Movie Review:Billu


I know the word Barber has been dropped from the movie name but I couldn’t find a poster without it in Google Images. Moreover I did not see any insult of barbers in the name or movie. One more point before I review the movie point wise.

The story is supposed to be based in Budbuda village in Uttar Pradesh. And the movie opens with a scenery similar to this


On route to Vizag

And that is not U.P. Uttar Pradesh doesn’t have palm trees as far as I know. Google told me the movie has been filmed in Pollachi which is near Coimbatore. I think the director Priyadarshan needs to make the location of story as real as possible.Anyway, now for the review:-

# The story :- Bilas Rao Pardesi (Irrfan Khan) aka Billu is a barber in a remote village. He is poor but he has his head and heart at the right place. His family consists of his pretty wife (Lara Dutta) and two kids. On the other hand there is the superstar Sahir Khan who is rich and famous. Billu’s life takes a dramatic turn when Sahir Khan comes to his village for a film shoot because apparently Sahir Khan is Billu’s childhood friend. But is he really or is Billu bluffing?

I have not seen the original (Malayalam) and the remake (Tamil) so I cant compare the re-remake with those two. For the Hindi movie (not version) I can say the story is simple yet effective and well executed. It may be a disappointment for the masses who expect a masala movie from King Khan and Red Chillies Entertainment. Maybe that is why it is not doing good business.

# The actors :- Irrfan Khan has acted well as usual. I like his natural acting style. Lara Dutta also looks rustic enough and has acted fine but I feel a more earthy looking actress would have been better…someone like Vidya Balan maybe? Shahrukh Khan is pleasing and doesn’t go overboard in the climax scene unlike most of his movies. (I am a SRK fan but I just can’t bear his typical overacting and shaking head) Shahrukh Khan’s occasional digs at the film industry made his character more realistic. Rest of the actors have suited their roles well except the rival barber. Who is that guy? I have seen him in other movies and I detest him. Is he some famous South Indian actor? Maybe that’s why Priyadarshan has taken him in this movie. I would like a change of actors in Priyadarshan’s next movie. The cast kept reminding me of  the movie Malamaal Weekly.

# The music :- The songs are well woven in the story but tend to be a bit long. The music is average, nothing memorable.

# The movie :- The suspense is well maintained till the end. The director has captured the frenzy of simple villagers about a movie star quite well. Overall the movie was good, emotionally touching and funny. Worth watching once without any expectations of the glitz and glamour offered by Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om; both movies from the same production house.

P.S. The movie even has a website Check it out for some fun stuff.

25 thoughts on “Movie Review:Billu

  1. Good review Reema. I have seen the Malayalam one and liked it.

    That climax speech is the best part of the film.

    “The cast kept reminding me of the movie Malamaal Weekly.”

    Exactly. Priyadarshan has this problem of repeating a set of actors and also some of his cheap jokes. He also almost never gives credit to original story writers or makers and a reason why Malayalam film industry has banned him for a long time.

    Heard that there is some crude joke which Om Puri says. I don’t know why Om Puri is reduced to playing such characters.

    Reema: Thanks!! Yes there is a crude joke by Om Puri. I too wonder why does he do all these roles now?

  2. I saw the movie last Saturday, and I really did not like it at all.

    The songs were fine, but then after two its kinda repetitive. The comedy scenes also lose their flavour as I felt, the same kind of jokes were being said and the comic factor in the else normal dialogues were also losing their impact through the length of the movie.

    Too much SRK ! And I am no fan of SRK 😦

    Reema: Oops!! I did not find it all that bad.

  3. I would recommend this movie too. Its a simple story and the climax is awesome. I was scared if Priyan would spoil the original version like how he does usually. But he has been faithful to an extent; those item numbers are still uncalled for. You are right about Lara, they shouldve chose another actress and even her make up and costumes couldve been realistic. SRK, after a long time has ‘acted’ 😀

    The guy who acted as the rival barber is Jagadeesh, a famous mallu character/comedy actor. He acted as the servant at Paresh Rawals home in Hungama, remember??? Incidentally, he did the same role in the malayalam original too.

    @ Poonam : Go for it. I am sure you would love Irfan and the climax scene.

    Reema: Oye!! SRK has acted in Chak De too! Do u like Jagadeesh??

  4. will surely skip this movie..
    still so many on ‘to watch’ list!

    and srk, no overacting?! 😀
    songs from this movie itself shows how much over he has done 😛

    Reema: Songs require dancing not acting!! Trust me he has not overacted!

  5. the original Malayalam movie, was a huge success here … let us see how the Hindi remake performs with Priyan touch 😀

    Reema: The movie doesnt seem to do well!

  6. havn’t seen the movie yet …. was waiting for reviews …. I have decided not to watch any bollywood movie until I read some reviews (CC2C forced me to do so 😦 )

    Reema: CC2C was horrible. U can watch this one.

  7. I intentionally skipped this one..

    Vidya Balan? Pls yaar Lara ko rehne do, she looks convincing enough, if not then Divya Dutta but pls no Vidya.. .She is the most overrated one..

    Reema: Why did you skip this one? Ok Divya hi sahi!

  8. Good review Reema!

    I’ve seen its “mallu” version and had liked it. It’s released in Kochi so would try to see it on Saturday. Hope to get the ticket.

    Keep Blogging!

    Reema: Thanks!!

  9. I really liked this movie a lot! My internet connection connection was off at the time so didn’t do a review. In fact I missed all of you during that time! It’s going to take a while to visit all my blog friends!

    Reema: Heyy welcome back!! I missed u too!

  10. hmm …
    this movie came in tamil and malayalam too before ..
    there it was a hit i suppose. .
    anyway i am not planning to watch this or any onther movie 🙂

    Reema: No movies??? Already a rat in the rat race??

  11. can this image pleased be used for a video to be put onto youtube, if this is used then i will definately keep the name of the website on youtube

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