Jhoom 2008 – A Video Feature

I recently became the faculty in charge of the departmental student body i.e. EETA – Electrical and Electronics Technocrats Association. It is basically of the students, by the students, and for the students. Some students are made office bearers by voting and hold the post of President, VP, Secretary, Jt.Sec, Treasurer and so on. The body’s objective is to organize different extra curricular events in an academic session. A teacher is made in charge for supervision and management of finance. So the first event organized by me and my team of EETA members was Jhoom 2008 – an inter branch group dance competition on 27th Sept. Sadly only 5 teams participated but it was quite successful without any major obstacles. As the budget was low for this sort of event we didn’t hire a professional videographer. I didn’t have my digital camera then. So the videos I share with you here were taken by a student on his handicam. Also he shot only the first round of the competition. There were 5 judges. 1st round was retro or folk round and 2nd was free style. Out of 5 teams, only 3 were to make it to the second round. In second round there was a first prize and a runner up prize. Who won? That you will be guessing in your comments and I’ll verify your guesses. πŸ˜€ Here are the videos (Let them load fully one after one and then enjoy!!) :-

# The Computer Science Engineering team

# The Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering team

# The Mechanical Engineering team

# The Electrical and Electronics team

# The Masters of Computer Applications team

28 thoughts on “Jhoom 2008 – A Video Feature

  1. I vote for the ME team. Maybe that’s because I like that song the best or maybe I am from ME πŸ™‚ when my girls get back from school later this afternoon, I will have them watch and pick a winner as well

    I didnt like the MCA team switching song mid track.

    The first team did good as well..

    Reema: MCA sucked in synchronisation too. Yes ME won in the contest. Nice to know you are a mech engineer.

  2. I was unable to view the vidoes…the network is behaving stupidly.. but being a Mech guy.. I will vote for ME too πŸ™‚

    Sabse aage ladke kaun Mech boys Mech boys.. πŸ™‚

    Bolo Mechanical Mahadev ki Jay!!!! .. reminded me of my good old college days!!!

    Reema: πŸ™‚ yes Mechies won!!

  3. oh its so difficult to guess…everybody selected nice songs…ME team with all boys..was a different idea…even last MCA team dance looked cute..dancing in old style…

    Reema: Mech with all boys wasn’t a different idea as girls hardly take admission in that branch in our region. Mech won.

  4. I had a problem too, but I think its because I have a slow connection. My pc just froze and now I am not trying for a while! But good to take a peek into your life Reema!

    Reema: Oh! Many are not able to see the videos. 😦

  5. Videos are taking lot of time to load. Was able to view only the first one.

    I bet your team own πŸ˜‰

    Reema: Too bad you couldn’t see them 😦 No, the mechies won.

  6. So, that student gave you the video to put on your blog?
    Does he know you have a blog? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    Reema: He gave it to everyone and I made a post out of it πŸ™‚ Uuuuuu πŸ˜› no Mech!

  7. Nahi khul raha.. taking ages…. till when u r gonna verify the guesses?

    Reema: Ek ek karke dekho. Its playing fine on my connection..BSNL 256 kbps. Mech won!

  8. I hv got 128 Kbps spped broadband .. Cant open the videos ..

    But it must be an hell of an event, I’m sure about that .. Thanks for sharing it though ..

    Reema: Oh it wont open at that speed. Do u use GPRS? I would have been happier if all of you could see the videos

  9. My comp doesn’t have sound ! 😦 😦
    And this is taking forever to load 😦
    This machine is old…and about to kick the bucket, i tell you!
    can i still fake a vote? please?

    Reema: Aww too bad! Yes you can fake a vote dear πŸ™‚

  10. Done.. Pheew!!!

    Ok, Com Sci were the worst ones.. I fekt E&I and E&E were the best and if to be chosen one I would go for E&I… ME were not bad too , they started well with ‘Pyaar hume kis mod pe’ but lost it with ‘Om Shanti Om’ song.

    Reema: Thank u so much for taking the time to watch the videos. ME did well in costumes in secind round along with synchronisation which is poor in EE and EI. Mech won.

  11. Computer Science is the best..CSE students all over the world rock..They are simply superb and fantastic and fabulous..lol… Im a CSE techie ,if that small info counts to my rant..;-)

    Reema:Hehehe but Mech won! CSE got eliminated in first round.

  12. I have seen only first 3 …it took my 30 minutes yesterday πŸ˜€ ..
    and am commenting now ..
    i think ECE was good ..

    was this just interdepartmental or a fest where other college can participate . ??

    Reema: Is your connection slow too? No it was interbranch and only of our college.

  13. Meanie! You know my comp and my stupid bsnl connection and you expect these videos to load here at home?? πŸ˜›
    I’ll watch the videos tomorrow in office, but I know who won – since you’re so so so excited, I’m sure YOUR dept won! πŸ˜€
    Right? πŸ˜€

    Reema: No! Mechanical won. I’m excited because I organized such an event successfully.

  14. I think the The Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering team had the best co-ordination. The song choice was also good.
    Tell meeeeeeeee. Am I right?

    Reema: They did make it to second round but their choice in 2nd round was bad. Mech won.

  15. CSE – The only group that tried folk. The choice of song for the dance was good, but they lacked practice.

    EIE – The song choices were good and the medley was perfect. Good steps and coordination.

    ME – Good concept. They enjoyed their dance and exhibited energy. Steps werent that great though.

    EE – Repetitive and predictable steps. good chemistry and coordination between the pairs (except at the end).

    MCA – They dint take it seriously I guess, simply Aweful.

    Now for the results according to me, the three teams to have qualified would be EIE, ME and EE. The team that shouldve won EIE.

    Which team was yours?? and am i even close on the results?

    Damn ! I miss my college days!!!

    Reema: Wow!! U watched so closely. Thanks πŸ™‚ EI was good but faltered in 2nd round. EE was really repetitive but excelled in 2nd round due to EI failure. Mech did very well in costume, synchronisation and expression in 2nd round. MCA sucked! My team was EE. Mech won. EE came second.

  16. Iam sure performers did a good job in reality, but, unfortunately, videos are shot very poorly. It is impossible to watch them beyond a minute because of erratic camera and lighting which is hurting my eyes. I only tried to watch first two..perhaps the remaining ones are not that bad. And, no, my connection speed is fine…

    Reema: πŸ™‚ I guess an aspiring film maker like you must find it hurtful to eyes but to me its fine!! Sorry for the poor quality which stopped you from enjoying the videos.

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