Visakhapatnam Trip – Part 2

Here is the second post in the series titled “Visakhapatnam trip”.

28th Oct 2008 – As I told in part 1 that we had booked a tour of Araku Valley and Borra Caves. We were supposed to report to APTDC counter at station at 5.45 am. That we did with groggy eyes only to know the train leaves at 7.00 am! Aarghhh! There were lots of other tourists too on the same tour. The rail-cum-road tour included breakfast, lunch and evening tea + snacks too. We were served delicious idli along with chutney for breakfast. The train journey comprised of 46 tunnels, glorious view of the valley and hills of Eastern Ghats. One of the tour guides kept informing us of interesting facts regarding the journey.

View of Araku Valley from Galikonda View Point

From Araku railway station we boarded one of the 5 buses of APTDC. First we went to Tribal Museum which had various aspects of tribal life on display along with various tribal handicrafts. We bought some souvenirs from a nearby shop. Then we were taken to APTDC resort for lunch. Lunch consisted of plain rice, pulao, dal, rasam,curd, papad, chhole, sabzi and halwa. I guess roti is hardly available down south. After the excellent lunch, we were taken to see the Padmapuram Botanical Gardens. The sweltering heat was not allowing us to enjoy anything. It was supposed to be a hill station but it was not at all cool. The tropical sun is the biggest adversary of tourism, I tell you! We just rested, clicked some photographs and waited for the bus to leave. Our guide took us back to the resort to see tribals perform their folk dance Dhimsa.

The route to Borra caves from Araku was through the coffee plantations of Anathgiri Hills and was a thorough Ghat road. And thus started my trouble. I suffer from motion sickness and the turns made by bus aggravated it. Our bus stopped at Galikonda view point. Dad bought coffee beans and pure coffee powder. Then we stopped at APTDC’s Anathgiri rest house for tea and snacks. I didn’t have any as I was feeling nauseated. Borra Caves comprise of million-year-old stalactite and stalagmite formations. Illumination of the caves has been done by APTDC. The 300 ft. thick roofed wonder spread over one square km., presents a breath-taking display of natural sculptures of Mother Earth. There are some 400 steps inside to go deeper and more down there. Mom didn’t go and gave me company while I rested at a restaurant outside. Dad went some 100 steps and came back. Old age prevents one from such strenuous adventures. It had started to get dark by then.

Monkeys at Borra Caves

Monkeys at Borra Caves

Then as more winding road came, all my lunch was out in polythene bags 😦 [ I travel with polythene bags whenever I board a bus] Sigh! Thankfully I was not alone in this suffering. Most of the women passengers were in same condition. The twists and turns of hilly road and darkness made the journey scary. By the time we reached city outskirts I was totally dizzy from vomiting reflexes and weak due to hunger. We had our dinner and hit the sack. And that is how I spent my Diwali. It was a mistake to go to Araku on such a short trip. It gets too much hectic especially with parents and motion sickness patients. And I realized no more hill station trips for me in my life ever, be it Shimla or Ooty.

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27 thoughts on “Visakhapatnam Trip – Part 2

  1. Arey the trips sounds too tempting! Kabhi ja pau to achchha hoga!! But like you, i also get sick when going up the winding roads… 😦

    Aur haan, Bander achchhe dikh rahe hai!! πŸ˜›

    Reema: Oh u too! Avomine is no help in my case. I feel more dizzy after having that. The monkeys kids were cute.

  2. Beautiful place. You need to have lots of time in your kitty or a own vehicle at your disposal if you decide to visit a hill station. It’ll always be more fun that way.

    You’ll miss out on watching nature’s beauty if you stop visiting hill stations…

    Reema: Sigh! but health is more precious to me.

  3. ohh…poor you!!! Btw, who had suggested you Araku Hills πŸ˜‰ ????

    So for diwali, u bursted yourself in a polythene…hmm…interesting !!!! πŸ˜€

    Reema: Araku is there in every tour brochure! Bad joke huh!

