The Point Of Religion

Before you read this post I must repeat my disclaimer that this is entirely my point of view and it may offend conservatives and orthodoxly religious people. Rest are mature enough to understand what I’m trying to say. India is a land of festivals and all of them centered around some god/goddess or other. Today is Ganesh Chaturthi which marks the beginning of Lord Ganesh‘s festival of 10 days. Yesterday students had come to us lecturers, as they do each year, for monetary contribution to the festival. All of us contributed. But if it had been for Bihar Flood Relief Aid, most people would have been suspicious and hesitant to give money because they know their politicians and officials. But still my point is that our institution or the students didn’t even try to raise a fund for the aid, whereas they are ever eager to collect money and celebrate yet another religious festival. The question in my mind is what is the point of religion?

Imagine just for a minute that if there had been no religion since the time Homo Sapiens became civilized how would have the world turned out to be? By no religion I mean none at all!! I for one think the world we know today would have been free of a lot of problems, wars, strifes and hypocrisies. I understand Man felt the need to fall back on some higher authority, some mysterious force to provide him the strength and endurance…someone to put his faith on..some explanation to the happenings around him. So the concept of God entered. But why did it divide into so many different religions which I feel are nothing but different ways to please the same entity. Why the concept of God got mixed up with the concept of worshiping him/her/whatever? i mean that I believe in some entity but why is it required that I need to please him with flowers,incense and all the jazz instead of my activities? Why the right and moral things are defined by a code of mythological stories centered around God and in case of Hindus, so many gods? Can’t we humans being the most superior and intelligent species, behave and act out of our own conscience, judgment and discretion? Do you think if religion wasn’t there we wouldn’t know that its bad to kill other living beings or that its bad to disrespect one’s elders or that its bad to steal or to be greedy or to drink alcohol?

I mean if the right and wrong acts had been simply documented over ages,it would have served its purpose without the religious angle to it. What is the necessity of religion to define the code of living for humans? Why should religion dominate the way of living of a person? Why going to a temple or a mosque or church should label me as a good person? What is the necessity to belong to a religion, any religion to remember God, given one believes in the entity? Why should a particular method be specified to worship the entity? Why should there be a need to worship at all?

The people suffering right now in Bihar must have worshiped a lot but did the Vighnaharta (trouble-shooter) stop the floods from happening ? So many lakhs of people can’t be sinners of that extent!!! If there was no religion there would have been no Amarnath Shrine problem or Babri Masjid demolition or Crusades or Ram Setu controversy or the Partition of India or the terrorism that stemmed from it. If there was no religion it would not have been possible for the politicians to create vote bank out of the common man’s religious sentiments or self proclaimed god men to cheat thousands of people or some fundamentalist leader to misguide his people. If there was no religion, there would be no hypocrites who follow all the rituals and yet indulge in sins in name of religion. There would be no one to take advantage of people in name of religion and brainwash them to believe terrorism is a jihad. If there was no religion, so much money would not be wasted on constructing worship places or donations or polluting the environment. I mean what’s the use of celebrating Navratri if we kill the girl child in the same country?

For me, religion symbolizes nothing more than holidays, sweets and new clothes!! And if we didn’t have religion, we would have some other occasions to celebrate and declare as holidays. When I close my eyes in prayer in some difficult moment, I don’t address any Durga or Ram or Shiva or Allah or any other God. It just doesn’t strike me!! and I’m happy the way I am. And thankfully my life has been pretty good that way. Of course to please others and to conform to the marking system of society, I do visit temples and participate in festivals but I feel awkward as to what I may do wrong as I have never felt the need to know rituals or customs. I’m not an atheist but I don’t feel the need to belong to any religion or be religious to have faith in God or to prove to God that I believe. So tell me what is the point or usefulness of religion?

Some good quotes:-

We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another. ~ Jonathan Swift

All religions are the same: religion is basically guilt, with different holidays.” ~Cathy Ladman

“Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion – several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother’s path to happiness and heaven.” ~Mark Twain

An Inuit hunter asked the local missionary priest: “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?” “No,” said the priest, “not if you did not know.” “Then why,” asked the Inuit earnestly, “did you tell me?” ~Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

59 thoughts on “The Point Of Religion

  1. Nice post. Many people who are atheist or agnostic are good people and many religious people are corrupt and criminals.
    Religion does not ensure goodness of heart or action.

    Imagine a world without religion….

