Movie Review – 3 Idiots

I celebrated Christmas by watching Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots – a movie I had been looking forward to; not because it is based on Chetan Bhagat’s book Five Point Someone but because it was a Rajkumar Hirani movie. Here is my review of probably the most anticipated movie of the year, without any spoilers.

The story :- After few years since their graduation, college mates Farhan (R Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman Joshi) get to know the whereabouts of their missing friend Rancho (Aamir Khan). As they set out to find him, narration starts with flashbacks to the time when Aamir , Sharman and Madhavan were students in the Imperial College of Engineering and Boman Irani was the Director of the college. Just like in Munnabhai where its Sanjay Dutt vs Dean and Medical system, here Aamir takes on the Director and the Education system. Along with the capers of the 3 friends, academic issues like  parental pressure, student suicides, the traditional pattern of imparting of theoretical knowledge are also included in the story.

Since I have not read the book I won’t compare as to how much is the movie faithful to the book.

The actors :- Aamir has managed to look quite young. His gait and his expressions portray a student quite well. But the six pack does not match a 19-20 year old guy’s body. 😀 But yes he has acted quite good and he overshadows all the other characters. Sharman and Madhavan have done good job too as supporting actors. Thankfully, Kareena Kapoor (Aamir’s love interest) is there only for brief moments and has done a decent job. But as usual Boman Irani is perfect in his portrayal of the strict and cruel Director.

The movie :- The movie’s starting scene reminded me of Dil Chahta Hai’s starting scene. The screenplay shuttles between trying to be a laugh riot and trying to make a point. At times there is just too much of the impossibilities of Bollywood masala but then it IS a Bollywood movie. Along with outrageously hilarious scenes, here are some emotional moments too. But there are no moments where one has to cringe while watching the movie with family. All the scenes have been done tactfully. As for the male nudity, one expected that since ragging is an integral part of any engineering story 🙂 Some of the gags and jokes were old ones but still induced laughter. And some of the  lines are here to stay 😉

One can draw several parallels with Hirani’s first movie Munnabhai M.B.B.S. For example this time he introduces the philosophy of ‘Aal izz well’ to give courage to the heart to bear difficulties.

The movies fails a bit in the music category. None of the songs, except All Izz Well, make an impact.I mean the music is good but nothing memorable.

Cinematography and editing is good. Still the movie could have been a bit shorter in length. The second half seems to drag a bit.

The characters seemed to be of Mechanical branch but somehow the screenplay and dialogues talked about machines which comes under Electrical Engineering. 🙂 The movie’s target audience seems to be the youth and their parents as well. I don’t know about the parents but the youth, the students and especially engineering ones will enjoy the movie a lot.

My expectations from a movie are simple – to get entertained and to get my money’s worth. And I believe Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani have delivered the most entertaining movie of the year.

My rating – 4/5


60 thoughts on “Movie Review – 3 Idiots

  1. Looks like this movie has really created a buzz. People are watching it on the first day itself. And the reviews have started trickling in – most of them positive.

    Looks like the popularity of the book is not going to overshadow the success of the movie as has been the case with a lot of them of this kind. Thanks for the wonderful review, Reema. Will be looking forward to watching the movie at the earliest.

  2. Watched the movie … loved it … 😉

    I would say its a must watch … being a student one would feel an additional attachment with the movie …. 😀 ….

    And yes , thankfully Kareena is there only for brief moments …. Its an Aamir Khan movie … what else should we expect … 😛

  3. I too went for the movie on the first day itself.

    All said and done, I was disappointed.

    Hirani’s Munnabhai series had a good mix of humour and magic moments.

    Moments that will remain with the viewer forever. A message packaged well with some laughs and cries.

    3I failed here. Aamir’s Rancho, too often, reminded me of Nikumbh of Taare Zameen Par. An infallible student, always right. This was a little difficult to digest.

