Dhan Te Tannnn!!!

Dhan Te Tannnn!!!

Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers!!! I am back! The last theory exam of my life – Over!! O-V-E-R. I tell you there are few things as stressful as giving an exam..a break up maybe. Now I can safely say that after studying kindergarten, Class 1 to 12, B.E. And double M.E. ; I’ve only 500 MB space left in my brain. 😦 I just can’t and I wont study anymore ever! The palpitation, the burning of midnight oil [tubelight to be precise], the shortage of sleep, the tension, the butterflies in stomach, the loss of appetite….my Dad says the most difficult work in life is to study and I think he is right πŸ˜€

After the exams ended, there was a strange feeling in the heart. The realization of the ending of the student life. It is tough but still it is wonderful. All my readers who are still students, enjoy it while it lasts!!

Now coming back to the title of the post. This year 13th November was a Friday but it was so lucky for me when I read this mail from Indiblogger.

We’re happy to let you know that you are one of three winners for the Star Movies Indiana Jones Blogged Challenge on IndiVine. A hearty congratulations from the IndiBlogger team and Star Movies India.

Dhan Te Tannnn!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

There were three prize winning entries and my entry was one of them and also the one with maximum promotions. Yeyyy!! Thank you everyone who promoted my post! Thank you Indiblogger and Star Movies India!!

Though I got the good news that day, I waited for the gift hamper from Star Movies to arrive before I blogged about it. It is the first time I have got a gift hamper!! I am so happy!! Here are the contents of the Gift Hamper :-

It consisted of a James Bond diary, playing cards, a cup, a cup saucer and a spoon, the collector edition of Heroes and a popcorn bag shaped pen stand. Here is a close up of the pen stand and the cup.

I think that is real popcorn stuck on the base. Hope ants don’t hold of those!!

Thanks once again!! And again Yeyyyyy!!!

55 thoughts on “Dhan Te Tannnn!!!

  1. wow!! Congrats

    a- for the win &

    b- most importantly for the end of padhai ke days πŸ™‚ I remember how relieved I was when my studies had ended πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, what a lovely hamper!! Looks like Indiblogger is really into these contests! Congratulations Reema and good to have you back. I agree with you that student like is the life, after that different kind of tensions. Exam tensions are better anyday! In fact I think exam tension is nothing as compared to a break-up! I mean, it depends on what kind of break up you mean.

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