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Students’ Employability – University’s Responsibility

Few weeks ago I had attended a seminar on the topic of structural changes in curriculum for enhancing employability through skill development in PLM conducted by a reputed company. As our state technical university was the co-organizer, members of all the Board of Studies were invited to attend.

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Who Is A Simple Girl?

I, my head of department and my colleagues S and M were sitting at HoD’s room having a general chat when the topic diverted to marriage and wives.

HoD :- That day I was having  some problem with my mobile. My wife solved the problem whereas I could not!! I didn’t think she can even use a mobile. You know one is lucky to have a simple wife.

M :- Oh yes sir! And in this matter I can say I am a very lucky man.

HoD :- What about you, S? When are you getting married?

S :- Parents are searching for a girl, sir.

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Dhan Te Tannnn!!!

Dhan Te Tannnn!!!

Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers!!! I am back! The last theory exam of my life – Over!! O-V-E-R. I tell you there are few things as stressful as giving an exam..a break up maybe. Now I can safely say that after studying kindergarten, Class 1 to 12, B.E. And double M.E. ; I’ve only 500 MB space left in my brain. 😦 I just can’t and I wont study anymore ever! The palpitation, the burning of midnight oil [tubelight to be precise], the shortage of sleep, the tension, the butterflies in stomach, the loss of appetite….my Dad says the most difficult work in life is to study and I think he is right 😀

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Tags and Break

Harsh tagged me to answer some pretty revealing questions! Shilpa also tagged me to do the same tag but some of the questions were missing!! I guess as the tag changed bloggers, revealing questions got deleted or changed make it harmless 😀

So here is the tag with my two cents :-

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Raising Kids or Warriors?

A conversation between colleagues that I witnessed :-

DSC03056Colleague (Male) say A :- Sir, you are a PhD. You must be tutoring your daughter at home and helping with her homework.

Senior Colleague (Male) say B :- Ahh! No. My wife doesn’t let me teach our daughter because she thinks I am not strict enough. See, my ideology is when she wants to study she will. But my wife is always making her study like when she wants to go out to play, when she is watching tv…

Senior Colleague (Female) say C :- Sir, which child “wants” to study? We have to make them study.

B :- Hmmm..Few days back my wife asked her to write few words in small, capital and cursive. She mixed up and my wife slapped her. But I feel it is unfair to expect a child of 5 yrs to write all that correctly.

C :- Sir, in today’s world of competition, we have to prepare them to fight. Otherwise they will end up as losers and will blame us only that why didn’t we make them study.

Another incident at a bookstore that I witnessed :-

A lady placed a very thin book on the counter and proceeded to pay for it. The book was – Unsolved C.B.S.E. Question Papers for Class 1.

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