  4. I agree to this “My expectations from a movie are simple – to get entertained and to get my money’s worth. ” Enjoyed every minute of watching this movie. Funny and thought provoking as well. What more could we expect froma movie? 😉

  5. will be going to see the movie soon:) so read this with a lot of interest…
    4 out of 5? 😀 not bad! 😀
    booked the tickets ..going soon 😀

    btw everywhere I clicked your link, it opened your in gawd’s name does one open this one ? 😛 😀

    leave this link also na! 🙂
    ((hugs))take care:)

    • hey do let us know how did u find the movie!! and have u read the book? what is your view on the controversy? have explained about the link on twitter! ((hugs)) right back at ya! take care!

  6. well written review….but for your kind information on

    “””The characters seemed to be of Mechanical branch but somehow the screenplay and dialogues talked about machines which comes under Electrical Engineering. :)””””

    mechanical guys do courses in electrical engineering department hence in my opinion it not a goofup in screenplay or dialogues!!!!!!

    • Thanks,,and for your kind information..since I am from engg stream and work as an engg lecturer I know what courses Mech people do and they study dynamics of machines over here at least and not their working ..which comes under Electrical.

  7. I totally loved the movie… pity there is a controversy raging now… ! but i havent read the book either… !!!

    I infact loved the song Behti Hawa sa tha woh… ! also the cinematography of that song… evn the jingle mar marke umra bhar… !!!!

    movies are supposed to be like this… not logical but entertaining ! 😀 😀

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  9. I agree with you about the actors. I too noticed how Aamir’s gait matched that of a teenager. And though I felt that the buff was a little out of place, I didn’t consider it too big a deal. You’re bang on target about the acting of the others.

    I think your expectations from the movie were maybe not as high as they should have been. While I expect a masala Bollywood movie to give me masala and a good experience, I would have expected this movie to speak a little more about the issues facing the education system of India. Most issues, in my opinion, were either just touched upon superficially, or they were eclipsed by the homage and importance given to Rancho’s character.

    A note about the movie in comparison to the book (since you have not read the book):
    The book is a lot more gritty and there is not such a major feel-happy kind of happy ending (though the book certainly does not have a sad or tragic ending). Quite a few concepts were taken from the book, and I was surprised that Chetan Bhagat’s name was not given a little more prominence. Yes, quite a bit of the story (about 50%, I’d say) is unique, but the original idea had taken off from Bhagat’s book. Anyway, if I write much more, I risk giving away spoilers.

  10. Your review made a good read.Let me present a teacher’s viewpoint on movie .

    The film tries to give two messages, one for students to read for knowledge and not for degree, and second for parents to stop treating their children as torch bearers of their aspirations and dreams. Children have their own eyes and their dreams may not synchronize with those of parents.

    It remains to be seen how this will be perceived by the target audiences. Many young men are in a frenzy to call themselves, one of the idiots. It scares me to think that some naïve mind might see this as a justification to bring a flight to the ground or stop a train to meet his friend and most menacing part of the ragging might become a national craze with guys dropping their pants down for salutation. Who knows “the philosophies of one age have become the absurdities of the next, and the foolishness of yesterday has become the wisdom of tomorrow”

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  12. I loved the movie too and coincidentally saw on Xmas day with my family in Delhi.

    I loved the songs too//Give me Sunshine is my fav.

    Thank god Kareena wasn’t there all over and i agree with you.
    The movie is not that inspired by 5 point someone..there are too many differences

  13. The first half is full of highly enjoyable moments which have a distinctive Hirani flavor and are sure going to be liked by everyone of any age or gender. The pants dropping humor may be a bit weird for some but the youngsters would not mind it at all for a change. However the engineering college campus and the in-class sequences in the movie do remind you of all the famous medical college scenes in Hirani’s debut masterpiece “Munnabhai M.B.B.S”. The entertaining first half ends on a mystery note, which straight away gets solved post intermission and then the story moves on towards the search of the third lost idiot, Aamir. Though the second half has got some dragging moments in the mid but overall, it makes a good impact on the viewer with a masterstroke used towards the climax having a pleasant surprise twist. And in the end, it makes you leave the hall clapping with a cheerful smile.

  14. The movie 3 IDIOTS is one of a kind and the best and inspiring Bollywood movies in India. This movie often times happens in real life. And I have this feeling that some of the scenes were based on real life story. The movie has a lot of twists wherein it showed different meaning of love. Like the love of family, love of friends, love of profession, and love towards an opposite and caring for others.

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