Weapons of Mass Destruction

This had to be blogged because people must be made aware.Please copy & paste this in email and send it to all your friends. Help spread the awareness.

Following are the Weapons of Mass Destruction :-

# Jeans

# Skirts

# Tight coats and flimsy head scarves

# Any other improper dress

# Make up items including lipstick

# Hairdo

# Style accessories

# High heel/stylish shoes

I have decided to call these stuff as weapons of mass destruction because these things can cause Earthquakes!! And any self-respecting earthquake kills a lot of humans i.e. causes mass destruction.

Let me explain it further. ➡

If you dress in a tight coat and show off your hair and put on light make up you may end up causing a 6 magnitude quake on Richter scale.

Skirt + Scarf + Light make up = 6.5

Tight coat + scarf + heavy make up  ± accessories = 5.5 to 5.9

Jeans + make up ± accessories  ± heels ≥ 6.9

And then there are aftershocks. 😦

No wonder with dresses of Haiti women like these, Haiti experienced an earthquake of 7.0 on Richter scale!

As I have a G rated and Safe For Work blog, I can’t put up images of the dresses of Chinese women which caused the 7.1-magnitude quake killing 1,144 people as of today. 🙄

So imagine what will happen if women stay nude?? 😕


Hmmm, with the rising nudity everywhere no wonder the world will come to an end in 2012. 💡


What am I blabbering about? Have I gone mad? What sort of post is this? Have I had a bit too much of the sun?

This is the reason :-

A senior Iranian cleric has claimed that dolled-up women incite extramarital sex, causing more earthquakes in Iran, a country that straddles several fault lines, newspapers reported on Saturday.

“Many women who dress inappropriately … cause youths to go astray, taint their chastity and incite extramarital sex in society, which increases earthquakes,” Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi told worshippers at Tehran on Friday prayer.

“Calamities are the result of people’s deeds,” he was quoted as saying by reformist Aftab-e Yazd newspaper. “We have no way but conform to Islam to ward off dangers.”

Click to read the whole news here

What do you think causes Volcanic eruptions? and Tsunamis? and Floods? and Landslides?

Let the comments begin!!

P.S. I was kidding about the copying my post thing in case you take it seriously. DO NOT DARE TO PLAGIARIZE ME!


111 thoughts on “Weapons of Mass Destruction

      • Hi Reema,
        Glad that you started this. This really has to be forwarded to as many people as possible.
        I wonder if you have ever wondered the logic behind this. Or if you have ever wondered whether there is any logic at all.
        To answer this question we have to go back to the days of the Shah of Iran. He was an enlightened person who wished to modernize Iran at a very rapid pace. It was being modernized at a rapid pace and the clergy noticed that they would lose the power that they wield and started the revolution using the gullibility of simple uneducated folks. The rest is history. The liberals are still fighting to free themselves from the madness.
        It is important to us here that a similar fate does not happen to us, what with dark forces like Muthaliks, thakerays etc.
        Congratulations to you to start this topic. All the best.

      • Not mad my friend but someone who hates your freedom. These are dangerous people who have a following. There are such people amongst us too. I wonder if you recollect the remarks made by a Muslim general secretary of the BJP after the candle light protest after the Mumbai attack by Kasab and his gang.
        The remark made was westernized females with lipstick and powder applied on their faces turning up with candles held in their hands and criticizing politicians . Is he any less mad? or any less dangerous? We have to keep our vigil that nice people like you do not have to brunt of the arrogance and scheming of these thugs.
        They are dangerous people who are out to rob us of our freedom. Definitely not mad my friend but scheming.

  1. Oh my! The newspaper ought to be kidding! Did he REALLY say that? Like, SAY that!? Good God! I wonder why such people don’t die in these calamities! Bah!

  2. Im sure the media twisted his words. He probably referred to the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that happens inside a man when he sees a woman that way 😀 😀

  3. I was planning to blog about the same thing, but this is so much funnier and makes so much more sense. 😆
    I was thinking our dear Pink Chaddi guy will be so delighted to meet this like-minded soul 🙂 🙂
    Ha ha .. 🙄 “dolled-up women incite extramarital sex”
    I wonder what kind of experiences make them make such wise observations.

