Movie Review: Dasvidaniya


The story – Amar Kaul (Vinay Pathak) is a 37 year old unmarried accounts manager, leading a very dull and routine life which includes making a to – do list daily comprising of all the boring chores. But his world comes crashing when he comes to know that he has stomach cancer and has only 3 months to live. His inner self and a stranger (Ranvir Shorey) inspire him to live life fully and to do things he has always wanted to do before dying. So Amar make a list of ten things he wants to do before dying and the movie is about whether and how he accomplishes those before 3 months are up.

The actors – I had loved the movie Bheja Fry and Vinay Pathak had shown potential in him with his acting. So I was looking forward to Dasvidaniya and he didn’t let me down. He has done justice to the character and the various emotions Amar goes through; sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes reflective. He has been well supported by Sarita Joshi (Amar’s mom), Gaurav Gera (Amar’s Brother) and Rajat Kapoor (Amar’s friend). Neha Dhupia seems out of place for such a simple unglamorous movie. The director could have used a more suitable actress. Manoylo Svitlana gives the Russian angle to the movie (Dasvidaniya means goodbye in Russian).

The movie – When one knows about his impending death, either he can mope away to glory or he can live his last days to their fullest. Amar chooses the latter. Its an emotional movie with some very good scenes like when Amar says I love you to the girl he has loved since childhood. It brought tears to my eyes which is a rare feat for any Bollywood movie. The movie is said to be inspired from the Hollywood movie “The Bucket List“. But as I haven’t seen that one, I cant judge which one is better. The movie does have some good one liners and nice portrayal of characters like Amar’s overbearing boss or his little deaf caring tv-serial loving mother who scolds. Music is nice too. Kailash Kher has sung the Mumma track really well.  The movie made me think about my list of things to do before I die. I also wondered whether the act of doing things which you have always wanted to do before dying, does really prepare you for death? Overall a good movie and worth watching at least once. The movie made ME weep; so all those emotional and sentimental people out there, keep your box of tissues ready.

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17 thoughts on “Movie Review: Dasvidaniya

  1. Yes, It is inspired from Bucket List. I have seen that. Well-made. I am yet to see Dasvidaniya. But currently totally disappointed. No more feeling proud being Indian. Many times similar things have happened but I always kept some hope alive. But after Mumbai attack, I guess that leftover hope is dead forever.. and probably u and others are feeling the same.

    Reema: Yes every true Indian is feeling the same way.

  2. I wanted to see this movie but now feel a little apprehensive about entering a movie hall. Temporary feeling!
    But I have heard some great things about this movie and intend to see it. I too liked Bheja Fry.

    Reema: Do watch it!

  3. Thanks Reema for the review. Would watch this movie.

    Hope and prayers are stronger for every one in Mumbai and Indians across the globe.

    Reema: U r welcome!

  4. Watch Bucket List. Its a beautiful movie. I heard some variety of views on this movie. Most of the people do not find it upto the mark.
    But, I will see it, only for Vinay Pathak.

    Reema: Will see it after exams 🙂 Let me know how did u find Dasvidaniya after watching it.

  5. i WANNA see this and many other movies… mammmmmma…waaaaaahhhh…boo hoo hoo.. i dont get time!! 😥

    Reema: Awww! dont cry. I hope u get time soon.

  6. May be very very late, but yes will try and watch this movie.

    Your description makes this really to go for movie.

    Off lately there are not many movies that made mark, except for few like Wednesday, Fashion and Dostana. The number of movie releases per week is more compared to ones that make good stay at cinema hall.

    Reema: Did u like Dostana??? 😮 I hope Oh my God and Dil Kabaddi are good too.

    Dasvidaniya : lot heard of will be next in line for me.

  7. As promised i saw, movie yesterday.
    For some reason this low profile movie had made an impact. Liked it. I actually don’t have appetite to digest such movies. But this was good.

    The song is good. “mumma” really good!

    Reema: I’m glad u liked it!

  8. I loved this movie. After watching this I have actually been inspired to make up my own list. Such a feel good movie. I dont like movies where the hero dies in the end but I loved this one.

    Reema: Welcome to my blog! Yeah it does inspire everyone to make their bucket list! Keep visiting!

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