Visakhapatnam Trip – Part 1

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’d gone to Visakhapatnam in Diwali vacation for four days. But only one post will not do justice to my experience so it is going to be three posts series. As Visakhapatnam or Vizag is only 12 hours from my hometown by train, we decided to go there on a short trip.

26th Oct 2008 – Train was at an unholy time of 6.00 am! And day journey in sleeper class (AC had no seats left for reservation) was bad due to heat. But the scenery was beautiful. We reached in late evening and went to the hotel where we had booked room. We had been told on phone that they will provide an extra bed. Unlike the hotel in Puri, here we were given an extra mattress without cot! But as it was late, we decide to stay on there only. Service was average but food was bad. Dad and I went to the nearby APTDC office and booked ourselves for tour of Araku Valley and Borra Caves on 28th. We also hired a car for local sightseeing on 27th. Move your mouse on the photos to see their captions.

27th Oct 2008 – The breakfast was better as it consisted of idli and dosa. After breakfast, we left for local tour. The roads and the cleanliness of the city impressed us. Our driver was polite, pleasant and experienced but understood only English. First we went to Ramakrishna Beach. Unlike Puri, the beach was quite clean. I felt so elated seeing the Bay of Bengal and beach, even in the scorching sun. On the horizon we could see ships and the Dolphin’s Nose which is the most prominent landmark of Vizag. This huge rock, 174 m in height and 358 m above sea level, is shaped like a dolphin’s snout;hence the name. The area around RK Beach is highly developed from tourism point of view. The statues and unique pillars really beautify the road along RK Beach.

Then we went to Simachalam to visit the famous temple of Lord Varaha Lakshminarasimha. The deity is such an angry personality that he is always covered with sandalwood paste. The actual form of the idol is viewed only once in a year, during the Chandana Yatra. The view from the top of the hill temple was awesome. Camera was not allowed inside. Move your mouse on the photos to see their captions.

From there we came back to Rushikonda Beach. It was less developed or rather less commercialized than RK Beach but still equally beautiful. Mom sat down in the shade of a boat while Dad and me went around clicking snaps. The couples sitting at a lonely point of the beach in the sizzling sun made me wonder whether love acts as a sun tan lotion or maybe an anti-migraine pill.

Our driver knowing that we were Bengalis, took us to Hotel Sandhya which was a shack serving very tasty, homely and typical Bengali lunch at low price. I was so happy to have a good lunch. Then we went to Fishing Harbour for boating. The smell of diesel fumes of the boat caused more nausea than the turbulence of ocean waves. But the view was wonderful. Artificial embankments have been built to stop waves from crashing on to the harbour and nearby coast. Move your mouse on the photos to see their captions.

After a tiring day, we returned to hotel. In the evening, we went to RK Beach in auto-rickshaw. Auto rickshaws are quite cheap in Vizag. One just needs to bargain a little. The area around RK Beach has a Ramakrishna Mission Ashram and a KaliMatha Temple along with other attractions. After enjoying the setting sun and jhaal muri on beach, we went to Kalimatha Temple which was decorated for Kali Puja on 28th i.e. Diwali for non-Bengalis. Then we went to the famous CMR shopping mall as my parents have never been to a shopping mall before. But it was a disappointment compared to the real shopping malls like those in Pune. Before the trip, I had searched the location of Pizza Hut in Vizag on Google. πŸ˜€ In the morning I had asked the driver to show the place too. So after shopping, we went to Pizza Hut. And that ended the day blissfully.

Dolphin's nose in evening

Dolphin nose in evening

KaliMatha Temple at RK Beach

KaliMatha Temple at RK Beach

29 thoughts on “Visakhapatnam Trip – Part 1

  1. It looks like you had a gr888 time, Reema. must be feeling a lot relieved after a holiday, na? and that too with parents. I need one too, very soon!!!

    Ur new camera rocks !!! u kept clicking snaps on ur way, is it?:D

    waiting for the succeeding parts πŸ™‚

    Reema: I hope you do get the chance to go on a trip soon. I’m using new camera to its maximum πŸ™‚ Next part coming up soon!

  2. You’ve taken so many pictures! You are really freaking out with that camera Reema and that’s wonderful! I loved your header image.

    Reema: 100% utilization of camera! πŸ˜€ Thanks!

  3. Nice travelogue. I would like to have more about the food in the next episode. Good to see people parked two wheelers nicely in front of the temple. More civilised than us in Delhi.

    Reema: Thanks! There was nothing special about the food. Nothing like local delicacies except idli and dosa. Still I will tell about the food more in next post πŸ™‚ Oh yes the parking, roads and cleanliness were really striking about the city.

