Best Commentator and Best Post

Until now we all have been receiving awards for our blogging styles and blog posts. Now there is an award for commentators (Shouldn’t it be commenters? Webster or rather WP dictionary should add it!) doing rounds in blogosphere. Apar gave it to me for being nice to her and Vishesh awarded me because in his words

“whether is a “phew!” or pointing out mistakes, she always comments”

Thanks dear Apar and Vishesh.shapeimage_5

Nice!! I love this red flower anyway! So now the rules from Apar’s post –

  • Display the Award in your page – √
  • Award them to your favorite commentators – √
  • Ask them to forward it to their favorite commentators (please do pass it forward! ) √
  • And don’t forget to link their page to their names – √

At present I have 78 subscribers to my blog feed who read my blog on Google Reader.  Of course all of them don’t comment and the number of comments on my posts are around 25-30. Like Nita, I too have a secret list of commentators whose comments I wait for after writing a post. Also the circle of commentators keeps changing. Some old readers become busy, some new readers become active, some go on vacation and miss some posts , some have exams and so on.

So I pass on this award to each and every of my readers who has ever commented on my blog and made the journey so far worthwhile.

Now for Best Post of Last Week.

I tried watching Ghajini on DVD but sadly I couldn’t make it after Asin’s entry in the movie. Her over hand movement, face expressions i.e. all the “adayein” got on my nerves.

And I just loved this post. Krish Ashok of Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa wins the best post award for his statistical and humorous review of Ghajini.


29 thoughts on “Best Commentator and Best Post

  1. You deserve this award. I also knew you would like the colour of the flower 😉 Patient, insightful & caring your comments have been! Thanks for that & hope you continue to do that.

    Have not caught Ghajini the hindi one. Saw the tamil version long long ago; did not like Asin in that , so can relate to what you are saying 🙂

    Reema: Thanks!! 🙂 I will!! Same pinch for not liking Asin!

  2. AM I in the list of your ‘secret commentators’ ??? .. Ha ha !!

    Anyways, congrats for the awards .. As I had already said billion times, u deserve each and every accolade you get !!

    Reema: Shhhh!! 🙂 Awww thanks!!

  3. Thank you very much.

    ps: What is that bird in the top-left logo doing?

    Reema: Welcome to my blog. You are most welcome. Its just a emblem sort of thing 🙂 Keep visiting!

  4. You are a very good commenter … I also noticed. Congrats for your well deserved awards 🙂
    I read more than I comment, but I realise how important commenters are to all of us bloggers.

    Reema: Thanks!! Comments are a blogger’s motivation.

  5. “I tried watching Ghajini on DVD but sadly I couldn’t make it after Asin’s entry in the movie. Her over hand movement, face expressions i.e. all the “adayein” got on my nerves.”
    That’s interesting…lol..because the only part I enjoyed in the film was when Asin entered the scene and fooled around with Aamir for some time. I thought she looked pretty good and also acted with lot of confidence.

    Reema: Ummm…I am a girl?? 😀 😉

  6. “Phew!”

    Oh, and “LOL, Good post!” 😀 😀

    Congrats, you deserve the award, Ranta! 😀

    Reema: Are you going to write “LOL, Good post!” in every comment? 😦 Thanks!

  7. That’s quite Ironical….. because most of the times I have returned to your space to see whether you have replied to me or not and more than those ‘most of times’ I find you have not, so why should I be giving a thought to your new announcement? But of course, it’s your award; you can give for whatever reasons to whomever.

    P.S. Yet, I Return…:)

    Reema : Sometimes I am late in replying to comments on my blog ..infact I have been so since 2 months as I had exams in Dec and in Jan lots of work. Sorry for that. The award is about my comments on others blogs not on mine 🙂 And I think I am regular in that at your blog 🙂

  8. ah nice.. 78 is huge..
    I think only you subscribe my blog 😀

    Anyway, a good blogger goes by the quality of posts and not by number of readers 😛

    Reema: Ah you have 34 subscribers including Renuka too 😛 😛 “a good blogger goes by the quality of posts and not by number of readers” Thats just a false consolation 😛

  9. Thank you Reema. Like you I will also have to do something similar. Secret list of favourite commentators cannot be revealed!! 🙂 Not even under torture!

    Reema: Exactly !! 😀

  10. How to know the subscribers??
    My blog worth is shown as $0. 😀

    “a good blogger goes by the quality of posts and not by number of readers” is true fact that many ‘popular’ bloggers disagree 😛

    Reema: u just need to subscribe to ur own blog’s feed and click on show details to sre how many subscribers u have.

  11. Hey this is a nice award. I think Apar gave this award to me too, but I am yet to put up a post and distribute. I am getting too lazy these days, either that or I am trying to do different things and diversify my interests. Whatever it is, be assured that I still have your posts unread in my feed reader. I am slowly and steadily catching up on all old posts and i am not going to let it go until I finish reading all of them. The highest backlog is Vishesh, followed by Nikhil, then Nita and then it is yours 🙂 But I am not going by backlog numbers, I am doing 1 post per blog… phew it is a bit difficult 🙂

    Reema: Thanks! Its ok them at your convenience. I can understand!

  12. Congratulations!!!
    If you watch Gajini till the end(which incidentally is a very difficult task), you will realize that Asin was the only sane character in the movie! 🙂
    And, I have been given three awards last week. I am so lazy that I haven’t even collected them. 😦

    Reema: Thanks!! The task of watching Ghajini was too difficult for me. Couldn’t do it 😀

  13. Lol, I wanted some adrenaline rush and some action.. toh socha let’s find a reason to fight.. Guess U weren’t interested.. Haha.. It’s perfectly fine.. What I commented before was something I do not care much about actually. But yea, I do return on few blogger’s page to see what they think of the comment I posted…. and you are right about the last line of ur reply… u r ekdum thik aachhe

    Reema: No “not interested” but I am the avoid unpleasantness on public forum type of person 😛 Tahole kono raag nei to?

  14. I know I dont always comment on the blogs I read. I read most blogs on google on my phone and then forget to come back and leave a comment. 🙂

    Reema: Its ok 🙂

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