Movie Reviews Bonanza

I’d made the most of this weekend watching 4 movies, three in theater and one at home. Here are my reviews.

# 1 Ugly and Pagli :- An attempt at a comic & romantic love story of a slavish loser geek and a girl who is quite different – she boozes, snores weirdly and slaps at the drop of a hat. But the comedy isn’t consistent in the movie and fails to match up with post-Pyar Ke Side Effects expectations. The second half is rather boring. It was good to see Ranvir Shorey as a solo lead actor. He seemed to have potential to stay in Bollywood. Mallika Sherawat is fine until she cries. She really fails in that. Songs were fine but seemed unnecessary..typical Bollywood know “its been quite a while since dialogues are going on now lets insert a song & dance number”. Overall enjoyable with good company [maybe better with gf/bf!!] and one time watchable.

# 2 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor :- Brendan Fraser returns again to fight Chinese mummies this time. The tomb of the cruelest Chinese Emperor (Jet Li) is unearthed by Brendan’s son Alex (Luke Ford). He is brought back to life by an army General and Brendan must save China. The story is fine and the special effects are spectacular. I had been waiting for this one as I’d liked The Mummy and The Mummy Returns but it disappointed me. The father-son stint seemed similar to Indiana Jones part 4 and Brendan looks too young to have such a grown up son!! And Luke is nerdy. I would have liked to see more of Jet Li and less of Luke. Rachel Weisz has been replaced by Maria Bello who looks more dainty lady like and has nothing of that spark and aggressiveness of Weisz. There is no chemistry between Fraser and Bello. Michelle Yeoh was a relief though. And the myth of Shangri-La has been done to death in Hollywood. Watch only if you are an adventure/treasure hunt movie buff and haven’t watched the previous movies of The Mummy series.

# 3 Singh is Kinng :- Akshay Kumar is Happy Singh, a menace to his village due to his overzealous do good activities. Sonu Sood aka Lucky Singh from same village is a mafia don Kinng in Australia. The villagers conspire to send Akshay to Australia to get rid of him on the pretext of bringing Lucky back to India. And thus begins a David Dhawan + Priyadarshan signature comedy also portraying the pride and values of Sikhs. Akshay pulls off the role very well (he has got the personality for it) but Katrina is as usual a show piece. Unnecessarily the story was diverted to Egypt just to include some foreign locales. Ranvir Shorey has done justice to his small role. Infact, Sonu Sood and his gang are quite comical. The comedy picks up half an hour late into the movie. Yet sometimes the comedy seems forced and the story lame with some loopholes. The movie isn’t worth the hype and anticipation created by the theme song and advertisments. Just one of those movies which need you to switch off the thinking and analyzing functions of brain and to have some good company who enjoy movies purely for entertainment sake. In one word, timepass. Can be skipped.

# 4 Wall-E :- Another wonderful animation movie from Disney – Pixar studios. In a distant future, a project to clean waste from Earth has failed and Earth has got covered with trash. Humans have abandoned Earth to live in a huge spaceship having all amenities. Only Wall-E, a clean up robot, is left alone on Earth with a cockroach for company. One day a rocket comes and leaves behind another robot EVE on some secret mission. Thus begins a very cute love story between two robots and their efforts to make Earth habitable again. Awesome animation and Wall-E is too cute. A very different thing is that the movie has hardly any dialogues and is yet captivating. The movie carries a social message too reminding of “Be the change you want to see in the world” . A must watch movie. Catch it in theaters after its release in India on 29th Aug.

