Election Campaign

My dear bloggers, I am a humble servant of the blogosphere. I have dedicated my life to serve posts to the people of blogopshere and work for the development of their minds and enrichment of their knowledge. If you vote for me, I promise to bring spammers under control and check spam rise. When I become Prime Blogger, I will assure employment and food for thought for all readers and commenters. Once I become PB, I will crack down on all trolls and make blogosphere a safe and peaceful place. I will work for cooperation and peace between Blogspot and WordPress. Under my primebloggership, blogosphere will flourish. Every blog will get hits and good comments. I’ll work for the better quality and length of posts. Every worthy blog will be featured on homepage instead of that irritating two yellow boots who always talks about Sarah Palin. So vote for me and ensure a better blogosphere.

Yours truly, Reemawati.


(Read between the lines : Give me vote and I’ll give you money. I’ll give you blankets for winter and sarees to your wives. Just let me become PB then I’ll end all criminal cases against me and fill my Swiss Bank Account.)

So that was my election campaign speech. Poonam had taken up a huge and first of its kind blogging project by announcing Avant Garde Bloggies Awards for best blog posts from all over the blogosphere. The much awaited list of final six posts in various categories for Avant Garde Bloggies Awards is finally out. Here are my posts which have managed to pass the scrutiny team’s and the judges‘ careful screening and have been found worthy of nominations for the awards.

Best Current Affairs Post

Large Hardon Collider and Human Curiosity

Best Off-Beat Post

Classification of Students

Best Social Issues Post

Lost Love and Fair Skin

Best Regional/Culture Post

Fun Time of the Year

Best Human Interest Post

Indians and Moral Police

Best Public Interest Post

Education Boom or Education Doom

The Undesirable Child

Best Consumer Rights Post

The Postal Scam

Most Interesting Tag Post

And That’s How a Tag is Done

Best Eye Opener Post

Motherhood – Necessity or Choice

I have also been nominated for the following titles

Most Responsive Blogger

Most Disciplined Blogger

So dear readers, fellow bloggers and lurkers do visit the hyperlinked categories and vote for your favorite blogger …ahem! that is ME! Thank you!!


For more categories go over to this link. Please exercise your right to vote. Blogspot Bloggers can vote too!


39 thoughts on “Election Campaign

  1. I am your dedicated follower from today. 😀
    Khoon ke badale khoon….
    …………….vote ke badale vote…… DEAL???? 😛


    Reema: Deal!! 😛

  2. Matiji 😀 I have a list of books I wanna buy…will send the list to you, you send the books to me and I will you know what 😀

    Reema: Blackmailers! 😀

  3. Grrrr…
    Not fair..!! We are not supposed to be campaigning! And you were one of the volunteers for the awards! So, it’s not fair..!!
    On second thoughts, it doesn’t matter, actually. If this election campaign of yours succeeds and you win in all your categories, then good for you! 😀
    You have my vote, for sure! 😀

    Reema: I was on scrutiny team not judges team!! So I think campaigning for myself is totally fair! I have no hand in my posts getting selected in final six! Thanks!

  4. What the hell!!!! 😛
    I really want to read all the posts and read honestly! I just hope that I get enough time! 🙂
    What the hell again!!!! 😛

    Reema: Hehehe 😀

  5. I just cant believe you did this !!!! 😀

    Way to go Reema. I will vote for you, only if you vote for me 😉 jus kidding

    All the best !!!

    Reema: Thanks!!

  6. I like Vimal , Dinesh & Smita’s deal! Well, change Dinesh’s request to a macbook for me 😉 all put together – a really great deal!! 😀
    All the best! 🙂
    Scrutiny or judge’s team…you still are on the team! 😉

    Reema: Thanks! Yeah but Poonam said we can campaign 🙂

  7. Wow .. One more politician .. Politics now started in Blogosphere too ..

    I wont be campaigning this time as I dont hv a huge followers like you have .. But eventually I will get what I want ..

    All the very best .. I will vote for u for sure !! .. I just love ur blog and ur writings ..

    Reema: I’m sure that will happen soon. Thank u so much!

  8. Pheew Done!!! How many were there? 20 ? 15? … I got just 2.. do vote for me too.. Movie and Design…

    Reema: Thanks! Only 12 nominations 🙂 Sure!

  9. I would vote for you but I am ignorant and unlearned. Therefore I am complancent and unwilling to make a difference.

    Reema: I hope u r just kidding! I m sure u r not all those. So go and vote!

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  11. My my my!!! Lot has happened while I was busy getting married 😉 Politics yahan pe bhi!!! Waise u seem to have a lot of time in ur hands… U cud put it to better use really… not that this is not a good use of ur time 😛

    Reema: Well I don’t have lot of time in my hands always and whatever time I have, I m putting to it the best use possible. If I would want to put it to better use I would have to stop blogging as that takes up a lot of time. 🙂

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