Announcing AGB 2009

This year I won the “IndiBlogger of the Month May 2009 – Original Humorcontest. Again I was one of the three winners at “Star Movies Indiana Jones Blogged Challenge on IndiVine.” And before the year ended, another contest has come along – a contest which started it all, a contest which is one of its kind, a contest which is happening again at public demand, a contest “of the bloggers, by the bloggers, for the bloggers”, a contest where I won awards in 4 categories last time and was also the runner up for 4 categories!! [ All of you do remember Reemawati right? and her famous election campaign] A win in this contest and it will be a “HATRICK” for me! 😀 😀

The contest is none other than Avant Garde Bloggies Awards 2009. Further text is from Poonam’s blog :-

Avant Garde Bloggies awards aim to recognise the best posts from your blog. It is an award competition where your entries are voted and judged by fellow, expert bloggers. It is a competition to recognise your blog. And as always, its meant to be fun and healthy.

[ Don’t worry Poonam wont make us jog or do push ups 😛 ]

All the exercise you have to do is to nominate your blog posts or any of your favorite bloggers’ posts (for example me :P) at various categories.

For further details on rules, categories, phases of the contest etc – Hop over to Poonam’s post here and here

Just 5 days left!! Hurry!!

The nominations close on 20 December at 10 pm IST.

30 thoughts on “Announcing AGB 2009

  1. Glory! Glory!

    I am wishing you for many more awards…. no doubt, you deserve them.
    waiting for more news. I am your regular and regular follower 😀

    hope the Hat-trick will be done 🙂

    • Just checked all the links.. did nothing but sat with those pages for long times… and then closed them up… lots of links out there, for nominations…. made me terrified 😛
      will be waiting to vote, would I have the voting power in blog awards?

  2. So you won here and there and here and there ! but did we voters get anything in return ??? Nope !!!!

    Btw, was this post really about Avant Garde ?? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    (You cant find me, I am on my way to Pluto :D)

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