  4. ROFL…! Thanks IHM, for tweeting this one! Would not have missed it for the world!

    Too right, Reema, too darned right. But this is new, isnt it? Women are always blamed for the things that happen to men, but the Khomeni’s sermon has elevated it to new and unsurpassed heights!!!

    It would be tragic, if you had not brought out the lighter side of things :D!

  5. Reema,. to tell you the truth, for a minute there I wondered what had happened to you before finally reading about the news item!! Well what do you know, all that Iran has to do now is send some ‘inappropriately’ dressed women to their enemy countries and cause earthquakes and other calamities and thus destroy them! Wonder when they are going to start?!! They don’t need any other WMD and can cut down a lot on expenditure too!! Talk about being innovative… they seem to have found their own way to do the MORE damage with LESS(clothing) it seems!
    I cannot stop laughing at Vimmuuu’s comment above.

  6. LOL Shail 😆 I agree!! ‘all that Iran has to do now is send some ‘inappropriately’ dressed women to their enemy countries and cause earthquakes and other calamities and thus destroy them’

  7. when they publish such news, the clerics should also let us knw what they based their research on….this is too much… loved the way u put it across!! :))

  8. I often think that penis is a weapon of mass destruction(leaving men out as I’m often told that there are things that men just do without thinking, almost as if their body parts have a mind of their own and act on their own)!

  9. Hehe I was wondering why you’d write all of that, then I saw the excerpt you pasted below. I read that link- it’s really silly!! I can’t believe someone actually thinks that way!

  10. Our great cleric should die in an earthquake…that would be a fitting response by nature!

    But I can prove this guy wrong. Before my wife and I got married, we lived together for a year. There weren’t any earthquakes to speak of…not counting the bed of course 😀

  11. I can not believe this!!! I mean how can someone think like that!!!!

    BTW When I saw the pic & I correlated it with the title I felt you are talking about my fav topic SHOPPING!!! 😉

  12. NICE! 🙂 Nude women shall cause an apocalypse huh? Well, I am not amazed. 😀

    PS: I recently got to know that you are now married. 🙂 Congrats! Will be commenting on that post shortly too. 🙂

  13. Waaah!!!! the guy should be awarded for his great thoughts.
    His ideas seem to resemble some “punjab-kesri type” news or a sher by Navjot sidhu….door door tak logic ka nishan nahi…
    Plus, hilarious narration!

  14. LOL first time here and had a hearty laugh.
    Here in Bahrain a couple of years back, there was a proposal in the Parliament that mannequins should be banned, because in some showrooms these mannequins are ‘inappropriately’ dressed which tempt men. Just imagine ……..;)

  15. Dunno much about the relation between skinshow and earthquakes, but what I do know is that your creativity is causing loads of mindquakes!! 🙂
    An exceptionally creative post that touches a controversial topic.

    I read that news paper article and was laughin out loud

    haha..who said its the plates of earth or what ever thats causing earth quakes

    its the Jeans and the low cut t shirt..


  17. want to as that clerk how many affairs he had was he involved in creating eq’s in his country…old saying-angoor milteye nahi hain tooh khatey hain.
    loved the righter ratings and i have tremors in my office on friday’s 😛

    keep rocking,

  18. ha ! 😀 lol
    This makes it easier for the geologists to predict earthquakes, they would have to just analyze the number of women running around naked, half dressed, fully dressed, use some regression techniques and voila you would get the exact date and time of the earthquake
    And you can avoid the earth quake buy covering the entire place with a blanket (as it would cover the nude women as well)

  19. Truly hilarious!! I think we should shun whatever we’ve learned in school and college and follow the teachings of these great and super gods clerics and Ayotolla people. Teachers should stop teaching, scientists and researchers should stop their work and bow to these super gods. All science and laws should be rewritten by them! 🙂
    On a serious note, this is totally outrageous. I wonder where these people come from. I suppose from the ancient or middle ages. They are so unfortunate as to be borne without sanity or common sense. Let’s pity them for they can’t even learn because even learning requires sanity . Poor people!!

  20. First visit …. and already admire your style. Will be back again. As the summer hits the part of thw world where I am, we have to start preparing for the heavy tremors because these damsels in distress just do not like to dress !! lol !!

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