P.S. As if self imposed restrictions and creatures looming overhead were not enough to discourage sitting at the computer to write a post; that now mosquitoes under the table are making it impossible to be online or blog after evening. Grrrrr…

29 thoughts on “Movie Reviews Bonanza

  1. Good that i missed first three… but Wall-E? never heard of it till now. And if its a robotic love story, then ‘ll give it a shot!
    As it is with all your reviews, this combo package is neat too… πŸ™‚

  2. I saw The Mummy 3 and Singh is King. I was so disappointed by both of them that couldn’t muster enough courage to write a review. And when did you see Wall-E? One of my friend in U.S. saw it and he couldn’t stop talking about it. 😐

  3. Interesting. I enjoyed reading your post. I’m not sure if I will ever see any of your movies but I will definitely lookout for #4. And yes, how did you see Wall-E if it hasn’t been in Theaters in India yet?

  4. oh so the movie really turned out to be ugly cum pagli πŸ™‚
    i dont think i would anyways watch singh is king ..besides withering willow told me that most dialogues were in i would rather skip it .

    off topic : i wrote this post on delhi…..i think you will find it interesting:)

  5. @Harsha Yes do watch Wall-E. Thanks!

    @Smita Yes I have seen the Dark Knight but so many bloggers had already written about it that I didnt feel like writing my review.

    @Ibrahim Welcome to my blog. Thanks! Keep visiting.

    @Vishesh πŸ˜€ Poor you.

  6. Hey very well written post… U have reviewed the movies quite succinctly. Good job! U r the only person I know who thinks Ugly and Pagli is a one time watch… Now, I think I should give it a try…

  7. @Nita Thanks!

    @Amit Mummy 3 was too disappointing. I saw WALL-E by downloading the movie. If there is an animation I cant resist it to watch asap. πŸ™‚

    @Beth Thanks! As I said to Amit I saw it by downloading from the Internet.

    @Arpit Well Ranvir was watchable πŸ™‚ Most of the dialogues in Singh is Kinng are in Hindi. Few are in Punjabi.I will check out ur post asap.

    @Nova Thanks dear! Do let me know your view of Ugly and Pagli. πŸ™‚

  8. I have not seen a single movie from the above ones 😦 😦
    i guess sigh is king looks promising
    and wall e where did u see that if it dint release…

  9. Sahi hai.

    Ugly n Pagli was silly attempt of ‘My Sassy Girl’ , Singh is King was crap . One thing I do not understand is why critics say ‘u need to keep ur brains out’ n all that jazz. I mean why should I keep my brain out? Mummy-3 se toh bhagwaan hi bachaye and as u said do not watch if u have seen the earlier parts, well I have seen n thats y this part was utterly disappointing. Wall-E, hmm , I seriously not into animated movies.. I have seen quite a few n they all bored me except Finding Nemo.. So i stopped watching them altogether..

    A good treat for movie lovers…

  10. @Sakhi yes I guess one can skip all these movies except Wall-E

    @Sandeep πŸ˜€

    @Arvind Naughty arent u? πŸ˜›

    @Nomad Awwww thats typical sister comment. πŸ™‚

    @Oxy Oh u need to keep ur brain out if ur group or gf insists to go to watch this movie πŸ˜› I love animation movies!!

  11. more than anything..i would want to watch Wall E as i am big fan of pixar’s animation movies!!! thanks for the preview though!!

  12. Hang on, I have noticed you see animation movies before they are released. How come? If I am not wrong, you posted something about Kung-Fu panda even before it was released. And now Wall-E. Where do u get these movies?

  13. @Swathi Welcome!

    @Suda I posted Kung-Fu Panda’s review after it was released in India. As for Wall-E I have told the source in my reply to Amit. πŸ™‚

  14. I haven’t watched WALL-E yet, heard the movie is awesome and thanks for assuring that yourself. Pixar movies are usually brilliant, not just animation but the story itself.

  15. Did you watch all the 4 in a day??? πŸ˜‰
    Liked Pyar ke side effects n Namaste London. Same pairs again!

    Soo, you say #4 is movie worth to be watched, huh?

  16. @Dinesh Pixar rocks!!

    @Joel Not one week, in 2 days!! πŸ˜› Thanks!

    @Deeps LOL yup watch some movies and unwind.

    @Manasa No no in 2 days. Wall – E rocks!

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