Wordless Wednesday:Dinner

Aaloo bhaja i.e. potato fry Bengali style, cabbage with peas, fish curry and dal ~ The dinner I prepared all by myself for the first time in my life. πŸ˜€ It was delicious, so says D. And I am happy with my efforts. πŸ™‚

57 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday:Dinner

  1. Perfect treat πŸ™‚
    Wow! you made me crave for a curry :(….it’s my lunch time and I so want to have a curry right away 😦 😦
    Congratulations on a successfully cooked yummy first feast πŸ™‚

  2. Wow….you should’ve named this (W)yummy Wednesday! πŸ˜€
    Congrats on excelling the very first time πŸ˜‰ Can imagine your joy πŸ˜€

  3. mmmm…thatz amazing..colourful combination.. I am sure it might have tasted good too..

    I would love to taste bengali fish curry..Have heard a lot about them..

  4. Hmmm…. some people (me) are trying for more than one year to master (or atleast produce eatable stuff) cooking but not able to…. so in this context, what you have achieved is a master-work πŸ™‚

    Destination Infinity

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  6. You know, bloggers who post pictures like this need to be aware that there are Indian people living in the US who don’t have access to this sort of food. It’s cruel!

    Looking at these pictures, I want tasty India food – but I’m stuck with flavorless salads and burgers!

    • I know cooking and had prepared 1 or 2 dishes once in blue moon. But that was the first time I had cooked complete dinner all by myself.

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