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Sigh! Its exam time. I have my M.E. 1st semester exams from 13 Dec. So that means Dasvidaniya from blogosphere. I may or may not post till exams are over. However I’ll surely reply to your comments. I may or may not be reading and commenting on your posts. Even if I do, then only on some posts. Rest after the exams. So before I take your leave, I want to share and know a few things about my blog. I found this website link in Sulz’s post where I got to know my blog type. So the Typealyzer says my blog is of the following type –


It also analysed my blogging mind i.e. which parts of my brain are dominant in my writing.


Interesting. My brain activity supposedly falls mainly in the practical zone and so less in the feeling zone. I think that’s not a surprise to some people. I’m very sure that I’m the only one blogger left who hasn’t tried out the PollDaddy feature of WordPress in any post yet. So I have decided to get a feedback of my blog from my readers, lurkers and visitors. Don’t worry. Your vote will remain totally anonymous. So please vote!

Blog Rating

So many readers, (65 on Google Reader itself) yet so few comments.

My Best Writings (You can choose multiple options)

Now lastly I want to spread some link love at my blog. As you can see on my blog page “Roll of Blogs” I read many types of posts in a week. So, based solely on my personal liking and opinion, I have decided to announce a “Best Post of the Week” every Sunday. My intention is just to share a very good post I may have read; with other bloggers who may not be reading that particular blog.

How do you find the idea?

I will be also giving this certificate for the same. But I am unable to choose which one is better.


Certificate 1


Certificate 2

Which one is better?

Thank you all for voting. Results will be announced in future post. You can say more in the comment space. Miss me! Dasvidaniya!

33 thoughts on “Blog Feedback

  1. actually, i haven’t tried the polldaddy feature yet. 😳 aww, why didn’t you try photofunia? your throne picture would come out great in any one of the choices they have there! πŸ™‚ anyway i thought your blog quiz thingy result sounds like you.

    this whole blurker reader thing isn’t uncommon, even i have many people who tell me they read but hardly ever leave a comment. i find that scary sometimes because it reminds me just how clueless i am about who’s reading my blog. i mean, i only know who reads if they comment or let me know that they do…

    i like the second cert better, doesn’t look so serious.

    Reema: Hey do try that feature. I didnt quite find photofunia that interesting. I think sometimes it helps not knowing who is reading our blog. I don’t want to know if any of my students reads my blog!!

  2. Would miss your posts in coming weeks Reema! Good luck in your exams. I have voted, except for “why don’t you like to comment”, because I do comment πŸ™‚

    I did the typealyzer and the results are the same as yours! The 2nd cert looks good, with the images.

    Reema: Thanks!

  3. Oho!!! Exams time!!! 😦
    Chalo Best of luck and pass with flying colors.
    And you can do posts about how your exams are going. πŸ˜›
    And I have voted in the polls. I think the certificate idea is great!!

    Reema: Thanks!

  4. exam time for me too… from dec 17th to jan 1st… unfortunately, the one on dec 27th got postponed to jan 15th… aargh!!!

    Reema: All the best!

  5. all the best for your exams.
    besides your type analyzer was interesting . had my share of this analyzer too (i will write a post on it)
    and i have voted in the polls.
    and i think only new bloggers must have not used the polldaddy feature

    Reema: Thanks!

  6. Apropos that strange SMS at Nita’s I discovered this this morning at Sify News do check it out as this looks like the origin of that : title : Bollywood Strikes Back .

    u need to paste and use the link on the main browser window on top with IE.

    Googe search bar doesnt take u to the place. the first slide is a shot of the Taj burning, the very next shot shows : Shveta Salve
    “Please send me Raj Thackeray`s number, if you can find it. I don`t know where he is when we need him. We want him to go and save Amchi Mumbai along with his MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) men. After all they are the `sons of the soil`, aren`t they? The army, the commandos who are right now battling to save Mumbai are not all Marathi Manoos, are they? I wonder why they should risk their lives for us!”

    This might have got corrupted as the journos ept circulating it. It doesnt look malicious at all just plain simple outrage as u had rightly pointed out repeatedly at Nita’s alongwith Aishish, Shefaly, Nikhil G, and somebdy else. I had posted it at Nita’s but for some reason she deleted it. But I thought people should see how and where it actually originated for themselves! Thx. All the best for ur Exams.

    Reema: Thanks!

  7. The slide show shows about a dozen celebs bytes, including Shabana, Hema, Bipasha, Arshad Warsi, Sammeer Dattani etc giving their views abt what happened.

    Reema: Ok! Wilk watch it surely.

  8. Good luck for your exams! I am sneaking in here just to vote! πŸ™‚ Take care, will wait for you to come back soon! πŸ™‚

    Reema: Thanks a lot dear!

  9. Achchhe se padhna, ok??? πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    And no, you are not the only one who had not tried Polldaddy.. I am still to use it on m y blog!! πŸ™‚

    Reema: Haan zaroor! Use polldaddy soon πŸ™‚

  10. I voted for “Your blog sucks” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    May be you shouldn’t have kept that option. πŸ˜›
    You know what, once YOU told me, ” Its my blog and I wrote what I feel, and I certainly don’t care if someone thinks it sucks!!”

    So lets see how you take the results brave girl.


    Reema: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  11. Was Blog hopping and landed here.

    Wishing you all the very best!! May you come out with flying colours!!

    Another engineer!!

    Reema: Welcome to my blog. Thanks! Keep visiting πŸ™‚

  12. Was waiting for this particular post! And no, am not surprised by the practical part of the brain working πŸ™‚
    Btw, I have not used the poll daddy feature at all. πŸ™‚
    All the best for your exams….don’t know if you need them though πŸ˜‰

    Reema: Hehehe! Thanks and I do need it!

  13. Hey best blog post is a very nice idea and liked the Certificate. This will be huge link love πŸ™‚

    Reema: Thanks! You too are spreading link love with that other blog. πŸ™‚

  14. Oh that silly blog personality test! I am an INTJ – Scientist. I had done it once before – on both blogs – from Jostamon’s blog. Time wasters R us!


    I have studiedly avoided exams after my MBA. But good luck.

    Reema: Scientist is befitting for you πŸ™‚ Thanks!

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  16. semester time it is….. 😦 ….. mine are from 12th ….. just one week to go …… btw….best of luck for the exams……

    Reema: Thanks and same to you!

  17. All the best for your exams. Did the voting. but when do we know the results?

    Reema: Thanks. Results will be out after exams. It will take time to write a post and right now I dont have time.

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