Blogs vs Social Networking Websites

Blogosphere is a place where various types of personalities meet through their blogs but it is better than social networking sites and  chat rooms. Chat rooms are mostly filled with dumb jerks or perverts or desperate guys with girl ids!!  Social networking websites have their own set of problems like fake profiles, misuse of personal information etc.

facebook frnds

One may argue that these can happen in blog world too. But in blogosphere a blogger’s thoughts, nature and personality are reflected through his/her posts and of course more so when he/she uses real identity. Its not possible to sustain an image of what you are not in your writings for long. And then if we meet someone of our mental wavelength & liking, we can befriend them. Its easy to interact with such known persons. Nowadays with bloggers’ meet happening all the time, this friendship transcends the virtual world and people become friends in real life too. As for misusing personal information, it depends on the blogger how much he/she reveals on his/her blog! Some reveal quite a lot of personal information and some reveal nothing at all. But yes, I admit blogs suffer from the problem of trolls and spam comments but one can always block them!

According to Hugh McLeod “I guess my point is, if you’re one of these people considering giving up on blogging in exchange for paying more attention to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, or whatever they throw at us mere mortals, bear in mind you are giving up on something rather unique and wonderful.”

Except Facebook, I am quite active on social networking websites especially Twitter but still no scrap or re-tweet beats the pleasure of receiving comments on a  blog post which is churned out after a lot of thought, time and hard work of typing and formatting!! Even if I don’t tweet for several days, there is hardly anyone who will ask “Where is @Reema?” even if I have 500 followers. But if my blog is not updated for a long time, few readers do ask me “why no new posts?” even if the number of readers is very less than the number of followers on Twitter. So I think there is more real “connection” via blogs than social networking websites. Further, it feels far better to know someone likes to read my thoughts and opinions rather than my wall updates or what I am doing at present.

So tell me what is your viewpoint on the issue of blogs versus social networking websites?

“If a man does not make new acquaintance as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone. A man, Sir, should keep his friendship in constant repair.”

It has been quite long since I started blogging. My circle of blogging friends has been changing continuously. Some bloggers stop updating their blogs, some new ones get added to blog roll and so forth. I really miss my first circle of bloggers which I had when I was a newbie. 😦

On this Friendship day I would like to remember all of my old and new blogger friends and wish them a very Happy Friendship Day. It is very important to have friends 😀


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70 thoughts on “Blogs vs Social Networking Websites

  1. As far as social networking sites are concerned, its better to interact with only known ppl. They have their limited use but it’s more of spending time with nothing productive use.

    I have started blogging very recently but still whatever experience I had in these 3-4 months, they are much better way to express n meet. We get to know thoughts of ppl, read different kinds of stories, get to know what’s happening around.

    I feel excited like a kid when I see a comment on my post , or see the blog stats when someday it reaches a higher no. or even when someone says ur post was a bad example of writing.

    The most important thing is blogs have made me more fearless in expressing thoughts. I no longer worry what other ppl will think. I am free to express myself n there are ppl from all parts of world to listen on their choice.

    See I am already speaking too much without worrying how long will u read 😀

    Happy friendship day to u n everyone.

  2. Well, actually, both serve different purposes. Social networking websites are just that – for networking with like minded people, they don’t need to be your friends or you don’t need to be a friend with someone you want to network with. Friendship & networking are totally different things!

    Consider a hobby group for example, lets say a photography group. People network with each other, some might not be working in the photography industry & some might be working in the photography industry, but a common thread that links them is their passion about photography. They meet up once in a while or often, at some predetermined place, to indulge in their passion of photography, be it at a garden or a market or some historical monument. They might know each other or might be new acquaintance, doesn’t matter, but they are networking & doing something together. Then after that they go their own separate ways, share pictures online or through whatever medium they prefer.

    Now consider, what did they do? They networked but they are not friends. Its quite unlikely that a guy in that group would go out to another guy’s house in the evening, hang out & spend the night there discussing some stuff or whatever! I’m not saying that you can’t be friends, I’m just saying that when you network with some people that doesn’t always make them your friends!

    This is just 1 example that I gave of a hobby group. Now consider that you are travelling on a train or bus or plane, you start conversing with a fellow traveller, & then if you feel like you swap contact information with that person (business cards or whatever). Also consider, you go into a conference, there you meet several people, you have conversations with more than one person & as it might happen you might end up swapping contact information with them as well.

