them right !

  8. well we are sooo developed! what nonsense…..i think such people are to be hung upside …and made to hear all the religious texts on earth r4ead out into their heads through ear phones!

  9. preposterous!! hateful!
    and that too, all for a girl??? hehehe…reminds me of a certain line fom the play “Doctor Faustus” by Marlowe, which goes…

    “Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships,
    And burnt the topless towers of Ilium..
    Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss”

    dont know abt immortality…but mortality sure happens!!! i think these Shiv Sena ppl create a lotta opprtunities for jobless civil engineers πŸ˜€

    aah….very green campus, by th way…whr is this plc?

  10. Oh!!!

    Am glad you are safe but yes though hitting them back might not be right in principle but sometimes these hooligans need a taste of their own medicine πŸ˜‰

    Loved your concluding lines πŸ™‚ they are so true…

  11. Well, what can i say? the post speaks volumes for itself. Social disharmony is not caused by terrorist groups, but by these “activists” in the first place. Oh Satan! prey on them!

  12. Good post, who took the snaps? All these self appointed guardians of Indian tradition and culture (read – man walking with a woman?- BUST THEM ALL!!!) manage to bring out new unknown aspects of Indian tradition everyday. I am sure hooliganism is a noble pursuit in their opinion.

  13. So, did you kick butt of those rowdies? It must have been a very annoying experience…you better stay home till this nonsense settles down.

  14. Thank you dear-now your theme doesn’t shows the preview of you know what ! 😦

    Well, they didn’t realize they are causing harm to innocent people and public property.I really dont understand why public takes out its angst by burning tyres, breaking rail lines or setting fire on buses or other stuff.. Its our money in the end- our valuable tax value…but hey I forgot such goons dont pat tax…its we jerks who do….
    I hope you are ok and not hurt…be careful- Promise!!

  15. @Nikhil Nice try πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

    @Sakhi Thanks for ur concern πŸ˜€

    @Sandeep Actually I have no clue about colleges down south but this quite common in Central and North India. In M.P. when I was studying B.E. violent fights between local boys and hostelers were quite common. Once our college had got suspended for 2 weeks and ultimatum was given to evacuate hostels (both boys and girls). We had to come back home packing whatever we could before catching earliest train and traveled in general coach. That fight too was over a girl.Have u heard of the phrase “zar,zoru and zameen”??

    @Suda Thanks dear for the advice.

    @Arvind The campus is very green with trees and lawns. And quite big too. :)Its fine + its my hometown πŸ™‚ Crime is committed due to 3 reasons zar,zoru and zameen.

  16. @Nita All these news about Shiv Sena doings in Mumbai colleges isnt reported in papers here. I wonder that do these sainiks not attend schools or colleges themselves? The ones who had come to my college were quite young in age.

    @Poonam Yes atlast I found a theme which is sober and has stretch. Most themes just waste space on sides.

    @Willow yes at least there should be some ethics about what not to destroy. Mobsters have become like unethical terrorists who even attacked a civil hospital.

    @Taju I don’t know whether the answer to violence is violence. Because it will start a series of Tit for tat and there could be a calamity.

    @Vishesh LOL πŸ™‚ What a strange punishment.

  17. @Priya its my hometown Bhilai. The campus is really very good. I strongly believe in the concept that crime is committed due to 3 reasons zar,zoru and zameen (money,woman and land) πŸ˜€

    @Nita Awww thanks! I’m flattered.

    @Smita yes as I said to Taju that violence for violence is more violence.Thanks!

    @Harsha very true.

    @Prerna Thanks!! We need politicians to run the government but who play fair and square.

  18. @Nomad Thanks! I took few snaps and few by a colleague.

    @Dev Some of my male colleagues did kick a few butts πŸ™‚ Not me! Its job and we have to go. Else we have to avail our casual leaves.

    @Chakoli Thanks for ur concern πŸ™‚

    @Mahak I’m absolutely fine dear! thanks for ur concern.

  19. wow…good to know ur safe.

    this brings back some memories from my college.
    this seems like a very common thing, guys fighting over girls. no surprise !!! remember the Trojan war.

    there was this time when my college had to be shut down for months and incidents of students dying, that was in 98′, which also involved the RSS coming into thrash the place.

  20. Whoa!!!! That was something… Ye hai India meri Jaan… kab kya kahan ho jaaye kuchh pata nahi… and yea that rumor thingy works like a fire esp in situations like this…

  21. Hope you are ok. πŸ™‚

    In the one year I was in Indore, I did notice that things are lax authority wise over there [i.e. Central region]. Iono, but haven’t heard any such extreme cases over here.

  22. @Sandeep Hmm so they atleast care about the public property.

    @EH Ohh u too had such an incident in college. Too bad. Btw I thought u study in college right now. 1998 is 10 yrs ago!

    @Oxy Zara bach ke chalna padega,kyu?

    @Ashish I’m fine! Nita told in her comment about similar situation in Mumbai. U live there na?

    @Nikhil Awwwww I was kidding. Thank u so much for ur concern da!

  23. Lovely!!! Lovely!!!! It reminded me of my days in Kurukshetra. Although nothing as dramatic happened but once there was a fight in my hostel where a boy was beaten up with rods outside the canteen.
    Your life is really exciting. πŸ˜›
    I envy you. 😦

  24. ghosh! the clips are altogether narrating the entire incidence.
    you see the indian mob is like clay……. they can be swayed easily in any direction …
    really hats off to all you teachers …my mother too is a teacher . so i have got a little taste of the idea of the situations teachers have to handle….
    plus you see these kids who had the fight( particularly the politician’s nephew )…..they dont have an identity of their own and even if they could have …, corruptions will always override!

  25. 98′ was The worst year for my college. it was all over the news.

    BTW,I belong to the 2003-07 batch. Not 98′ . my cousin belonged to that batch….even now that batch is known as “the strike batch”.

    i could write a post on all that happened in my batch. weird stuff. but not very serious as the one you faced.

    anyway…. Independence day wishes.

  26. God, this looks terrible and I am in the 21st century. I pity those who have no brains and follow the thoughts of their leaders blindly and rampaging public property! “All in a day’s work” is a title for Jokes column in Reader’s Digest – Nice selection with the title.

  27. Reems, I am not sure, if its my IE browser, but I am unable to view the right hand side words from your posts as the Side bar seems to be running over it…! So I m trying really hard to make sense out of some of the I can only read half

  28. Hey, just read the above post…I hope you are safe. This is really digusting, these political crappy people dont have anything better to do than all this…and to talk about the developmental plans they do just before the election begins. Stay Safe gurl πŸ™‚

  29. @Arpit Thanks dear! Such students are just spoilt arrogant brats.

    @Dinesh Yes I read it in RD πŸ™‚ . However I used it because its a commonly used phrase and thats how I remembered it. I didnt remember the RD context. Thanks!

    @Deeps No I think the problem is actually due to small monitor screen size. I have the same prob in my college computer which is 14 inches. At home i have 17 inch and its fine on IE & FF. Thanks for ur concern and effort to read my post πŸ™‚

    @Manasa Nowadays daily 5 policemen and one police dog are stationed at college. 7 people were arrested but Shiv Sena has issued a statement asking for arrest of the Jt.Director and students. Else they would stage a protest on 20th Aug. Lets see what happens on 20th.

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