Wordless Wednesday – Heights of Hypocrisy

Wearing pink and attacking couples on Friendship day?? Even kicking a girl while wearing red??


P.S. This happened on Friendship Day at Raipur, Chattisgarh. Click here for the news and video.  (It was Dharma Sena not Bajrang Dal). 10 policemen were suspended and five people were arrested. I could have written a huge rant post on this but then I guess the members of such senas do not read blogs..so no use. 🙂 This photo is a photograph of the news article in Dainik Bhaskar.

28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Heights of Hypocrisy

  1. Jobless people really. You know, I’ve often thought that these people engage in this sort of behavior because they know that no girl with any standards will go out with them!

    Basically jealousy 😀

  2. This is seriously horrible mentality.

    But honestly i cudn’t understand why u co related the whole thing to the colors that they were wearing!

  3. Hmm, when fanatism and politics takes over common sense!!!
    Just a slight disagreement here. If they wore green would they have the right to beat the lovers? 😉 I think these people hardly realise the importance of red and pink colour. So I don’t think this picture denotes hypocrisy 🙂

    • Dear of course not..even being naked doesn’t give right to do such things. and of course they don’t realize the importance of all these 🙂 I guess you too don’t read IHM’s blog..that is why u didn’t understand my take.

      • LOL, even I had this in mind – whats the post got to do with hypocrisy ; and that too ‘heights’ ? 😀 😀

        wait a minute, sarcasms on IHM ?? Do you even know what you are getting into ?? 😀 😀 😀 IHM would write a post on this; sorry two ! 😀

          • If its a sarcasm on the incident; then I second Whatsinaname ! I can wear other colors and hit people, is it ? 😀 😀 😀 and by this, you mean, these Sena waalas should be wearing a uniform from now on? or wait, is pink supposed to be worn only by people who are sensitive? and the whole post is based on the color, is it ? I mean, if that guy in the picture had worn a green shirt, would you name it ‘heights of eco-friendliness’??

            I just dont get the sarcasm and the hypocrisy here.

  4. lol! I do read her blog but i do not agree with relating colors with gender & thus were surprised when you related the whole thing & called it hypocrisy. the co relation did leave me wordless 😉

  5. Oops lots of heat generated here 😉
    But see Reema, not all your readers would be reading IHM. So many would surely get confused about this Caption of yours, iif they thought about it! Or maybe you could have mentioned the inspired post.
    Anyways, I was never into these Genderising of colours. I love red and pink as much as blue and brown. So, I found this mention of colours a little funny.

  6. It is sad. There HAS to be one of these senseless parties in every state I guess! Here, it’s the Shiv Sena. When will these people improve? As if Valentine’s Day wasn’t enough, now they’re targeting innocent couples on Friendship Day too!

  7. Its a truly worthless activity with worthless people. They are the live devils with a dirty narrow mind belongs from narrow minded society…
    I don’t think they will do the same with there sisters or brothers… purely against humanism.

  8. I think if all the males get unite and attack on all those anti social guys than the scenario will be different but as we all think its not me na than why should take care… bhaag lo patli gali se …

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