  4. Nice write up. Have heard Vizag is beautiful from a friend of mine who hails from there. She will be mighty thrilled when she reads some thing like this …and start off with hey..i keep asking u to go visit! πŸ˜€

    Reema: Thanks! Do visit Vizag. It must be close to Chennai,no?

  5. Nice pics.. You must’ve had a great time in Vizag. Beaches are the best place to visit in the evening πŸ˜€

    I guess the header pic is shot @ Vizag? Good one πŸ™‚

    Reema: Thanks! yes the header pic is shot at Vizag. Its there in the slideshow too!

  6. i was there about 14 years ago and there was hardly any site of development along the shore except for the plant ..

    i have been to simhachalam too its one great temple but i hardly do recolect anything of it.. since its been long time having gone there..

    i was there for the first six years of my childhood..
    and this post really makes me nostalgic
    i hope those good old days are back 😦

    Reema: Oh visit the place and refresh your memories!

  7. Lagta hai khub majaa karke aayi hai!! Great… loved the pics and waiting for more in the next post!!

    Reema: Haan aur kya lekin kahani abhi baki hai mere dost! Thanks!!

  8. NIce pics ..u have taken a lot of them …
    loved that dolphine nose one ..ITs beautifull …
    i want to go out too ..Its been many years since i went out with my family 😦

    Reema: Thanks!! Just make reservations, pack your bags and go! Once u become a rat in the rat race, you wont get time.

  9. Hey looks like you had great fun. I always love the beach. It is quite a sight to sit on the sand and look at the waves approaching you. I loved the picture of Dolphin’s nose at night and the Kalimatha temple. Very Cool!

    Reema: Yup I did! Thanks!

  10. hey…second sleeper beats AC hands down for the excitement of traveling. You come out wiser if u travel second sleeper.

    BTW…what do u think…do i have a GF & a wife too? Whats ur guess?

    Reema: Welcome to my blog! Yes sleeper class is good for the excitement but not in hot weather. I personally find AC class very boring! Strange that you brought up the topic here πŸ™‚ Well I don’t know. You tell! Keep visiting!

  11. Nice header! Lovely pics.
    I too take pictures non stop when we travel … it’s like you have preserved some lovely memories.

    Reema: Thanks!! This trip was especially for using my new digital camera!

  12. Hmm..Nostalgia!!! Yet another post on Vizag (Amit wrote it earlier too)..Vizag..Vizag!! Most beautiful City in Andhra Pradesh..And second largest in AP (it now constitues Greater Visakhapatnam like greater Hyderabad), next to Hyderabad..Regarding the shopping malls, I agree you wouldnt find the likes of Pune, but the news is that they are soon coming..Most of them are under construction phase. I wonder why you did not mention about the Submarine museum near RK beach and the hill top Kailasagiri park. Hopefully you would include these in the next part! Vizag has developed so fast..especially in the last 10 years. Well, after all this, needles to say..Vizag is my native place πŸ™‚ and hence all this love πŸ˜€

    Reema: Yeah I have read Amit’s post πŸ™‚ Oh you know this post is only part one! I have seen all the places you have mentioned πŸ™‚ Coming soon in next posts.

  13. I am jealous…… me too want a good camera, but you know……
    Dolphin nose photo is best of all πŸ™‚ and next time take me with you for trip, I am a good photographer πŸ˜€ We will make your portfolio πŸ˜›


    Reema: Oh nazar utarni padegi mere camera ki! πŸ˜› My portfolio? πŸ˜€

  14. Great!!! I see that you had a great time! πŸ™‚ And the city looks great from the mountain top in the evening. Hope you saw that too!!
    And did you see that Submarine?
    I know I was not of much help but I hope you got the Araku trip tickets and the Driver easily?

    Reema: We didn’t have the wish to keep our driver waiting for so long as we had gone to Kailashgiri at 4 pm. Yes I saw submarine too. Oh its ok dear! Yes we got both at APTDC office.

  15. wow ! you must have had a blast… was it the much needed break indeed? πŸ˜›
    i too love the sun and sand…but gawd have never been to any coastal areas……my outings have been limited to hill stations which makes me feel nauseatic
    and hey the videos were lovely .and the city looked really clean in the snaps…….i thought you had only got to eat idli and dosa ! πŸ˜›
    really nice post and thank you for sharing your experience……waiting to read the rest part of the post πŸ™‚

    Reema: I really enjoyed except the Araku trip which I have posted in part 2. Thanks for appreciating my post so much!

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  17. good pictures… i too can relate ur feeling as i finished the most exciting trip (yet) recently… i just used my mobile cam to click the pics so i dont think they’ll match ur pics’ clarity…

    Reema: Thanks! None of your friends had a digital camera? Thats too bad.

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  20. Hey Reema..Very well penned and nicely adorned by suitable pics. I am on my way to vizag for a long stay and hope it matches your description.

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