Movie Reviews: Bedtime Stories and Marley & Me


Bedtime Stories :- Adam Sandler (Skeeter Bronson) works at a hotel as a repair guy and dreams of becoming the hotel manager one day. His sister played by Courtney Cox goes to look for a new job, leaving her son and daughter with Adam. Adam in his attempt to get along well with his niece and nephew, starts telling them bedtime stories just like his father used to do for him. But the fun begins when these stories start coming true in real life.

It is  an entertaining family movie with comedy and little fantasy. Adam Sandler was his usual self. It was nice to see Courtney after so many days even if in a small role. The concept is new and presented nicely. One time watch for people who enjoy short, funny and feel good Disney movies and for kids under parental guidance.


Marley & Me :- John Grogan (Owen Wilson) and his wife Jenny (Jennifer Aniston) are two reporters who move to Florida and get jobs  in two different newspapers. When John realizes that Jenny is thinking about having a child, he gets a Labrador puppy instead on the advice of his friend and colleague Sebastian (Eric Dane).  But the cute new born puppy turns out be a naughty, out of control and incorrigible dog. Or as John puts it “The world’s worst dog”. But is he that bad? Should the couple leave him because he is hard to handle?

Its a story of a couple becoming a family, a story of their marriage, career ambitions, sacrifices, emotions and above all love that binds it all. Jennifer has acted better than Owen. The story is simple without any twists or suspense. The humor is there only in the first half.  Basically its all emotional drama. It is a touching family movie and a must watch for those who have pets or love dogs.

16 thoughts on “Movie Reviews: Bedtime Stories and Marley & Me

  1. I have been waiting to watch Marly and Me.

    I longback saw Owen Wilson’s I, Me and Duprey. Somehow names are similar, it was also a family story.

    Reema: I haven’t heard of the movie. Do watch Marley and me!

  2. Cool quick reviews 🙂 Short N Sweet…I want to watch Marley N Me…

    BTW Saw LBC and loved it…am still laughing at “Chiffon Saree main Croc” 😀

    Reema: Thanks!! Glad u liked LBC!

  3. I loved the trailer for Bedtime stories. I like Adam Sandler movies he is different and his story throws a message usually. Will need to watch it sometime.

    Reema: Sandler is fine but not in every movie. I couldn’t watch Dont mess with Zohan after ten mins!

  4. I saw Marley & Me preview when we took daughter to see Madagascar 2. It looked interesting.

    Adam Sandler is a funny guy who doesn’t have to try hard. Years ago on a karaoke night I had to sing his ‘ode to my car’. I was so embarrassed and that’s the first time I heard his name.

    Reema: Adam is fine in comedy but now his roles have become repetitive.

  5. I am done with Adam and his usual stuff. I saw his ‘You don’t mess with Zohan’ and I was pissed at what the guy has turned himself into. So no more Adam until it’s something exceptional.

    Marley & Me, This I wish to catch up very soon but as I read ur last line.. I LOLed.. No pets, and Don’t love dogs but then u said ‘must watch’ for them, I will watch it for Jennifer.

    Btw, quite a coincidence na.. Courtney’s and Jennifer’s movies get reviewed in single post…:)

    Reema: Oh u saw that movie. I couldnt continue after 10 mins!! I have the same notion about Adam. I watch only when I know its a good one after reading reviews. Glad u noticed..i wanted to review these two movie together for that reason. I am a FRIENDS fan!

  6. Hey Reema…

    Very Gud posts…. Keep inking ur thoughts…

    From where and how did u added the links like Free Rice, Fund books for kids, etc..?

    I thought of putting this in my blog, so that at least by this way we can help those needy people…

    Reema: Welcome to my blog. Thanks!! The code for adding them is given in the site. Just click on the ones u want. Keep visiting!

  7. Nice reviews. I haven’t seen both of them. Is Bedtime Stories similar to the Adam Sandler’s flick, “Night at the museum?”

    Keep Blogging!

    Reema: Thanks!! Night at the museum starred Ben Stiller not Adam Sandler. Both have different stories.

  8. This was a F.R.I.E.N.D.S special review! 🙂
    Seriously, I am getting obsessed with the series! I’ll watch them for the “Friends” stars.

    Reema: Welcome to the club!!

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