    My personal litmus test:
    When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.
    —Abraham Lincoln:

    Reema: Thanks. Good quote!

  2. I am an agnostic so I agree that Religion can do a lot of harm. Although I think it gives a lot of psychological relief to many people. I don’t like it when people intimidate others to give money or play loud music disturbing others, or pollute rivers etc in the name of religion.

    Reema: yes as the famous quote says “It is doubtless true that religion has been the world’s psychiatrist throughout the centuries. ~Karl Menninger”. I find these ways of expression of faith baseless and unnecessary.

  3. I myself am agnostic but do believe in superpower which is entirely different from GOD of any religion and i believe truly that, when yu have sinned more you need HIS blessings even more!!

    Reema: Interesting. That belief would be stemming from a guilty conscience. I think the belief should stop one from doing sins in first place.

  4. I see you have surreptitiously added Alcohol to your list of evils!
    I liked the quotes at the end of your article.

    Reema: yes as far as I know alcohol has been cited as an evil in Islam.

  5. well i don’t know what to say…what are we humans anyway?

    Reema: Hmm we are definitely a product of Mother Nature and evolution and at the top of Food Chain, designed to bring about the Armageddon so that the Earth would begin again 🙂

  6. Each to his own baby. If someone wants to be religious you can not tell them not to. I never felt any inclination towards any religious stuffs. Once ages back I felt like keeping roza as my best friend then was keeping so I did. And I wasn’t ridiculed or stopped for doing that. But, I myself found that ridiculous when I thought of that. The point is it’s up to teachers and parents to give enough freedom to children to explore and let them do what they want keeping things in the limit of civility.

    But when you say ‘No religion at all’, hmm Kash is all I would say.

    Reema: Oh thats my motto!! As I said its entirely my view and what I feel. yes space must be given to people to chose their way of expressing their faith in God. No imposition!

  7. Well, I am a religious person and I do worship Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna, Ram , Mahavir Swami and all .. But I dont have any reasos why I worship them or why should not I worship them ..

    I am happy being religious and I love it .. You sound more like an agnostic .. But yeah, your post did make me visualize a world without a religion .. Well frankly speaking, I dont want to be part of that world ..

    But I liked your post .. I liked your views .. That’s true that if there is no religion then we could hv overcome so many problems .. but I thin that we human beings are such as a**h**es that we could hv fought for water, land, ocean, river, mountain or anything which can be fought for if not religion ..

    Reema: Thanks dear. No i think I’m neither agnostic nor atheist. I believe in existence of God but I dont believe in the need of the middle men or any need of a particular method (aka religion) to have and express faith.

  8. Very nice post. I think the distinction we need to make is between faith and whatever else constitutes religion. (Rituals/Ceremonies and the like.) I think faith and in some sense ideology is what caused differing ways to the same goal.

    I do know some people who do believe it is possible to transcend this human experience. Perhaps that is where religion comes in?

    Thanks for a thought provoking post.

    Reema: Thanks! yes thats exactly my point. No need to mix up faith with religion. Actually thinking outside religion will require a lot of boldness and radical thinking. People equate God with religion and therein lies my point.

  9. like nita said, it’s a psychological relief for many. 🙂

    good post!!!

    did u see the fotu dedication?

    Reema: Yes that religion is. Thanks and yes I did see ur post 🙂

  10. wow …reema u have pointed out almost every line i feel about this issue.. my parensts sometimes even call me aethist 🙂
    actualy the name god came so that ppl can fear someone ..
    but it has started the opposite way .. lots of relegions ..within relegion lots of god like hindu..and even between them fights ike shaivites and vaishnavites..
    its doing no good the world
    The people suffering right now in Bihar must have worshiped a lot but did the Vighnaharta (trouble-shooter) stop the floods from happening ?
    but i know 90 percent of people will never think deeply on this..
    relegion stops one to think practically

    Reema: Yes thats true. People are averse to open their minds to the mere possibility of separation of God and religion.

  11. Religion is not bad. Fundamentalism is. There are many people who are religious and good, there are also atheists who are bad people. God is not to be believed, but God has to be realised. God will not help you get good grades, but God can give you mental energy. To me God is a form of Energy that when realized we can achieve greater things. We cant attribute natural calamities as an act of wrath by God. God has nothing to do with it.

    I do not agree Humans are superior beings. We are superior beings because we havent found any other creature that is more superior to us. Good Post Reema.