    Now what did you do in both these cases? You networked with people. They are not your friends (not yet anyway) but you know them & they know you & both of you might save the contact info of each other, perhaps you or they might use it sometime in future. That’s what networking is!

    So don’t confuse networking with friendship or making friends! 🙂

    I hardly spend time on social networking websites though I do have presence on them. Since you raised Facebook as example, I don’t usually add people in my Facebook profile unless I know them (there are some exceptions there of course). And that’s networking, not all of them are my friends & thus not all of them have same access to my profile. Using Facebook’s privacy filters, I segregate people in my buddy list into various sub-lists & based on a person belonging to a sub-list they have different kind of access to my profile. Like if its photos or my contact info then only my friends or those I choose have access to it.

    Now if we come to blogging, its a medium of expression. Again, its very different from social networking. Blogging started out as a personal diary kind of thing in the mid ’90s and it has evolved beyond that but its still a medium of expression and a way to directly communicate with your readers who read your thoughts & expressions. So while no one might wonder where you are on your social networking website if you are not around for quite a while (even though you have 5000 contacts), your regular reader(s) might wonder what you are up to if you deviate from your posting pattern. So if you write on your blog say 3-4 times a week regularly & you don’t write for 2-3 weeks on a go then yes your regular reader(s) will definitely think what’s up with you, its quite natural & logical. 🙂

    It has been quite long since I started blogging.

    You’ve not been blogging for even 2 years (still a few months to go), its not long (& quite far from being quite long), eh! 😉 Take it from a guy who’s been around for about 10 years now, I know what’s quite long, eh! 😉 😛

    Damn, looks like I’ve again written a blog post like comment!!

    • Phew!! 😀 quite a pomment – a comment which can be a post in itself 😀 I coined this word right now. But yes a good pomment! 🙂

      And about the quite long bit..relativity of time dear! relativity of time!! one hour with loved one = 5 mins. one hour of lecture in college = 24 hours and if teacher is boring = one lifetime! 😀

  3. @ Reema.. Happy frndships day!!! and yes…a scrap or writing on wall on a scial networking site, cannot bring the same smile and hapiness as does a comment on a blog post….

    whoaaa. @ Mr Amit…. it really looks like a post than a comment.. anyways thouroughly njyed reading the in-depth analysis.

  4. Very true 🙂
    Lot more possible to have meaningful discussions on Blogs than in social networking sites.
    Thankfully we do not have resort to “Give a nick-name to the commentator above you”, in blog/comments 🙂 like we see on Orkut Community Posts.

  5. Happy Friendship DAy to you too Reema !

    Some of my real friends have also been relegated to just phone or sms friends 😦

    I liked a comment I heard on a movie lately – Old Friends also turn into relatives. Which is soooo true.

    I like blogging best too 🙂

  6. True Reema.. Blogging is million times better than the social networking sites..

    here we can see a real thoughts of a person.. and I love blogging 😀

  7. Happy friendship day Reema 🙂

    I think both have their own place… blogs I feel help to express whereas social networking sites is good to know what people are up to. I know what school friends are doing… all courtesy that!

  8. “in blogosphere a blogger’s thoughts, nature and personality are reflected through his/her posts and of course more so when he/she uses real identity. Its not possible to sustain an image of what you are not in your writings for long.”

    You are absolutely right, Reema. That’s the beauty of words. We connect to people by their words. It doesn’t matter who is behind it. It is their writing that makes us visit them often. Words are powerful!

    That’s why I don’t like social networking sites. Perhaps more because I don’t like people prodding too much into my life. I like twitter because it is more like a mini-blog. Just 2 liners.

    Happy friendship day to you too, Reema.

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  10. I don’t really think it is about the medium than the intent.
    Blogs, Social Media all these are just mediums, simple tools to let you explore other people, what makes a difference is your intent of being present there.

    Orkut, FB, Twitter, Blogs all can give you an opportunity to explore people to interact and also to be explored.

    What matters is how you use the medium. Its like the real world there are all kinds of people you choose who you want in life and dispose the ones you don’t…

    Same should be the case online… You know as a matter of fact I have seen so many twitter friends getting bummed out by fake Britney following them.. and my only question is how does it makes a difference in their life if they are not reciprocating?

