Weekend Trip To Kihim – Alibaug: Part 3

Continued from the first part here and second part here

29th May :- We went to Alibaug in late morning as planned. Thankfully our hotel was near an auto stand so we didn’t have to walk much in the hot sun. Alibaug is quite well-developed commercially. But the only shopping we did there was to buy “hapoos” mangoes at cheaper price and of better quality than Pune. 😀 😀 We also had tender coconut water there but it was tasteless. The best tender coconut water is available at Konark, Orissa. 🙂

There is a fort called Colaba Fort surrounded by sea water at a little distance from the shore. When tide is low one can go there on foot. Otherwise there are speed boats for tourists to go there. These boats also take tourists on short rides on sea, just near the shore.

We came back to Kihim by lunch time. In the evening we went out to the beach for one last time before we headed back to Pune the next day.We walked upto the populated part of the beach collecting sea shells on our way. There is a jeep service at Kihim which gives parasailing facility. (No, we didn’t do it..too scared 😀 )

30th May :- We went back to Mandwa port by auto and then back to Bombay by boat. As it was noon by the time we reached Mandwa, the crowd waiting for the boat was quite big. One has to grab a place soon in the queue for the boat else all the good seats are taken. I had taken my medicine this time and enjoyed the boat ride back to Bombay. Spent the afternoon and evening at a relative’s place. As D was not feeling well,  we didn’t go out. So Bombay is on our list for next trip! Reached Pune at midnight by train.

Overall it was an okay trip. The only reason for the trip not getting excellent rating was the weather. But then if you go towards Bombay in May what else can you expect?

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Trip To Kihim – Alibaug: Part 3

  1. Hello Reema Ji,

    Loved those pictures – especially the one in which you are cooling off with a coconut, and also of the boat taking that smart turn.

    thanks for sharing.
    Gorakh Nath.

  2. Great pics, again! LOVE the ones with the clouds over the beach. What a combination!!!!!
    And yea, you get awesome coconut water in Kerala too 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Bangalore when? 😉

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