Movie Review: Luck By Chance


The Hindi film industry is estimated to be worth 2 billion USD. Its a huge industry starting from the spot boys, the crew to the stars. Its the dreamland of many strugglers who come to Mumbai with hope in their hearts to become to be the next Amitabh Bachchan. But the industry just the like the movies it produces has every element in it… happiness, love, deception , superstition, religion, friendship, emotion , drama, jealousy and sadness. The movie LUCK BY CHANCE is the portrayal of the inside story of the Hindi film industry.

The film has been written and directed by Zoya Akhtar and what a remarkable directorial debut it is! Here is my review :-

# The story – Vikram (Farhan Akhtar) is a struggler who has come all the way from Delhi to become an actor. He even gets a degree in acting from “Nand Kishore Acting School”. But he is yet to get a break. He meets Sona (Konkona Sen Sharma) who had been promised a lead role in a movie by a producer in return of “her company”. But as luck would have it, she gets rejected and Vikram lands a lead role in another movie because of her. The movie tracks the two strugglers’ lives in Bollywood.

# The performances – Farhan is going to give other actors a run for their money soon. He is the new face in Bollywood with a great body, smartness and good acting skills. He acts the part really well. Konkana is different from her usual expressions which she has been doing since Page 3. Rishi Kapoor as the film producer is awesome!! Dimple Kapadia has acted well too. Many stars have made guest appearances but those have been interwoven in the story nicely unlike Om Shanti Om.

# The music – Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy have yet again given good music. The movie has a mix of different types but good songs.

# The movie – It has good dialogues, great portrayal of characters, witty humor and is visually appealing. Zoya has captured the reality of Hindi film industry pretty well with a good story and script. The movie’s second half lacks little bit of pace. The movie could have been 15 – 20 mins shorter. But overall its an enjoyable movie and definitely worth watching once. Go and watch Luck By Chance.

30 thoughts on “Movie Review: Luck By Chance

  1. For a debut it’s not bad. But overall I found the movie slow and too long. Haven’t had time to do the review as something came up. The half written review lies in my draft folder.

    Reema: Yes it is little slow.

  2. Zoya did a good job as a debutant, no doubt it .. Even though I found the movie little slow and stretched at times ..

    Farhan was good as always .. He is lambi race ka ghoda .. KOnkana looked fat .. I mean, really very very fat .. She needs to work on that .. She is a brilliant actor but she also should look presentable on screen .. I guess over-confidence that she has .. Others were good too but I loved the little cameo of Shahrukh .. He really teaches a great leson of life .. Never forget those who were with you when u were a struglger, failure or a rag ..

    Reema: Umm..She didn’t look so much fat to me. SRK rules!

  3. Now reading your review and Nita’s comment, I am confused to watch or not to watch!

    i think I shall go and give it a shot, Farhan Akhtar should make it worthwhile! 😉

    Reema: Oh I am sure Nita too would recommend watching it once atleast!!

  4. You know I love most of the star cast of this one and I want to see this. Will, hopefully this weekend.

    And Farhan is simply too good in whatever he does…

    Reema: Hope u like it!

  5. Oh I have heard of good things about the movie too. I do hope to catch this movie this weekend. I also read someone mentioning that Anurag Kashyap was fantastic in the movie in his small role! Is it?

    Reema: All the cameos were nice!

  6. Heard that it is typical Bolly movie but made with heart. People are surely going gaga over Farhan and I think it is time we see some actual actors instead of stars.

  7. The movie was just ok..Nothing new and interesting..At times,at was looking at the watch wondering why isn’t this ending..

    I wonder how can an actress ,in an aspiring actress role be so fat..Konkana is as fat as a pillow and there is no charm in her face..I have always liked here,but she looks bad in this movie..

    Farhan is also just ok..Nothing special to be noted..Yeah,of course he fits o the role,as a struggling actor-which he is.His acting is just avergae,his body is just average..Far better was the girl who is Dimple’s daughter( i don’t know her name)..She shows more expressions than Farhan..

    But the ending scene,where Konkana walks into new life-yup,that indeed great and the dialogues then are reallt touchy..Overall,i would just give 2/5 🙂

    Reema: I don’t know why but I didnt find her that fat!!

  8. Witty dialogues (Javed), Tight script (Zoya) and Stealer of a performance (Farhan) makes the Akhtar family the most talented family of Hindi Film Industry.

    However, the real star of the movies apart from of course Zoya are Rishi and Konkona. Farhan has long way to go to reach their stature.

    I loved LBC too and have my review written after watching it first day first show. I am waiting for the permission to get it posted on my blog.

    Short yet nice..

    Reema: Rishi was really wonderful! Thanks!

  9. I found the movie enjoyable but not remarkable. I like Farhan, but don’t think Konkona is great. But she is a competent actress, of course. You almost gave the whole story away, Reema! 🙂

    Reema: Umm really? There is a lot more that happens after that. I have just given the outline of story. 🙂

  10. I guess this movie is spoken in Hindi. So I’m out, in case it arrives here. I am interested in Mumbay’s movie industry and dreamland of would-be stars. Ashish was saying there is also a lot of films in the Marathi language, and that his mother has a good collection, but I imagine the Hindi production is bigger.

    Reema: Yes a typical Hindi movie has a budget of around 5 million dollars.

  11. PS
    I like to watch MarathiTube, by the way, where I can see people, dances, songs. Everything is colourful. I know you are from Delhi. No DelhiTube or similar overthere?

    My regards

    Reema: No I am not from Delhi!! I am from a place called Bhilai in the state of Chattisgarh in India.

  12. hey Reema

    Good review, am yet to write mine… thot something similar to what you’ve expressed!!!!:)

    Farhan is getting better with each movie

    Reema: Thanks!! yes he is!

  13. I havnt read any reviews on LBC, though all of them are positive. Will be back once I watch it; probably this weekend.

    @ Oxy : waiting for permission? for your blog? Let me guess, you had written an article on LBC for PFC and you are waiting to get it published there, right?

    Reema: Waiting for your review!

  14. My friend told me, that if I didn’t like fashion then I may not like this movie as it has a similar plot…so I thought I may not really be missing out on anything!!!!

    Reema: You can give it a shot.

  15. I thought the movie was a little over-hyped. It was well directed, yes, but the story was nothing radically different. Definitely worth a watch for Farhan Akhtar though 😀

    Reema: Yes nothing extraordinary but still worth watching once atleast!

  16. I thought I’d read somewhere you were from Delhi. I have checked about Bhilai in the wiki. It seems a nice town, not too big (500,000 inhabit.), cosmopolitan and with high education, and the language seems similar to Hindi.I think it is nice to live in a place like that. Big cities are less human in my view. I love Rome, but 3-4 millions are really too much sometimes. But you still didn’t tell me of there is a HindiTube lol 🙂

    Reema: I have no idea about Hinditube. I dont think there is one!!

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