Blog Name and Best Post

As I wrote in my earlier post, I have been toying with the idea of changing the name of my blog. So I asked my readers whether I should change my blog name or not in a poll. The results were :-

51% voters said no.

39% voters said yes.

5% voters polled can’t say and another 5% said “others”.

There were some good and hilarious suggestions from Suda and Vikas. I too have come up with some names :-

Paathshala (as you know I am a lecturer + student)

Harmonics of My Mind (inspiration : electrical engineering)

Chalking Out My Thoughts (chalk and teaching association)

Resonating Thoughts

A name with Melange or Potpourri or Mishmash or Mixed Bag in it.

But if I change the blog name, I would have to go through the trouble of changing at all sites like Indiblogger, Bloglines, Feedburner etc etc. Also changing the name affects the Google page rank etc. So I have dropped the idea for now.


I had been unable to award the Best Post award last week. So there are two Best Post awards this time- one for last week and one for the week before that.

So the Best Post award for last week goes to Arshat for the sweet love story titled “They should put them in jail for that..


And the Best Post award for the week before that goes to Chirag for his entertaining guide (post) on India titled :” India 101 – Quick Guide For Indians and Foreigners Alike


20 thoughts on “Blog Name and Best Post

  1. I too think that your current blog name is fine. What’s in a name? But a more fun sounding educational name would be better. I liked the harmonic one somebody suggested! It has a nerdish overtone which suits you. Are you studious (like what we assume) 🙂 ?

    Destination Infinity

    Reema: Hehehe I thought of it!! Naah I am doing my second M.E. but trust me..I m not at all studious.

  2. Hmmm so you finally decided against it. Cool! But certain suggestions there were hilarious for sure 😀 congrats to the winner 🙂

    Reema: Yeah!

  3. I better read Arshat’s post, I have already read Chirag’s and liked it too.

    Any changes like name and url- should be convenience based, I find I must let everybody know I have changed to wordpress… but it was worth it 🙂

    Does google rank matter? How … mine was 4 then became 3 and since was three, now on this new wordpress blog, let’s see what it says !!! Must be -3

    Reema: I shifted to WP long ago and build myself all these stats over time. I don’t want to lose any of them by changing name.

  4. good that you are not changing the name..

    Chirag’s post was great… haven’t read Arshat’s yet.. congrats to both..

    Reema: Do read it!

  5. chalking out my thoughts sounds like a great blog name for you, to me! 🙂 maybe you can save a change in your blog’s name when you make a real big blog change, like going self-hosted, hehe.

    Reema: Thats a good idea!!

  6. If another name doesn’t come to you instantly, then perhaps you shouldn’t change it. I mean it should just come. When it does, then you know it’s the time to change.

    Reema: Yes you are right. It should be one eureka moment!

  7. Harmonics reminds me that Harmonica can be another opttion…. remember how Monica’s father used to remind her how she was referred to as when kid and Monica is ur fav so Harmonica is not bad..;)

    Reema: No thanks! Harmonics hi theek hai.

  8. Good you are staying with this name..after having been a lurker for so long would have been damn hard for me to search for you again 😀

    have read Chirag’s post absolutely loved it!:D now off to read the other one 🙂

    Reema: U mean u havent yet subscribed to my blog?? Please do! 😀

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