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Music is an integral part of Bengali culture. Almost every Bengali girl in Kolkata learns singing. The older generations (and all the Non-Bengali persons I have come across and who were familiar about Bengali culture) actually expect every Bong girl to know how to sing “Robindro Songeet” but all of us DON’T know!! And then we are looked down upon for being “Probashi” (Out of state residents) and for being contrary to Bengali culture. Anyway that is another long story. Let me quote Wikipedia to explain what is Robindra Songeet.

Rabindra Sangeet also known as Tagore Songs in English, is a form of music composed by Rabindranath Tagore who added a new dimension to the musical concept of India in general and Bengal in specific. The Rabindrasangeet, which deal with varied themes are immensely popular and form a foundation for the Bengali ethos that is comparable to, perhaps even greater than, that which Shakespeare has on the English-speaking world. It is said that his songs are the outcome of 500 years of literary & cultural churning that the Bengali community has gone through.

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So I was tagged by Nimmy, Harsha and Destination Infinity to list slow melodious and soulful songs in Bengali and Hindi. When cable TV had not taken over our entertainment time and options, my parents used to listen to Bengali songs on the cassette player. I only liked a few out of those just based on the way they sounded. My knowledge in Rabindra Sangeet, other forms of Bengali music and songs is negligible so I may not be able to answer your queries in comments. Here are my favorite Bengali melodious and soulful songs.

# Maya Bono Biharini

# Aamar Raat Pohalo

# Ami Chini Go Chine Tomare (Rabindra Sangeet)

#  Jibon Khatar Proti Patay (My Dad keeps humming this a lot)

# Purano Sei Diner Kotha (Rabindra Sangeet)

Now for the Hindi melodious and soulful songs. Just click the name to see the linked video.

# Tum Pukar Lo

# Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh (subtitled)

# Tu Pyar Ka Saagar Hai

# Na Tum Hame Jaano

# Jaane Wo Kaise Log The

# Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam

# Mera Kuch Saaman

# Koi Ye Kaise Bataye

# Hothon Se Chu Lo Tum

# Tere Bina Zindagi Se

# Tere Khat

# Mere Saaya Saath Hoga

# Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai

Edited to add :-I tag these people to list such slow, melodious and soulful songs in two languages out of which they can choose the second one.

# Deep (Bengali and …..)

# Poonam (Hindi and ….)

# MoR (Italian and …..)

# Dinesh (Tamil and ….)

# Vee (Kannada and …..)

# Xylene (Malayali and …)

# Suda (Marathi and ….)

# Soham (Gujrati and ….)


Last week’s Best Post award goes to my blog namesake’s author What’sinaname i.e. WIAN of My Random Thoughts for her post I for Inkpot


40 thoughts on “Bengali and Hindi Songs Tag

  1. Have heard all the hindi songs and most of the Bong songs (thanks to my dad who did his BE & ME at Durgapur and knows Bengali fluently…)

    Reminds me, Vishesh tagged me on this one! Got to do it!

    Reema: Wow!! Bengali is an easy language to learn. Do the tag asap!

  2. Most of those Bengali songs just went whizzing above my head 🙂 The Hindi collection mentioned here in the post is really good. Thanks!

    Keep Blogging!

    Reema: I am glad u liked my choices!

  3. I have listened to the Bengali Songs. My favorites are Amar Raat Pohalo and the two Ravindra Sangeet. (I was not aware of a genre called Ravindro Sangeet before!) So, are these songs written by him or why is the name so?

    You could have given us more choices in the Bengali section.

    Destination Infinity

    Reema: Read the hyper linked Wikipedia article 🙂 Yes he wrote and composed the music if the songs. Oh I didnt as the post would have got too long.

  4. I am listening to the old songs in Hindi for the first time! (I was introduced to Bollywood music and movies only from around ’92/’93). I have been mentioning three of my favorite songs in other tags – but with this old hindi music section, I am not able to shortlist on just three. I liked Ajeeb dastan hai yeh, Jaane woh kaise log hai, Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam, mera kuch saaman, koi yeh kaise bataye, honton se chulo thum, Ek pyaar ka nagma hai. Wow that’s seven. I wish someone could digitally re-record the older songs, where the volume and quality is not very good. But I have taken that into account. Thank you so much for doing this tag!

    Destination Infinity

    Reema: First time really??? The old songs are evergreen and gems of Hindi songs. I enjoyed doing the tag!

  5. Aha!!!! That’s a nice list…

    Ur hindi songs list has quite a many of my fav one’s as well. Specially “Tere Bina Zindagi Se” 🙂

    Congrats WIAN 😀

    Reema: Thanks!