    Reema: I agree with you but my point is the expression of this faith, for realization of God doesn’t require a set of specified methods and ways. Without belonging to any religion one can realize God. Yes ofcourse I didnt mean superiority in an absolute sense. It relative to the fact that we are on the top of food chain thats all! Thanks!

  12. Religion, I believe, was created to answer the questions troubling human beings. The only reason for so many religions today is ‘one-upmanship’, to get one’s own share of fame.
    Ideally, religion is just a set of rules and beliefs but as one of my teachers pointed out, it has become a matter of convenience. I believe in some external power, it might just be Mother Nature, but I don’t know. I also believe that the concept of right and wrong comes from religion. If you have to warn someone against doing something, the easiest way is play on his/her fears, which was defined to be GOD.
    Even the simultaneous existence of multiple religions is not bad, or may be even good, as long as it is just a difference of opinion. But these days, it has become a fight of survival for the religious fanatics.
    Proper, unbiased education is the only solution to this problem.

    Reema: Yes what has been through ages can’t be undone. We cant go back to the time when there was no religion. So its better to find solution to the problems caused by religion and also to give freedom to people to practice or not practice religion.

  13. A very Honest opinion and I really appreciate your genuine concern on society.
    I dont want to get into the debates of intricacies of religion or God becoz religions over a period of centuries have gone beyond control of
    any human being. I just hope the tribe of sensitive people like you increase. The need of the hour is “Hope”

    Reema: Welcome to my blog! Thanks! Keep visiting.

  14. A brilliant and a very strong post. Sorry for catching up on them really late.

    I agree completely, whats the point of having religions in the same places as where the girl child is still being either married off early, sold or killed. So true, every aspect is true.

    It seems we will never stop living in a complete contradicting society where on one side it preaches love thy neighbour and and on the other side shower hatred as well. Good Post.

    Reema: Thanks! Its ok dear. Better late than never 😛 yes a religion of contradictions. Love thy neighbor yet if he has oil in his soil, kill the neighbor and capture his land.

  15. Like Daroga says “Religion, I believe, was created to answer the questions troubling human beings”.

    For instance, instead of making a person tell about magnetic field, impact of it on human brain and stuff, people explained it by saying dont sleep, sit north south its direction of death. There are many such instances where in religion was the mean to explain scientific facts to people who had difficulty to comprehend facts.

    I feel religion is like a grandma narrating a tale to a kid to explain him good/bad things in a more interesting way.

    Later on religion became a convenience, a tool, a thing taking away piece of mind. A subject to debate abou 🙂 .

    Reema: Definitely a subject to debate about and to question the necessity of it all. 🙂

  16. Yes, I also believe that organized religion has done more harm than good to the mankind. But, at the same time, I think many so called religious people have done good for the society and led a righteous life after getting inspired from their religiosity. Now, is it really because of their religion they did/do all the right things or it’s just that they were born moral/nice people? I think there is no easy answer to that , though I tend to believe that morality is older than religion and so it precedes religion rather than the other way around..
    I recommend you read ” End of Faith ” by Sam’s one of the most interesting books I read about futility of religion in modern times..

    Reema: I liked the term “organized religion”. Quite similar in its outcomes to organized crime isn’t it? yes thats my point that morality should be the guide to realization of God and not religion. Thanks for the recommendation.

  17. I have only two words for ya for this post………Simply superb !

    I myself dont believe in idol worship, but that doesnt make me an atheist. I believe in a power that governs us all, and people just call it by different names.

    There are a lot of atrocities created around us in the name of religion. Even the religious processions on the roads, the loud music/chants from the respective sites, etc. can be included in them. People need to respect other fellow beings. If they need to do something in public, they should know how to do it without invading others’ life !!!

    “I mean what’s the use of celebrating Navratri if we kill the girl child in the same country?”….exactly.

    One of the best posts I have read in recent times.

    Reema: I have only one word….Thanks!!! 😀 yes thats my view. Not worshiping in conventional way doesnt make anyone an atheist. Oh how I hate loud processions and loudpseakers in temples. Will rant about that in some other post. Thank u so much for such praise.

  18. I am pretty much agnostic, tending towards big time atheism now! I am very much in the gray area when it comes to God in this phase of my life. Religion well, I suppose it is to be followed if one believed in God!
    Though to each her own. What bugs me is to force one’s idea of religion/God on others or talk about superiority of each. Committing crimes and getting away saying it is in the name of religion -atrocity.
    Very vocal and well written post 🙂

    Reema: I can understand your feelings given what all you have gone through. Thanks!!

