My first attempt at writing a 55er fiction.


Sneha was happy and at peace. At last Rahul was over his ex-gf. They were on yet another date to finalize the details of their marriage next week. Rahul went  to the men’s room. She casually picked up his mobile kept on table.

Rahul came back to find the seat empty and her gone forever.


A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:

  1. Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule)
  2. A setting,
  3. One or more characters,
  4. Some conflict, and
  5. A resolution. (Not limited to moral of the story)
  6. The title of the story is not part of the overall word count, but it still can’t exceed seven words.

So how is my first attempt? 😀

61 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. ==Good Try==

    i was thinking of taking a cigarette break. then just browsed over a blog post. it’s not that i didn’t read it with care. still how much of it i actually grasped?
    i always thought that i am under-performing. even with my relations! anyway leave all that.
    I was just trying my luck with 55er fiction! 😛


    P.S.- is emoticon counted as a word in 55er?

  2. Hey excellent, 55ers mmm I would never be able to manage that much, you got a nice way of telling it all.

    you and me share the same Blog headline 🙂

    mann-bikram.blogspot.com… C u sometime.

    You got a nice blog, read a few articles very well written..

  3. I can’t put a full stop just at a 55er. Thanks to Twitter for it’s 140char requirement, beyond that it’s inconceivable for me 😀 Good try at your end though.

  4. Wow!!
    Reemapu, you have also started 55 fiction….. 😀 😀
    I found it tough, as lots of mathematics along with fictions.. 😛

    this one is cool… little in size, depth in feelings…. 🙂
    keep on going my sis 😀 you’re awesome in it 😉

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  6. Since you left it for the reader to guess what happened after her picking up the mobile, I continue with a 55er.

    ==== Part II ====

    Rahul came back from restroom to the deserted “Coffee Day”. He picked his damaged mobile. Nobody was there. He rushed out in panic.

    Sneha was sitting down, leaning on the wall, in torn clothes, weeping. He dropped the mobile, picked her in his arms.

    “Muthalik” clones had visited the “Coffee Day”


    I just chose to take it as “deserted coffee place” rather than “just her empty seat”. 😛

    I know it is a crime to tie a dirty-thread to a silk-thread… Alas, I was not born as a writer 😦

  7. hey! tht was really great! to express so much in just 55 words.. phew very difficult.. good job!
    i had to write SOPs for MBA admissions- just 50 words… had a tough time :P.
    anyways you write really well.. congratulations on all your awards…
    I have just started blogging too.. i am not a great writer, but i’ve kind of become addicted..

    anyways keep it up! you have a new fan :D..

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