  4. ” I guess roti is hardly available down south.”

    hmm…it is pretty popular… πŸ˜› lol,i love to travel on the ghat sections πŸ˜€

    Reema: But it wasn’t so there. Infact my friend who did his M.Tech from Warangal complained the same thing.

  5. I love the mountains πŸ™‚ This seems like a place I would like to visit sometime…At least then I can say I have been to Andhra being telugu πŸ˜‰

    Reema: Oh u have never been to AP being telugu?? πŸ˜‰

  6. Now I am thinking I want to go to Visakhapatnam! That is one place I have not seen. I never knew it was so pretty! Thanks for the pictures Reema.

    Reema: Yes you can go there. U will get to know more on the last post of the series.

  7. Nice pics.. Saw Vizag thru ur blog πŸ™‚

    Instead of polythene bags, Tupperware is better for storing food..

    Reema: Thanks! Oh I meant I had vomited in polythene bags not stored my lunch πŸ˜€

  8. The pics are awesome and monkey’s are darn cute πŸ™‚

    Thankfully I have never faced any trouble while traveling in train….it for sure spoils otherwise a very good trip….

    Reema: Thanks! Oh I have the problem only in bus. Train is good for me!

  9. I still remember that bora caves is meant for the kids with all the rides and the trailor going around the caves ..

    and yeah Vizag has a really good paronamic view of the ghats.. it was so awesome in the evening with the mist or fog surrounding each and every mountain nearby .. god i’m gonna miss this place for sure..

    will make it a point to go there at some time in future for sure…

    Reema: :-O there was no trailor or rides in the cave! U must be confusing it with some other place!

  10. wow pics ..
    now i want to visit vishakapatnam ..
    by the way whihc camera are u using .
    nice header too ..

    Reema: Thanks! Oh the same camera I had blogged about. Sony Cybershot W170.

  11. Ok, so Araku was not that great, but wasn’t the journey great? And Borra Caves are also worth seeing?
    And they woke you up at 5.45 too? Hahahaha!!!
    It happened to us too and we were so irritated when we reached the station and came to know that the train leaves at 7. 😦

    I had this Deja Vu feeling while reading your post! πŸ˜€

    Reema: Well only the train part! Oh so those people have this conspiracy since years to wake up people that early! I wonder why they do it.

  12. very nice pics Reema..
    I think you have taken some many beautiful pictures.
    And I could see it in the header. Your headers are getting better and better.

    Reema: Thanks!

  13. Sounds like you had a great time, er… except for the vomiting of course. I like hill stations. Ooty, Munnar they are all beautiful. The picture of Araku valley is very beautiful.

    Reema: Is road to Ooty very winding? I was thinking of going there someday.

  14. It’s wonderful that you put up the nice photos. I think there is no country in the world as myriad as India.
    You know it is clean, safe and systematic here, and everything tour-able is marketed well. Every village is marketed if it makes wine or has a cathedral.
    When I was visiting Versailles, I felt many times that the palaces of Jaipur or Mysore must be far more spectacular, but unfortunately I have not seen them.
    I wish the tourism industry would put in more efforts and try to make things easier and safer for tourists, and more people can see the glory of our rich heritage and the beautiful beaches, valleys, hills and jungles of India.

    Reema:Yeah it is just not enough to shout Incredible India. One has to prove it too!

  15. Oye ye kya theme laga rakha hai 😦 Bilkul suit nahi hota tumhe. Previous one was perfect for you!!!!!!

    Reema: Oh it depicts the child in me and the fun side of me! For people like you who think I m very serious!

  16. finished reading yer blog.. all that i’d missed. was thoroughly entertained as usual … my apologies for not leaving comments everywhere … just not feeling well enough yet …. please keep writing and i’d keep reading πŸ™‚

    thanks for the video. i needed some stress relief at the moment and it gave me jus that . πŸ™‚

    Reema: Its ok dear! Hope u get better soon. I’ll surely keep writing and you do keep reading πŸ™‚

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  19. Took a trip from vizag speak to a person Called sandeep. He will arrange a complete trip as per your individual requirement

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