  19. “Die Religion … ist das Opium des Volkes” – Karl Marx. Whatever your position on Marxism may be, this is a sentiment even die-hard non-Marxists acknowledge to be accurate.

    In context, this sentence appears in a more potent formulation: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.”

    Make of that what you will. 🙂

    Harivansh Rai Bachchan wrote in his autobiog that although a non-religious person, he found himself invoking divine intervention in times of crisis; he then reminded himself that God was not his clerk to do his bidding when he wanted.

    Organised religion however has been shown to foster a greater community spirit and social responsibility in practitioners. Yet, try locating a Planned Parenthood office in the US, and you will see why it must be guarded (religious zealots wouldn’t think twice about attacking a woman visiting PP for contraception advice).

    I think particularly combined with illiteracy, a hierarchical society and an education system that does not foster independent enquiry and thinking skills, religion is nothing but a potent tool of political manipulation in India. Sad but true.

    PS: After reading the post twice, I am still not sure whether you are an atheist, or an agnostic; not that it matters.

    Reema: Good and apt quote!! Mr.Bachchan’s views coincide with these lines- “Dukh mein sumiran sab kare, Sukh mein kare na koi. Jo sukh mein sumiran kare To dukh kahe ka hoi.” I didn’t know such activities arising out of religious overzealousness happen in US too!! As I said earlier I believe in existence of God but I dont believe in the need of the middle men or any need of a particular method (aka religion) to have and express faith. Neither agnostic nor atheist I think. 🙂

  20. I am an agnostic when it comes to such matters and for me, all that a festival means is good food and nosy relatives… 😀
    But, I guess its true – most people would donate willingly for a religious cause rather than a social one… I was watching CNN IBN this morning and they showed footage of Laloo Prasad giving away money to the stranded people in the Bihar floods… it was quite a pathetic gesture because that use is a few notes of currency when the guy’s drowning in floods?? such acts has probably made people wary of donating money to social causes…
    Sad… But anyway, happy Ganesh Chaturthi… Hope you ate well! 😀

    Reema: Thanks!! But u know we Bengalis dont indulge in Ganeshotsav much so no extra good food than what I have usually.

  21. Have you read Life of PI ? If not, go read it now, or atleast read first few chapters. Little boy PI (the main character) in the book likes all religions and thinks they are same in some way. Just read it for sure.
    @Dinesh Babu
    I loved your thoughts on God. Really nicely put. 🙂

    I am a religious person. I call myself religious because I believe in GOD. Not that I do all bakwas things people do in name of God nor I support them. People tend to think or some people make common people think that to worship God there are some hard-n-fast rules. And thats what helps turning some people from religious to agnostic.

    Anyway, I was thinking of writing a post on this hard-n-fast rule concept, and I think I should write it soon.

    Cheers for one more excellent post.
    I didn’t comment on most things you wrote…… bcoz its just I agree with most of them.
    Cheers again.

    Reema: I will read it if u send it via courier to me 😛 “I call myself religious because I believe in GOD” This is what I meant when I said about mixing up God and religion and treating them as equivalent. I believe both are separate things. Thanks and also thanks for agreeing with me. Phew! 😛

  22. I agree with you full-on! I’m an agnostic as well…and for me there’s just some power, an energy that keep the universe goign. My parents introduced me to it as “Deivam” (malayalam for God) and then taught me different names too …Ganesha, Krishna, Devi, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Shiva, Vishnu… but for me, only the name “Deivam” stuck.

    Now, I dont pray to any particular idol/’name’…but i do believe in the power… and well, from what i’ve seen, a lot of our generation does so too…so, maybe, just maybe, the “No religions” concept may be possible (ok, am too high on optimism here!)

    And well, as far as i know, the basics of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam (havent figured out those of other ‘faith’s yet) are all the same. They only strive towards compelling humans to live a good life. It’s in the skewed up interpretations of the scriptures by the good-for-nothing, money-minded, pot-bellied priests of these religions, that each religion seems unfathomable to the ones in the other!
    For that reason, I despise temples, mosques and churches!

    Why is it that one has to bribe God, for good things to happen in life? What is God in shortage of? Money? Gold? Clothes? Food? Meat? (Aren’t these the things we ‘offer’ to the Almighty? For what joy? I feel that if one uses logic and sense, one will anyway be a good human being. More than God-fearing, I see people who are ‘in fear of God’ and would do anything to please the Almighty !