  6. No idea about the Bengali songs, but planning to listen to it from office tomorrow. Our office has finally unblocked youtube..yeyy…

    Among the Hindi songs, I have heard most of them and they are indeed melodious, my fav ones – Tum Pukar lo and Tere Bina Zindagi.

    and Congratssss to WIAN.

    Reema: Ok do listen to them. The music is so soothing.

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  8. I am amazed by the sweetness and the variety of all these songs! I especially loved the black and white Bengali songs, so refined and pure (Maya Bono Biharini most of all). They seem to come from a society where feelings were still unblemished and pure, and they remind me of the Roman songs of my infancy. But there are differences. Roman songs were a bit crass sometimes. Also the high-pitched voices of the women singers: they seem to me distinctive of oriental songs. We seldom hear here in the west women go so high in pitch. This makes the music follow you everywhere when one travels in India, because even from a distance you can hear these high-pitched sounds that resemble the chirps of birds from paradise. So many souvenirs … A wonderful list of links Reema!

    Reema: Thanks! I m glad u enjoyed the songs and so happy to see your appreciation of songs and music alien to you.

  9. These Rabindra Sangeet are amazing. I checked and I now know they have developed into a big musical school. I wish I could understand the words, but the music I hope to understand a bit. I had read something by Tagore many years ago, I was hit by the depth and spiritualism shown in his poems, and I knew his importance in literature, although not in music. I feel like getting back to his works, also because I now know two people from the Bengali culture, I’ll admit lol.

    I have focused on Bengal now. This great historical region of Northeast India. Pity now it is split in two and I regret not having been to Calcutta, but my wife has, a only a few years ago. She loved it, together with our German friend Wolfgang.

    Reema: I’m flattered to hear so much praise about Bengal 🙂

  10. Lovely choice of Bangla Songs! 🙂 I love “purano shei”. Do you know it was inspired by the Scottish poem Auld Lang Syne?

    Reema: Thanks! No I didnt

  11. Thanks for doing the tag..It was intersting to read about Robindro Sangeet..Isn’t india a beautiful place with beautiful cultures(yeah,some of them weird too)..Will listen to bengali songs for sure-after some time…

    Good day

    Reema: It was a nice tag!!

  12. @Nomad

    Is ‘Purano shei’ by Tagore too? And might this be because of some Scottish influence on India? I did read somewhere that many British officials in India were of Scottish origin and that this has a bit influenced the Indian English, a recognized variety of the English language (the way of rolling the R’s etc.). But maybe this has nothing to do with Tagore. I’m just playing with my memories trying to find connections lol

  13. Nice list! 🙂 I mean the Hindi ones. I have no idea about Bengali songs. in fact all i can speak in Bengali is “ki khobar” wch is used quite often by my frnd while talkin to his gf over phone 😛

    Reema: Thanks!! LOL 😀

  14. Oops and look at me, the ever-late-lateef 😦
    I am so so so honoured for this award, Reema! Now I am all energised and itching to write! You have given me a new boost 🙂 Thanks a ton, and a big big hug to you!
    About the Bangla songs, I have no idea. The only songs I know are Ekla Chalo re and Dola re dola thanks to my school 🙂 On Hindi songs, am with you on each and every one of them. My special favourite is Hothon se choolo…. wow you have me humming now!

    Reema: U r most welcome!!

  15. Ok, this is the second tag I accept (the first one was from PoonamSharma) so I’ll soon present some traditional songs from the Roman (which is 80% Italian) and the Neapolitan repertoires. Since the Neapolitan language is farther from Italian than Roman, I think I comply with Reema’s rules. 🙂

    I hope Ashish will not get upset because I didn’t accept any of his tags 🙂 🙂

    Reema: Thanks!!

  16. Effing #’s. 😐

    I made a post which has many songs [you can guess :P] so even I have done the tag. 😛

    ManofRoma: Boo! And you still have to accept any of mine! 👿

    Reema: LOL 😀

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  20. Hi! Landed here from another blog and couldn’t help but compliment you on your choice of songs, both Bengali and Hindi. It was nice to catch Jeeban Khatar proti pataei, ami chini go chini, and mayabono biharini – really enjoyed them. Thanks 🙂

    Reema: Welcome to my blog! Thanks!! Glad u liked them Keep visiting!

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  23. Gone are the days when we had those melodious hindi songs. Now a days we only have these stupid fusion songs which only sound good in car sterios. I think commercialism has totally destroyed indian music.

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  26. Awesome list….Most of these songs rank among my favs too…. Interestingly, Panchamda had earlier composed Tere Bina Zindagi In bengali… Here’s the bengali version-

    Also one of my fav all time song ‘ajeeb Dastaan’ had its origins in this english song by Jim Reeves ‘My lips are sealed’

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