पुरस्कार वितरण

Its been days since I saw any new award doing rounds of the Blogosphere. As Vishesh says in one of his posts, the days of receiving pingbacks and all those old blogging stuff seems to have ended. Where are all those creative people who used to design these awards in the first place?? I sound like the old people who say “Hamare zamane mein”..no? 😀 😀

Thankfully, I did receive a few some time ago. I have been late in acknowledging them and passing them along. Excuse me for that!

So here they are :-

Mahak gave me this flair and said

I am scared of you Reema……confession time…reallly I am… don’t know why but I am :roll: I am scared of all the teachers infact 😦

Hehehehe 🙂 Thanks dear but please don’t be afraid of me!!

Kanagu gave this inspirational blogger award in his blog anniversary post and said

They are the bloggers who inspires others by the way they write, to do better. To Reema, Nita and Amit for inspiring me to write some political stuffs and reviews without any bias.

Thanks dear!! I am touched by such words. It feels awesome to know I,as a blogger,inspired some other blogger. It reminds me of the time when I was a new blogger! I too pass on this award to Nita, Amit and to Nova, Ishmeet, Suda, Sulz, Arvind and Nikhil.

He again showered a lot of awards on me in another post. Thank you so much!!! These are

I pass on these three awards back to Kanagu and to Amreekan Desi, Deeps, Smita, Ishmeet, Nita, Indyeah, Monika, Nova, Shilpa, Solilo, Smitha, Dhiren, Mahak, Harsh, Psych Babbler, Meira, Just call me A, Sraboneyghose,Roshmi, Mahmud,Titaxy, IHM, Destination Infinity and Rashmi.

I pass on this to  Vishesh, Vimal, Sakhi, Suda, Nita, Prats, Anubha, Kiran, Smita, Dinu, Sandeep, Devinder, Man of Roma, Perx, Nikhil, Scorpria, Vee, Xylene, Arvind, Amit Gupta, and Amit Sharma.

I pass on this award to Nita, Vishesh, Roshmi, Prats, IHM, Destination Infinity, Dinesh, The Solitary Writer, Pr3rna and Vikas.


This post was in the celebation of the fact that my blog has crossed

2,00,000 Hits

Thank you so much my readers and visitors!!

68 thoughts on “पुरस्कार वितरण

  1. Congratulations Reema on your 2,00,000 Hits(Wow!) and the awards! You certainly deserve them all and more!

    And thanks so much for passing one to me as wel. Delighted and honoured!

  2. Wow! 2,00,000 hits! Thats some achievement! Party time 🙂

    Congrats for the bouquet/basketful of awards… you seem to have gathered.

    Thanks a bunch for passing on a couple of them to me. Please note: I’m wearing my biggest and brightest smile 😀

  3. Wow! It’s raining awards here! Thanks you for considering me worthy of the Superior Scribbler award!

    Now some suggestions for you. You CANNOT give more than 10-12 tags/categories to one post! It is considered tag spamming by WP and they will ban you from the global WP tags page. Keep in mind. It was implemented to curb tag spamming by spam bloggers.

    0.2 million hits! Awesome! Congratulations! 🙂

  4. Congratulations!!! 200,000 hits is totally effing awesome… !! and thanks for the award…
    u know i still remember when i first read ur posts on ur blogspot blog.. u seemed like a pseudo feminist type 😛
    anyway, congrats for having made it so far! Blog on!

  5. Congratulations Reema Apu 😀 😀

    I am satisfied again that THE ONE, who is the inspiration of my blogging is a great blogger… I also fear you seriously… fear of doing mistakes 😯 (trust me, I do!) I think whenever I am wrong, you will not spare me 😛

    2,00,000 hits!! 🙄 amazing!! marvelous…
    thanks for the awards 😀 😀

    wishing nice days in future 🙂
    Rock On my sis!! 😀

  6. Reema!! Thank you so much!!

    How nice of you, really! I guess – I got confused – you passed me the ‘Friends’ award and not the ‘Superior scribbler’ award, which is even better with all those hearts!!
    And congrats for the 200,000 hits!! I reached the same number but I had started blogging 10 months earlier than you!

    So I wish you all the happiness from the bottom of my heart, my dear friend!

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