25 Random Things and Best Post

Eye-in-sty-in tagged me to do the infamous 25 Random Things tag which  everyone seems to be doing on Facebook. [Here is a funny video on that] Apparently someone brought that tag in blogosphere.

So here goes….

1. I have very low tolerance for any sort of chilli in food.But I don’t like bland food either.

2. I am very possessive about my stuff and I don’t like borrowers except my loved ones.

3. Few months back I bought Chandamama Collector’s Edition. This collection features some of the most memorable stories in the last 60 years. Yup! I like Chandamama even now. 🙂

4. I have seen the Hindi dubbed Korean series “Blood Stained Intrigue” 4 times, one run after another on Home TV channel, which used to rerun a series just after its end.

5. I have quite a bit of OCD 🙂

6. I love Monica the most among all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters.

7. I had once boarded the wrong train. I realized it when someone else was sitting on my reserved seat. Thankfully the train went to the same destination where I was going.

8. I have fallen terribly ill twice in my life yet.

9. This is the Upper Lake of Bhopal. But in summer 90%  of it dries up and I have actually walked the earth after all the water had gone.The experience was awesome.


10. I miss Bhopal and the fun part of my hostel life spent there.

11. Just like Joey of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I don’t like sharing my food.

12. Nothing cheers me up better than shopping for clothes and watching animation movies.

13. I have had a ghostly experience once.

14. I love playing Scrabble on Facebook and all the Hidden Object games on computer.

15. I took the personality test at this site and this is my result.


Apparently I am an ISTJ.

ISTJs are responsible, loyal and hard working. They have an acute sense of right and wrong and work hard at preserving established norms and traditions. Because of their deep sense of duty they are dedicated to everything they do and are very dependable. ISTJs care deeply for those closest to them.

16. I am an ex- television addict. And no, I am not a Web 2.0 addict. 😉

17. I love balloons. I have actually cried over losing a balloon once when I lived in hostel in my final year B.E.

18. This is how I would have looked if I was a vigilante.


You can make yours at this site.

19. Apparently I am going to die on 31 December 2053 as per this prediction.

20. I really want to visit Egypt one day.

21. Blogging is one of the best things that have happened in my life.

22. My face had been featured once on HT Bhopal Live in their random “Face in the Crowd” section.

23. I love my sister the most among all the people in my life.

24. I have a weakness for sweet foods but I dislike chocolates.

25. I had received an anonymous love letter in class 8. 🙂

Now I tag Vishesh, Vimal and any one else who is interested in doing the tag 🙂


Last week’s Best Post goes to RuSh.Me for her beautiful post titled “A to Z of the Emotional World


29 thoughts on “25 Random Things and Best Post

  1. Chandamama Collector’s Edition 🙂

    Hindi dubbed Korean series – Good Lord 🙂

    Dude, you can’t be bit, of an OCD.

    Egypt – 🙂

    ghostly experience..more, Please.

    Reema: In the next post! 🙂

    • @Chirag : Don’t worry, even I was crazy about that Korean series!

      Reema, its the same one right? The one which came on Home tv? And even I had a ghostly experience once. I would like to know yours. Generally people don’t believe you when you tell them…
      And you can point out your Best FRIENDS character? I can’t. I love all of them! 😀

      Reema: Many such series used to come on Home TV. I will surely tell about my experience in some post.

  2. Why do I feel this impulse to eat a bite of (or few bites of) whatever is on your plate? Because I am the only one allowed to get away with it 🙂
    Nice post, it brought back many many memories 🙂

    Reema: Thanks 🙂

  3. have very low tolerance for any sort of chilli in food.But I don’t like bland food either.

    LOL tat is me too.. !!

    I have a weakness for sweet foods but I dislike chocolates.

    And this is not me!! LOL..I luv chocos! Good one!

    Reema: Thanks!!

  4. Reema, cheater kahin ki, ghost experience ka teaser deke yahan pur bulaya that..and not a single more word about it!! Aur ismein se bahut saari batein mujhe pata thi…aur kya yeh death prediction site pur jaati rehto ho!

    Interesting post 😀

    Reema: Ghost story in the next post! 🙂 Aree wo bahut pehle gayi thi ek baar. Just thought of putting it here as a random thing. Thanks

  5. I loved Chandamama and still do but haven’t read one in a long time. I come close to Monica in being a clean freak. I am with you on shopping and food. I play scrabble online and at home.

    Now details about ghost story. 🙂

    Reema: In the next post! 🙂

  6. 3. Im a big fan of Tinkle. May be we should trade books. What say???