    (Ok 😀 i shud write a post abt this and not clutter your comments’ space :). Sorry ma’am 😀 )

    Reema: A lot of our generation is only indulging in religious riots, demolitions and fanaticism. So I guess we with such beliefs constitute only a handful. I agree with your views on the futility of religious rituals and offerings. Aww its ok. u are most welcome to clutter my comments’ space. I don’t mind 🙂

  23. I lost my faith in god and religion in march last year….but then I still do pray for everyone else because I knew whatever happened happened for a reason…..
    But I have realized- bad things are happening to good people and bad people are continuing to live a happy life….but then i am reminded of what dad said- ‘living a long life is the biggest sin’
    Religion will be continued to be used in India by everybody……there’s no end to it…..

    Reema: Yes bad incidents and deaths make us lose our faith but that should be momentarily. Because everything happens for a reason. Faith should give us the strength to bear the incidents and move on in our lives. And as I believe always count your blessings.

  24. Religion is just a tool.

    It’s people who are corrupt.

    If its not religion. It will be something else like class,education, social status any other identity we have.

    Why blame religion?
    Why Shift the blame?

    Reema: Maybe religion has made them corrupt! Because they believe if they sin and as per Hinduism go and take a dip in Ganges or as per Christianity go and confess , everything is washed away and forgiven. So they go on sinning.

  25. ‘why did it divide into so many different religions’
    This is an awesome question to ask, but none can provide you the answer.. would be a great research topic.

    Common sense says, depending on geographies religions were made and divided with their own ancestral ‘heros’ becoming gods.. Preaching good ways of living may not be accepted by all, there’s no dearth of insane and illogical people, acting to their will, thus a ‘fear of god’ was brought into beings. Festivals are celebrated to keep reminding those people of god.

    Reema: Yes I guess it is a good research topic for historians and philosophers 🙂 Good explanation though.

  26. I guess u r right. We chose to believe or shun religion as per our needs.

    Today only we were discussing this in office, imagine the money spent on various Ganpati pandal’s. Kehne ko we are under a bad inflation but in these cases we forget everything. At least in Mumbai during this time people end up wasting time in traffic jams.

    All for what? A belief?

    I guess God wouldn’t be upset if we spend the money on some worthy cause ( flood relief as u say). In fact he would be glad as he would have to answer some less distress calls.

    A thought provoking post indeed.

    Reema: Yes thats my point that who are we trying to fool by offering flowers, sweets and loud music? By building huge structures and destroying them 9-10 days later? I believe God listens the most when prayed silently from heart not on some loudspeakers. A moral living would be much better offering than huge monetary donations.

  27. You know I have nothing against people who fast 20 times a week or who sit and read the Gita every day. But what I dont understand is why the very same people choose to critize others who do not share their zealousness?
    Or passing snide remarks about how many time a day do you do arti and agarbathi in your house?

    This topic irks me to no end.

    Reema: It irks me too! Practice rituals but don’t expect everyone to do same and don’t look down upon those who dont.

  28. I echo your thoughts too.

    When I meditate and when I pray, I don’t say the name of any particular God. It’s just God. For me, God is something I have to give me hope. When I’m down, I just pray to him. I know it doesn’t change things but it’s just a kind of satisfaction. Religion, by definition is a way to reach God. It’s funny how we have so many routes to reach God and we’re busy proving that our route is the right thing.

    Reema: Loved the last sentence in ur comment. “It’s funny how we have so many routes to reach God and we’re busy proving that our route is the right thing.” So true and the root of all problems.

  29. For me I do trust in God. I believe there is some power out there who is watching us all.

    I fear God as well.

    I am against those who are fanatics, who say they believe in their religion but never practise what they preach.

    Reema: I too trust and believe in God but I dont believe in need of religion in its present form atleast.

  30. Nice post. God, beauty, truth are all abstract concepts that this mind sometimes finds solace in. They are comforting as long as they remain personal. But once they take a social outlook they loose the adjective to mass mentality, which I strongly doubt is healthy or good. When one sacrifices his or her mind and power for a greater good, they have to constantly search inside themselves if what they are sacrificing for is really a greater good. I wonder if you would like this.

    Reema: Thanks and interesting thoughts. I will check out your post soon.

  31. Iam not sure if you got my exact point. What I meant was that : Morality is instinctive ( something we are born with) and therefore not induced by religion ( which is external)..

