Frames of Freedom

The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.

BlogAdda has announced ‘Frames of Freedom‘ contest where we have to share with them any of our photos which captures the essence of freedom. This is my entry  :-

Aahh! The freedom of laughter, the freedom of having a fun time and above all the freedom of reliving one’s childhood once in while!! 🙂

The freedom of religion….the freedom of celebration!!

The freedom of travel….the freedom of  journeying to one’s destination…

The freedom of flying high…the freedom of achieving one’s dreams…the freedom of being crazy!! 🙂

The freedom of music…the freedom of dance…the freedom of expressing one’s joy!!

Last but not the least…

The freedom of food…the freedom of burping 😀 😀

There is no fire like greed,

No crime like hatred,

No sorrow like separation,

No sickness like hunger of heart,

And no joy like the joy of freedom.


P.S. Also this is my 250th post!! Yeyy!!

37 thoughts on “Frames of Freedom

  1. Lovely pictures 🙂

    I wish there was one to capture freedom of the soul – the freedom to say anything, the freedom to express oneself in whichever manner is suitable, and for women I suppose the freedom to marry whomever they want too!

  2. Wonderful post!!! Freedom is one of the greatest treasures, and a golden cage is a cage still… I also yearn for the freedom to take a lazy stroll alone without fear.

  3. Hi Reema,
    I am coming here after many days..probably more than an year..
    seeing a lot of changes here…
    in the post I liked… the freedom of burping..has so much meaning I felt..

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