  11. Oh, I was sooo damn addicted to orkut once upon a time that my friends created a community in my name – Cravy Vimmuuu club 😀 😀 😀 Later on, after 6 months of persuasion, they deleted it. hehehe.

    Now that I have my blog friends with whom I can relate more, I just visit orkut once in a while when I receive some comments or to check whose bday is next 😀

    Same here, Reema, I really miss those old blog buddies, in that old circle which I had, its just you, smita, vishesh and sometimes verbi. The rest have become so dormant !

    I sooo loved the second cartoon. Its so damn true !!! 😀 😀 😀

  12. Social Networking is more of a time pass than anything else . I started with orkut , enjoyed a bit , felt proud in increasing my scraps and friends list , made a few fake accounts too 😳 ….. I felt like an orkut king once …. 8) ….

    but with time , I got seriously fed up with that …. It didn’t matter if received a new scrap or frnd request …. I was looking for something new …. and I moved over to blogging … Its been an year or so and am enjoying the journey ….

    and now , without any trace of doubt , I admit that blogging is a lot lot better than social networking 😛 …

    P.S. I am addicted to twitter too right now … 😛

    P.P.S. orkut accounts are more prone to being hacked compared to blogs 😆 :mrgreen:

    • yes there used to be a craze about the number of friends and scraps but now i hardly keep any scraps. oh u r a true hacking paranoid person 🙂

  13. i really dont think they are against each other; and they very much compliment each other. blogging too is social networking and if we look at blogging (web logging) its pretty much what we do on twitter – web logging!

  14. I was somehow never addicted to any social networking site for the very reasons that u have highlighted.

    I am somehow more comfortable in blogs because I have found more like minded people here.

    Happy Friendships day 🙂

  15. Interesting…

    “So tell me what is your viewpoint on the issue of blogs versus social networking websites?”

    I think both serve different needs. Blogging is more professional for me now as I intend to learn from and network with like minded people. Iam not against making good friends of people met via blogging, but I guess it’s not easy because relationships which have their foundations in virtual world are trickier for me to handle and understand. Yes, if bloggers live in same cities or have opportunity to meet in real more often, it could be different then. But then that doesnt happen much as I see it.

    Iam more comfortable with facebook as most of the people there are my friends from real life. Also, it helps me stay connected with many people with one status message update. As for Twitter, I find it bit intrusive & unnecessary for me. Though I believe that twitter has it’s advantages too.

    • thanks! Twitter -intrusive?? only if you really tell what are you doing all the time!!! 😀 😀 otherwise its just like updating status on facebook!

  16. After trying out Twitter, I am sure of one thing – Blog is as different from Twitter as are apples from Oranges. I don’t understand how people compare the two.
    Blogs provide a better platform to express your views.

  17. I am late to read the post, pity me! Actually I check your blog almost daily, as I like your way of expressions… no doubt, I am learning so many things from you.

    late but Happy Friendship Day!

    I want to tell about the post. I support every word that you mentions in writings. Blog is a place where it is tough for a regular one, who will fake. Social networking websites are also done with the fake ids.
    But in this context, I believe that one should be conscious and cautious about making friends in this social networking websites. Unknown people should not be made friends, and as per I know it is told by the authority too.

    Thanks again for such a nice post. Keep blogging the way you do!

  18. Happy friendship day to you Reema.
    I too prefer blogs and in fact am not a member of any social networking site. Ofcourse the main reason is that networking is not my real aim as I prefer socialising in real life. I prefer the human touch. But at the same time I like the meeting of minds that happens on blogs and who knows a person from the blog world could become a friend, but for me it cannot happen online. I guess I am old fashioned in that sense but I need the human touch.
    I love the kind of interaction that blogs offer and the variety of people that I can interact with on the blog. I love all my readers and commentators as I feel I am sharing a special bond with them. But social networking sites are not for me!!

  19. Good one to discuss it here. Once.. I was crazy in social networking sites and lately realise that blogosphere welcomes me better as i am a new comer to the blogging world and motivates me to write and meeting people of our wavelength and share views.
    Yeah social networking sites have jerks and desperate guys who keep sending friend requests.. but i do stay in touch with few friends through networking sites as most of them are people whom i know already. :)))
    Hey I have added your blog on my Roll 🙂

    • yes i too stay in touch with people from my real life through orkut only. You haven’t linked your name to your blog url. Do tell me ur blog url so that I can check out ur blog.