    Reema: Ok I get your point. 🙂

  32. Nice post!

    I completely agree that religion or no religion, if
    you wish to do anything wrong, you will,
    you wish to repent, you will.

    I have never understood what a religion has to offer, its difficult to believe in God itself, but still so many do it, its like something once you hand it over to God to take care of, you have nothing to think much about.

    Like someone goes and says, please make sure that my family will always have food to eat, then they just relax and go about their business, so thats like transferring your troubles to someone else!

    Reema: Welcome to my blog. Thanks! As Nita said its a psychological relief to the masses! Keep visiting.

  33. Praying god or meditation sometimes helps.. I believe in almighty..all of us are bound are bound to religion… Even our names are connected to the religion…

    But I hate when ppl don’t bother to help when others are in need of.

    Reema: I also believe in Almighty but I dont see the necessity of being bound to religion to believe in Him.

  34. Religion does not mean anything to me. Whether I am praying in a temple, Gurudwara or a church, I pray to the supreme power. By dividing the mediums of our prayers, we have divided our race.
    But if we go back a little, we can find the reason. Humans were spread across the Earth and they were not very much in contact with each other. So they developed different ways of praying without knowing that one day this is going to take millions of lives. Finally when they started coming in contact, clashes began.
    The irony is that even after knowing what went wrong, no one bothered to make any amends and religious fanatics played a major role in that.

    Reema: Exactly my point! I guess it was too late till then to make amends.

  35. you know what…..

    in the related posts section.

    In the name of god! seems a good argument,
    which kinda shares my view.

    “its not religion. Its the people.”

    Religion by itself doesn’t corrupt people. it is a tool that can be used by manipulative sick people.

    having said that i am not justifying religion. For me god could be a mathematical equation which occurs randomly in nature something like the “golden ratio”, which is obviously misunderstood by us humans as God.

    Time will Tell.
    Research on creating artificial life is already on and is even patented.
    The “out of Africa” theory is increasingly getting support and soon might explain our origins with much clarity, laying to rest race issues and burying the case for religion altogether.

    only if the insecure “believers” don’t freak out and kill the rest.

    Reema: Manipulative people will always be there. Then why provide them with such a tool? Thats my question. Interesting point about the “out of Africe” theory. I also fear all the racists will try to subdue the facts.

  36. I agree to every word of what you say .. I too dont believe in religion at all .. its the cause of all problems..

    Reema: Glad to know your views agree with mine.

  37. I think we should just ban religion and stick to faith!

    The world will come together and mix so much faster as a result…


    Reema: Welcome to my blog. Yes thats exactly my point. keep visiting!

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  41. Thnx for leaving the link.
    U’ve asked quite a number of questions. If we ask them to the society now, all that happens is, some filthy rich bastards playing dirty politics to get us killed and how! Anything else I wish to say, I’ve already said in my post! 🙂

    Reema: Thanks for coming back here!

  42. Well said Reema. I also agree that the religion has become an excuse for all kinds of sins.

    I can say for myself, that I don’t need any religion except my own values.
    If religion remained personal and was never used to gain power it would still be fine … Instead religion today is only making us cruel and unjust, … all that it is supposed to KEEP us from being!

    We need a good Constitution not religion, because the worst thing is religion is open to misinterpretation by self styled saviours.

    Reema: Thanks! you are absolutely correct. Religion now advocates all that it doesn’t stand for!

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  44. I completely agree with post but don’t you think there might be some other reason or entity where people might have fought with each other for some other cause.

    let me give an example

    There is a period in Indian history when people worshipping shiva and people worshipping venkateshwara fought with each that their god is superior.

    visit my blog

  45. There is one more reason why people believe in religion – economics. They need blind faith to make money in the name of God. Like how people are making money in the name of education, these days.

    Destination Infinity

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  47. Hi,
    Very good post. But at the same time GOD is the destination. To reach that destination there are different roads. Now its up to you to choose which road is the best one for you. Road=Religion. I will not talk about the other religion which people follow because there is no book or granth which says any particular name of so called religion which are namely hindus, jains, christains, jews but yes there is a book which says Islam (meaning: dedication to GOD). In granth you will come across Sanatan Dharma. (meaning dedication to GOD). So religion is nothing but a man made thoughts but yes i will dedicate myself to GOD rather than fighting here with our fellow brothers.
    Now for GOD’s existence if anyone has doubt then do mail me up in my mail id
    Human Being

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