The Mirror,Award Love and Best Post

Yippeeee!!! I am soo happy!! My blog post where I wondered that why Aishwarya was awarded Padma Shree has been mentioned in the Bloggers Park column of the Bangalore Mirror and the Mumbai Mirror newspapers. (I guess both have that section common!). Thanks to Appu for informing me and to Nikhil for being sending me the scan of the article.Here it is :-


Here are the links to the online edition :-

Mumbai Mirror

Bangalore Mirror

Apparently this year’s Padma award committee has goofed up in more than one way.

It has conferred the Padma Shri to Hashmat Ullah Khan of Jammu & Kashmir for being a master craftsman of the rare Kani shawls. But it now transpires that Khan is no craftsman. He is an exporter of shawls, who is said to be currently on a business trip abroad.

To read the whole news click here.


It feels wonderful to be popular in blogosphere and to keep receiving appreciation 🙂 I have again received some awards which I need to pass on to other deserving bloggers. Nimmy has awarded me the Lovely Blogger and the I Love Your Blog award. I have received the same from Sahaja too. Thank you dear Nimmy and Sahaja.


Now excluding the ones who have already been awarded, I pass on these awards to :-

Smita – She is a forgetful bookworm who has the prettiest blog and writes lovely posts.

Vishesh – He is a thinker and too much philosophical for his age 😛 But his blogging spirit is something I admire. He is never out of posts or creativity.

Ishmeet – He is the new kid on the block in the college and I love reading his posts about college life, friends and teachers 🙂

Suda – He gives the excuse of having work load and thinks he can get away with no posts and no comments. Listen Mister, we all have jobs and work load but yet we blog. So get back here asap. I love to read your “straight from  the heart” posts.

Deeps – I simply love to read her insightful posts on relationships and emotions. I relate so much to her posts.

I could go on but I have to leave out some bloggers to be awarded by others!!


Nita awarded me the Garland Blog award. In her words –

To me these blogs are like garlands, not just attractive, but also those which give off very positive vibes.

Thank you so much Nita!! Coming from an awesome blogger like you, it means a lot to me. Vishesh also awarded me the same.In his words –

I like the way she keeps it simple.

Thank you dear 🙂


Talking about positive vibes, I strongly believe in them. A blog’s theme, name and post titles must look attractive and interesting to me before I subscribe to it. I pass on this award to Amit, Poonam, Nikhil, Arvind, SandeepSakhi and Soham for holding my attention since so long!! 😀


Last week’s Best Post award goes to Poonam for writing a very different post from the usual posts in blogosphere.


32 thoughts on “The Mirror,Award Love and Best Post

  1. Congrats for the awards !!! ..

    At last mujhe yaad to kiya aapne !! .. Appreciate that from the bottom of my heart !!

    Reema: Thanks!! U are welcome!

  2. Okay okay I give up… I mean excuses……
    and I love to see your blog too 😀
    You keep giving me awards….. do u really think I deserve them? Well, if you are so confident then I think I should believe you 🙂

    Reema: No need to pretend to be so modest 😛 Blog now.

  3. Good going reema and congrats. I was thinking about Aish, I think it is possible that the award was conferred as a way to please Amar Singh. You know the congress owes him. Just a theory.

    Reema: Thanks! I think the same too that Amar Singh must have pulled a lot of strings to get her that award so that she will campaign for him.

  4. wow!!! Congrats, this is wonderful…guess what, I wasn’t aware of this Padmashree development. This is sad, as per me even Akshay Kumar doesn’t deserve it and the other mistake is too much. What picture we present as a nation….

    Thanks for the award 🙂 u know what I didn’t forget anything in this trip 😀 but that doesn’t mean I have improved 😉

    Reema: Thanks!! U deserve the award!

  5. Hey, Congratulations for featuring in a newspaper. And that for a view that I strongly subscribe to. I can for a sec think of Akshay getting award but Aish?? She is epitome of Indian beauty as well as inefficiency 😦

    Thank your for raining the blog awards! he he he you just made my day 😀

    Reema: Thanks!! I wonder if anyone feels Aish deserved the award except some politicians and a committee. U r most welcome!

  6. Congratulations!! Ab to Reemawati paper main bhi aa gayi!! 😛
    And Congratulations for the awards too!!
    And thankyou for passing it on to me! Something to put a smile on my face! 🙂

    Reema: Thanks!! and welcome!

  7. Congrats! 🙂
    And yes, you do deserve all the awards… Ranta Rocks! 😀
    And thanks for passing it on to me! Since I’m leading a widget-free existence, you’re OK with having to wait till a sidebar develops on my blog to see it displayed?

    Reema: Thanks!! Yup its ok 🙂

  8. I already congratulated you, right? Cuz I remember doing so! 😀

    Anyway Congrats once again. Its indeed a great achievement, we are all proud of you Reemawati !

    Reema: Yeah u did on chat 🙂 Thanks!!

  9. hey congrates for the mention in the newspaper, for the awards too!

    And thanks for the award 🙂 I know its been sooooooo long since i have been active in blog world but you make sure to remember me.. Thanks a bunch buddy! it means a lot to me! 🙂

    Reema: Thanks!! U r welcome!

  10. DAMN ME!!! Now I get to know that I was awaaaarrdedd….!!! I just havent paid any attention of my blog off late, as the yearly traunt of appraisals at work and visitors from abroad have just kept me on my toes. Yayyyy!!!! This is my firrrssttt awarrrd…Thank you Reema…!!

    And congratualtions on those articles appearing in the newspapers….that is awwweesum, you surely deserved it. Your posts are written to make that difference. Way to go Gal!!!

    Reema: U r most welcome! U deserve it! Thanks!

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