  20. Very interesting post this one!

    I use Facebook to stay in touch with very close friends and family… I have a very small number of ‘friends’. It can in no way be compared with blogging… blogs are creative, I spend a large part my free time in the blogosphere…

    In fact if something interesting happens on facebook, I think of blogging about it 🙂

  21. I think it feels better to recieve blog comments because we put in our creativity and thoughts into it. I use orkut to stay in touch with friends, facebook to play games 😀
    Suits me just fine

  22. Hmm.. I totally agree. Chat rooms and social networking sites are filled with perverts who always want to “make fraandship” 😀 But in case of blogs, you get to know so much about someone just by reading their work, it’s amazing. 🙂

    It does feel great to get comments because that suggests people are reading your work and appreciating the thought and efforts put into it, whereas on Twitter,those are just one-liners that we type, we don’t put much thought into tweeting and hence don’t care about it much either. It’s a good way of keeping in touch though just like social networking sites like Orkut (I prefer it to Facebook somehow). I use them only to keep in touch with my real-life / blog friends. I hardly accept unknown requests on these sites.

    I was addicted to Orkut once upon a time, only for the fact that my entire class was ON it and we’d take each other’s case in our online community. 😀 These sites are fun that way..great way to communicate with your friends! 😉 Not to meet new people though!

  23. hehe
    I think i am too old to enjoy social networking sites and all! So blogging gets a thumbs up from me too. The reasons you gave are the ones for me but i would still withhold giving out too much and thats the reason i remain a little elusive.
    BTW Happy friendship day to you and I am glad to have bumped into you in this www net.

  24. Well written. But of course, the two are two totally different things, like Amit said.

    In a blog, where ppl visit you because they love to read what you write, they miss you terribly when you aren’t around.

    Blogs are different from social networking sites more so because of their very characters are different…not so much because of the people who inhabit both 🙂
    Though I have my best friend on both Orkut and on my blogroll, I should say I am more in touch with her through Orkut than through her/my blog.

    I guess the main problem with social networking sites are that no one expects you to be totally active in there; all that matters is that you’re there — a presence. An orkut/facebook/twitter/linkedin account helps you be in the same ‘net’work as similar people — be it professional interests or just a passionate hobby. This is mainly so that you have the right “contacts” to fall on! No one misses you if you don’t tweet or take a quiz!

    In a blog, you’re serious, you’re goofy, you’re funny, you’re stupid, you’re opinionated, you’re honest, you’re judgemental, you’re human. In social networking sites, you’re a mere presence (most of the time). This is why one feels one has a better idea of one’s blogger contacts that one’s networking sites contacts. For instance, you’re one of my Orkut contacts; but I can’t even remember the last time I visited your profile!! But to your blog, damn frequent!

    And well, I guess friends are made and retained for who they are and who you are; your and their presence in the internet is just a convenience: “a nimitham” 😉

  25. hey
    good post there. i i think i have outgrown the age where i can enjoy the networking site. 😉 I am infact wary of getting entangled in this big world of net. But even in blogging, i always withhold giving out too much.
    But one thing i am glad of is i bumped into you. Happy friendship day and year 🙂

  26. Reema,

    Friends are important. Well recently i used social networking sites to track down my school mates. Friends from time when Internet was not know. I am 50% successful. and hope more will come.

    Ah, belated happy friendship day.

  27. None of the social networking sites clicked for me. Blog clicked instantly. It was as though blog was made for me! I think different people have different ways of communicating, and some click and some don’t. It depends on the interests too. I like blog so much, but I don’t like twitter! which is a micro blogging platform.

    Destination Infinity

  28. Hi.. just came across your blog.. nice post.. agree completely.. blogging is completely different from other social n/wking sites.. and it is easier to find people who think alike in blogosphere 🙂

  29. Hi,

    I’ve been reading your blogs lately and have quite liked them too.

    And as far as the post is concerned, its as if you’ve penned down my thoughts! 🙂

  30. I love blogging as much as I love to socialize with social networks. I even agree that your blog is where people share your real feelings. But more people means, more thoughts. The power of social network is unexplainable.

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