Hollywood Bonanza

I have been on a Hollywood movie watching marathon but didn’t get time to write my short and crisp reviews that you all love so much πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ So here goes :-

# The Hangover :- A bachelor party gone very wrong. The groom is missing. There is a baby and a tiger in the suite. And this is just the beginning. A hilarious movie about four characters. The story is well paced and really weird yet possible sequence of events make the movie plot interesting and funny. A total Dude movie πŸ™‚ Must watch for guys.


# UP :- Pixar’s animation movie. Need I say more? Oh well..An old man sets forth for South America to fulfil his promise to his dead wife. But how? By tying lots of hot air balloons to the rooftop of his house and UP he goes!! Good story with bit of emotional and mature touch (not like the usual where everyone seems to be perfect) and awesome animation. Must watch for animation fans.


# X Men Origins:Wolverine :- The story behind Logan becoming Wolverine and his relationship with his brother, Victor (who becomes Sabertooth. An okay story with every element in it. Awesome action and special effects. Hugh Jackman is delicious πŸ˜‰ Must watch for X men and Hugh Jackman fans.


# Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs :- The strangest herd in history is back again. And a new addition to the herd is on its way too! When Sid the sloth istaken away by a dinosaur, the rest of the herd venture into Dinosaur world to rescue him. Wonderful animation and hilarious scenes and dialogues. Though it is being called a family movie, there are one or two jokes which were not so kiddish. In a nutshell, a good sequel and a must watch.


# Terminator Salvation:- The year is 2018. John Connor (Christian Bale) is emerging as the leader of the Resistance. A man with a mission. His enemies? The machines. And a new type of Terminator. Yeah another sequel in the Terminator series as if Terminator 3 wasn’t bad enough. But yes it is definitely better than the 3rd part. Dark surroundings, same old fighting, no good acting. And a illogical story!! John Connor wants to save Kyle Reese who is “going to” be his father by going back in time. WTH!!

Even with all the time travel, John’s Dad must be older in age logically but here John is a grown up man and Kyle seems to be a youngster and apparently hasn’t gone back in time yet. Then how come John is alive and kicking?

The whole concept of Terminator series is silly. If John hadn’t sent his friend back in time, there would have been no John Connor!! It is like the eternal question – who came first – chicken or egg?

All the action and special effects in all the parts is just there to cover up the stupid story. Anyway watch for the action only on DVD.


44 thoughts on “Hollywood Bonanza

  1. Actually even though I love the Terminator series, I agree with you about the chicken and the egg. I keep trying to figure out the answer! I didn’t like Wolverine much as it was too dark and violent for me.

  2. Oh these I saw Wolverine and T Salvation. Actionwise ok.. storywise – ho hum.

    The hangover did not hit chandigarh 😦 typical

  3. I have seen none but Terminator. and it wasnt as bad as what you had written it here. Cmon, stop looking for logic in all these movies. What do u have to say abt matrix, then???? LOL πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. Terminator 4 was maha bakwaas. I liked Startrek and X men more. Atleast there was some story.
    Ice age was fine. Not as good as the previous two.

  5. I loved the first Ice age… yet to see the other two. I saw Terminator in theatre! But that helicopter scene was nice to see in a big screen!! Otherwise bhakwass. There was no need to bring in a Arnold look alike robo in the end!

    Destination Infinity

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  7. Hi
    Came here thru vimmus blog
    nice review πŸ™‚
    i agree with u on Hangover and Wolverine but not on Salvation!

    For me Terminator salvation was like the best movie of the year!! I know there is much scope for acting in a blockbuster Action flick,but i feel Sam worthingtons acting was gud enough! And about the Terminator concept,well i do agree tht it doesnt make perfect sense,if evrything made sense then there wouldnt be any movies to watch we all would be watching documentaries! No offense! πŸ™‚

    Actually the whole terminator franchise has various timelines .for eg “The sarah connor chronicles” which was a very good series.Infact one of the best series in recent times.But unfortunately it got cancelled ! It had more acting than action.Still it was awesome.Do try to watch it online even if u r not a fan. Looking forward to more of ur reviews!

  8. The Time travel anamolies are explainable with Parallel universes. It is very complicated, but still explainable. You can also solve the age old problems like the Grandfather paradox with parallel universes.

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