The MovieManiax Awards – 2008

The movie awards this year, be it the 81st Academy Awards or the 15th Star Screen Awards or the 54th Filmfare Awards, have been disappointing. Though Slumdog Millionaire may be a good movie yet I think it didn’t deserve the Oscar for best picture. Similarly a wonderful movie like A Wednesday did not get a single award at Filmfare Awards.  Jodha Akbar wasn’t that bad maybe but I don’t think it deserved the Best Film award at both Star Screen and Filmfare. Hrithik won for Best Actor when Nasseruddin Shah gave an awesome performance in A Wednesday? Then we have winners like Tusshar Kapoor for Best Actor in Comic Role for his “wonderful” comedy in Golmaal Returns!! I found the movie “One Two Three” funnier than Golmaal Returns and Arshad Warsi’s comedy a lot better in “Sunday”.

A  blogger like us, Vee got irked by the obvious unfairness of the awards and decided to ask the public for their verdict. He came up with the idea of conducting the people’s own movie awards – the MovieManiax Awards 2008.


The MovieManiax Awards is an initiative to honor the best of Hindi Cinema. Being the first year of it’s running, the categories are limited and we have not ventured into the technical awards. The nominations under the categories have been discussed, scrutinized and finally arrived on conclusion by a team of Bloggers. The rationale behind the nominations was to bring in the best irrespective of Box-Office status. And now it’s up to you fellow Bloggers to have your voice counted to decide the deserving one. Please participate in this endeavor and spread the word amongst the fellow Bloggers and non-bloggers; basically anyone who has access to internet.


The Brain :- Vee

The Brawn :- Poonam, Reema, Smita, Varun and Vimal.

Creative Consultant: Magik

Awards Badge Designer: Dev

Publicist: Nikhil

Judges :- All of you readers, bloggers, Internet surfers.

The Nominations are finalized and polls will be live shortly. Meanwhile, we are looking for support from all of you in making this a success. Do spread the word. And before you forget, please bookmark the Award Site, Click here.

Join ‘The MovieManiax Awards’ group on Facebook and pledge a vote. Click Here.

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The MovieManiax Awards – 2008 – Vee

29 thoughts on “The MovieManiax Awards – 2008

  1. hmmm.. I didnt watched a single hindi film last year.. so only thing I can do is spread the word.. I will do that 🙂

    Reema: Not a single one???

  2. We are badly in need of such awards….

    Yest I was thinking that do people really fill that filmfare form and send it across or the awards are fixed!!!

    Wed and Aamir going unrecognised makes my blood boil….it is all about money and making eachother happy…humph!!!!

    Let’s make this endeavour a succes…

    Reema: Yeah!!

  3. Maine to hum logon ka naam apne post se uda diya! 😛

    And I like your poster better than mine. Veen never showed me this one. 😦

    Reema: Ohh mujhe bhi aisa karna chahiye kya?

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  5. Great initiative. I agree that Jodha Akbar quite didn’t really deserve it either! Will be there to vote! 🙂

    Reema: Thanks! yes do vote!

  6. Interesting idea! Something like the peoples awards I guess. However I thought Hritik deserved the best actor award. He was awesome in that film! But best film…no.
    Will definitely vote. It will be interesting to see the results.

    Reema: Yes do vote!

  7. finally someone who found slumdog mediocre! except the music and irfan’s acting, there is not much to write home bout..

    Reema:welcome to my blog. It was not mediocre. It was good but not the best! Keep visiting

  8. nice initiative …. A Wednesday was a good one .. it made me start watching good movies again, when I was going away from movies…

    Reema:It was all Vee’s idea!

  9. Reema, just saw the nominations list on the awards blog site. I posted my comment there too, but I guess it got lost there somewhere. Iam posting it again here:

    I respect and appreciate the fact that you guys have taken an initiative to honor perhaps more deserving films, which were either left out at major awards this year or didnt get their complete due. Iam sure that all of you have only fairness in mind while selecting best films.
    But, Iam afraid that this sentiment alone is not enough. Because, you guys are falling into the same trap which you are accusing others to be in. The whole premise of your awards is that because few people decide awards such as Filmfare etc and public voting is not fair there, you guys will be more fair by involving people on blogosphere without any cheating. Ok..fair enough..but, dont you guys think that by selecting just few films only (nominations) on your own, the very bias and unfairness you guys dont want, is already there? I mean 5-6 people among themselves, and that too simple movie buffs, are not enough to decide best 5 films out of possibly atleast 15-20 successful and liked films of last year.
    I strongly feel that for these awards to be really fair, there should be public voting first to even decide top 5 nominations out of possibly 15-20 top films selected by you guys. Second, and equally important, you guys should make sure to the hilt that online voting is really fair and controlled. I mean, if one person is voting 10 times and you cannot catch that, the whole purpose is lost.
    Just my two cents and good luck!

    Reema:Your comment has been duly replied by Poonam at the MM blog

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