Weekend Trip To Kihim – Alibaug: Part 2

Continued from the first part here

28th May:- To avoid getting sick on the boat ride to Mandwa port, I had not eaten anything at CST. I had thought that would be enough and had not taken medicine for motion sickness.

The boat ride was a lesson for me.  I and few other passengers (guys and girls) got seasick. D, however, was perfectly fine and enjoyed the boat ride.

I was totally exhausted by the time we reached Mandwa. After a bit of hotel searching, we decided to stay at Nandanvan holiday home at Kihim Beach.

All hotels at Kihim/Mandwa are private homes actually built for such purposes and the rent is too high. I guess the residents think of Mumbaikars as very rich people. 😐 Our a.c. room’s rent was Rs 2200 per day!! No tax. No in-house food facility. The room or shall I say the flat was very big…it had one living room, a bathroom and a big bedroom with dining table. Only tea was available at this place. Food had to be ordered from a neighboring holiday home. But it was tasty,not expensive and normal like typical home cooked Marathi food. Both non-veg and veg food were available. The Kihim beach was hardly 3 mins from the hotel on foot.

One important thing about Kihim is that Airtel network, the so- called “Atoot Network”, gets broken there. Reception is available only at beach..not inside homes. 😮

After the sleepless night on train and exhaustion due to the hot and humid weather, we slept like logs post-lunch.

In the evening, we went out for a stroll on the beach. Kihim beach is a rocky type of beach with rocks covered with sea shells and some sort of algae/coral growth. I have visited three beaches of India till now including this one, the other two being Puri and Vishakhapatnam. I would rank it at 3rd position…I guess I like sandy beaches more than rocky beaches.

Kihim is described on travel websites in these words :-

The place is famous for variety of woods which serves as a cover. Nature lovers will be thrilled to visit the place for it provides sight of rare butterflies, birds and flowers. The most attractive part of the Kihim beach is that the place is not entirely discovered and unpolluted.

We didn’t spot any rare butterflies or birds. We did see a very different kind of flower though. As for the “unpolluted” part, it is an outright lie! Plastic waste and rotting garbage is abundant on Kihim beach. 😦 In terms of cleanliness, I would rank Vizag at first position.

But still we enjoyed the evening at beach and returned to our room after it got really dark. A visit to Alibaug was scheduled for the next day.

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24 thoughts on “Weekend Trip To Kihim – Alibaug: Part 2

  1. Wow. Nice.
    I prefer sandy beaches too. And well, since you prefer them, please do visit Kovalam at Trivandrum 😉 The sand is blackish due to the titanium deposits, but the beach is awesome 🙂

    and ROFL at “As for the “unpolluted” part, it is an outright lie!” Read it carefully, Reems. It says “The most attractive part of the Kihim beach is that the place is not entirely discovered and unpolluted.” read as “…the place is NOT entirely discovered and NOT unpolluted.” two negatives make a positive 😀 😀 😀

  2. I soo want to go to some beach soon! I hv seen only Puri beach out of these 3. Vizag is on our list for soo long; hope it happens soon.
    That flower grows @ Mom’s place too. Is it from the hibiscus family?

  3. If you really want to see good beaches, come over to chennai !! 😀 😀 😀 and I shall not charge anything for the food you would be served at my home; however room rent is 1000 for D and 2500 for you; bloggers special ! 😀

  4. The pics are superb Reema 🙂 🙂 Loved them 🙂

    The room rent is very very high 😦 Sigh.. and me too like Sandy beaches.. 🙂 🙂 I love walking in beaches so sand is preferred 🙂

  5. I have seen only Puri beach.. Actually had not heard about Kihim beach before.. looks like a nice decent beach.. the sunset pics were awesome.. I love watching sunset on a beach 🙂 Now I feel like visiting a beach soon 🙂

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