Blind Faith

Blind Faith, originally uploaded by ReemaS226.

On the tableland in Panchgani , there are these markings which are supposed to be the footprints of the Pandavas when they were on exile. As seen in the photo and as prevalent in India, a plate has been kept and flowers strewn to make the place get some monetary offerings.

Seriously why on earth would anyone climb so high to live during exile?

P.S. Seeing the response and to keep this blog alive, I have decided to post photos here too once a week.

36 thoughts on “Blind Faith

  1. It is funny about faith.. I mean when one disagrees, one always tend to label it as ‘blind’..! If people are not exploiting others, such faiths are ok for me.

  2. Faith? Its thuggery at its worst!

    Example: For roadwidening.laying, a survey is being done. Next day, a mysterious tablet pops up in the middle of nowhere and with some vermilion or green coloring, it becomes a “holy” place overnight! Pah!

  3. When it comes to faith, I think it means belief without questioning 🙂

    I don’t have an issue with faith as far as it does not cause issues for others 🙂

      • Reema, I understand your point and I agree. In the West – during end of 16th & whole 17th centuries CE – faith was responsible of torture, witch hunt, Inquisition, mass murdering of maybe millions of people. Now we are quiet as for that, but look at the Muslims today, and something in India too, and the exploitation of low caste people etc.

        You young people are right to react, to fight for a better India, but faith is not only hate, killings, exploitation. There is possibly something else: hope, inner well-being, concentration, love, mysticism. I know little. I have always been agnostic, a Greek word meaning: “How do THE HELL I know” 🙂 🙂

  4. Blind faith is something that gives you hope when all else fails. Maybe that’s why it exists. You can have faith in anything you want; even in an object. It’s just something people like to hold onto.

  5. Is there a logic in the concept of ‘time’ ? I mean, we believe in time as it exists today, but this concept of time should have originated sometime right? What might have happened before that? But we still blindly believe in the concept of time….

    Is there a logic in the concept of distance? How long is this universe? From where did space come? What was space, before it was filled with space?? Can we apply logic and find out answers to such questions?

    Science is the art of intelligent observation. You can create water from vapour and vapour from water. But you cannot create water or vapour out of nothing. Religion accepts that there are a lot of things that are outside our understanding and hence introduces the concept of faith. Science is about hope, religion is about maturity. Science is like a young lady and religion is the all knowing older woman!!

    Destination Infinity

  6. @DI

    The perfect comment DI!

    Maybe one could add that also religion is about hope – hope that pain of reincarnation will end in bliss one day, hope in salvation, hope in another world, hope gods will help us bear the blows of life. Which brings to Man’s capacity of bearing pain and evil. Religion can provide it much more than science imo.

    What in fact are you going to tell a mother whose baby has just died … the intricacies of quantum theory? the possible multiverses? the beauty of the galaxies? I don’t think religion (=faith) or mysticism will fade, they being possibly part of our brain, and a talent btw where Indians excel.

    My dear sweet Indian young generation. You are right to fight against religion(s)’ wrong doings (organized religions’, priests’ etc.). They are present in India and elsewhere, no doubt. Look at the vast paedophilia in the Catholic church!

    But remember that the non Indian world on this planet looks at you sub continent people – no matter your opinion of yourselves – as:

    1) the most profound, deep, inspiring religious people on earth and, according to some non Indian scholars as ..

    2) the primeval source of the deepest spirituality, something you seem to have spread to the rest of the world starting from pre Aryans times.

    Num 1 is a fact.
    Num 2 is debated.

    Is all that bad? Is all that good? Hard for me to say.

    Personally, I was STUNNED when I realised the ancient Roman upper classes in the 2nd century BCE believed in reincarnation, in body as a prison of the soul that hence needs many lives in order to attain purification etc..
    Which gave a sudden twist to my blog on Roman-ness, as my recent posts attest.

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