    6. I guessed so ;P

    11. Somewhat similar.

    20 & 21. Same here

    Vee has tagged for some 129 questions, but I think I should take this up myself. Talk about digging ones own grave 😀

    Reema: I have lots of TINKLE too. Suicide!

  7. So neat? U shud have left that teacher-giri wala make-up here at least.. hehe..:).. Kidding, pls don’t beat me. 😦

    No.9 – Really? AWESOME.

    Btw, good news for u.. Predicted Death Date: 28 august 2028 (Mine)

    Reema: Kya neat?? Samjhi nahi.

  8. Share that Ghostly experience na…

    And u know what? I love balloons like anything…in college I was known for crying for them 😉

    Sweet post..nice to know some more about u…

    And yes, Facebook has scrabble??? Where n how do i feind it??

    Reema: In the next post! 🙂 Awww same pinch! Thanks! Search in applications.

  9. FIRST What kind of ghostly experience!? Please tell us.

    If you don’t eat chilli in food ghosts don’t get scared of you, I love chili so no ghost experiences :))

    I took that test too, and I was INFP.
    Did you read Parag also? Chandamama was banned at our place after my mom saw me checking for ghosts under the bed …
    What kind of terrible illness?

    LOL@ anonymous love letter in class VIII!! So cute!

    Loved reading this tag … all the little snippets about you.. and of course like you I love my cat and my sister, and blogging! And I hate chocolates too.

    Reema: In the next post! 🙂 Parag? No I read only the ones that had English editions. Yeyyy! U hate chocs too!

  10. Hi Reema… Here you go compleleting the tag at my behest ! Thanks!

    Does that mean I can make more fun of you than others 😉

    I liked the opening of Vikram and betal! … “Dark was the nighe and wierd(?) was the atmosphere…!”

    lol @ monica-like and the joey-trait!
    The vigilante character really rocks! (no… seriously!) lolz

    Same pinch on 7 and 12 (animation part)

    How cool is walking on a lake!

    Reema: It was fun doing the tag 🙂

  11. Oh!..That’s a pleasant surprise!!!
    Thanks for awards… My first!!!

    “Probably I still have that stash of Chandamama, Nandan, Balhans at my parent’s home.. They have my instructions not to mess up with it!!”

    “Oh, Bhopal..Quite near to Indore, my hometown!!!” 😀

    “Myself a TV addict till school…College life got me out of it!!”

    “LOL.. I got 2 Kilos of “vaghbakri tea” for featuring in the similar section of an Indore English Daily!! ” 😦

    I have been tagged for a similar tag on FB..but i have been escaping it..since last week..TIME TO GET UP FOR IT!!

    Reema: U deserved it! Yeah college life did the same to me. Vaghbakri chai LOL

  12. I have this tag pending

    The person to whom you have awarded the best post says ‘9 out of 10 people like chocolates and the 10th person is lying’ 🙂

    Reema: Yeah! But Geeta ki kasam I do!

  13. Chandamama … really !!!
    I was a ‘Nandan’ reader during my childhood days 🙂 and I loved ‘Suman Sourabh’.
    I think i should start playing scrabble on Facebook !

    nice list 🙂

    Reema: Heyyyy! How r u?? Welcome back. Thanks!

  14. arey mast hai tera to!! 🙂 BHOOTTTTT!!!! 😯 Really???

    🙂 🙂

    And i dont agree to your not being an addict to web 😛 😛

    Reema: Story in next post. People tend to disagree but Geeta ki kasam sachhi!

  15. ……loved ones…. Plz publish a list for our reference. Or circulate it privately 😀

    ……….Face in the crowd…….. 😛 Our local newspapers generally pick ugliest girl in photo and encircle her face 😀 Well I don’t have any idea about HT Bhopal Live though. 😛

    Please note: I am joking!!! Killing the person who jokes about you is strictly prohibited!! 😀

    Reema: @#$@* Grrrrrrrrr

  16. Good to know you a little more Reema. And yeah, please do visit Egypt. Everyone has to, at least once in their life. And I like Monica too! 🙂

    Reema: Yeyyy! same pinch!

  17. A nicely done tag! It’s really nice to know more about you.

    Maybe you should tell us the ghost story!!

    I’ve tried in vain and I even used to be called the “bhoot hunter” in college 🙂

    Keep Blogging!!

    Reema: Thanks!! Yes I will tell the story.

  18. You like Monica?? Omg!! First person I know saying that!! Are you like her? 😉
    You get the nerve on your forehead when you’re angry? Haha.

    I’m completely opposite to you on point 24.
    I hate sweet food but i LOVE chocolates!

    Reema: Nita likes her too!! 😀 Oh no I dont have “the vein” 🙂

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