Blog Birthday!!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Diwali. Making use of one of the perks of teaching profession i.e. 8 days long Diwali vacation, I’d gone to Puri last year. This year I went on a 3 day trip to Visakhapatnam with my parents. But more about it in upcoming posts and new header images😀 Here is a sneak preview of what lies ahead on this blog.

View from Tenneti Park Vizag

View of Vizag City from Kailashgiri

Right now I want to celebrate my blog’s first birthday or rather first anniversary! Its been one year today since my first blog post – a naive attempt at blogging by writing a perfect example of the random thoughts that float around in my head. Blogging proved to be a huge help during a difficult time of my life. It also helped me discover my writing skills. Now the blog, my fellow bloggers and blog readers comprise an important part of my life. And I sincerely hope it will remain so in coming years.

Happy Birthday to “My Random Thoughts” and to the Blogger in me i.e. Reema – The Blogger.

P.S. So after coming back from Vizag, I’m off to read and comment on 67 new posts. Actually its less than what I expected after 4 days of staying away from blogosphere.🙂

34 thoughts on “Blog Birthday!!

  1. (Clearing my throat)……………………………….

    Happy Bday to you……Happy Bday to you……..
    Happy Bday to dear Reemas blog….Happy Bday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu (opera style) uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Clap ! Clap ! Clap ! Clap !

    Wish your blog many more such Bdays !!!


  2. Happy birthday to your opinions and expressions reema. Keep floating out ur opinions for years to come.

    and hey happy belated diwali too


  3. happy bloggiversary – any leftover murukku from diwali to pass around your regular readers like me?😛

    Reema:Thanks! Hey u know what is murukku!!😀 I am not that fond of it

  4. Happy Birthday🙂 I want a piece of cake🙂

    You must’ve clicked loads of pic @ Vizag🙂

    Reema:Thanks! Come to my place for cake🙂 yup I did click around 250 pics!

  5. wow.. congrates and i want a cake too!! I am sure you had a great time on the trip. The above pic looks awesome so am waiting for more …

    Reema:Thanks! Come over for cake!

  6. Congrats! you’ve survived so far… Hope you live up to a 100 ripe years!🙂
    (And have like 30 kids and 40 grandkids hovering around you when you post your blog’s 75th anniversary!)😀

    Reema:Thanks! “survive”????😮 and 30 kids!!!!!!! This is India and I m a human not a rabbit😀

  7. To,
    My Random Thoughts,

    Happy b’day to you, Hatthi paadla poo poo!😛

    Geek Wrestler
    His Imperially Geeked Up Mightiness,
    the [future] Emperor of the World.


  8. nice holiday😉
    was wondering where you disappeared.. it’s unusual not to get your comment within 24hrs of my post😀

    Reema: Awwww you are the first one to say that! I’m glad someone wondered where I was🙂

  9. Did I miss the candles in the cake? Or is it to prevent us from seeing the light (in this age)?!😉

    Reema: Oh u know its just been one year since I started blogging. *batting eyelashes innocently*😛

  10. Happy Birthday to Reema’s Blog!!!!!😀
    And so, Vizag was fun? Its a really beautiful place!
    And you know, I have such a strange feeling when I saw the pics. I was screaming in my mind – I WAS THERE! AND THERE! AND THERE!!!!

    Reema:Thanks! Yes its a nice place. U can check out more pics in my orkut album

  11. of course i know indian cuisine! murukku, jelebi, vadai, puttu mayam, thosai… and we malaysians love our banana leaf!🙂

    Reema: Wow!!🙂 I’m happy to know that you know so much about Indian cuisine

  12. *drum rolls * *trumpet blows*
    happy aniversery🙂

    You have come a long way … surely one of the best bloggers around. .. keep pouring in ur RANDOM THOUGHTS😀

    btw the second pic from kailash giri is awesome ..looks like heaven …🙂

    Reema: Awwww thanks!🙂

  13. 😀 Wish you many happy returns of the day, dear namesake!
    You sure make me feel so proud of the name of my blog🙂

    and may this blog live to be 103 and more!🙂

    Reema: Thanks my namesake🙂

  14. Hey Dudy, you are great. I told you already, keep boring people and they will make you a great blogger😀😀

    Do you know Misal Pav, Vada Pav and Kolhapuri Nonveg Food? You should try finding them😛

    Reema: Thanks but I don’t bore people! Humph!

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  16. Happy Birthday “My Random Thoughts” and one of my favorite blogger, Reema! Sorry for the late reply, been bogged down with exams. Good luck and keep writing fab posts!

    Kiran & Tarun

    Reema: Awww thanks!

  17. sorry reems for the late comment… was on a holiday wit frnz… newaz, happy bday to u n ur blog… hope to see u in full flow in the times to come…🙂

    Reema: Thanks! better late than never🙂

  18. Happp Happp Happy Birthday!!! Now, the main reason to wish you was truly and soley just for the cake??? I will wait for it in the mail….!!! Btw, the preference is chocolate cake🙂

    Reema:😆 Thanks dear!

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