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So the much awaited Ram Janmbhoomi Babri Masjid dispute’s verdict came out. I just wanted to share these few lines written by the famous poet Kabir with everyone who comes across my blog.

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Wordless Wednesday – Rangoli

One of the departments at college had organised a rangoli competition. Students had made such wonderful rangolis. Ayodhya issue seemed to rule as the topic of the day.

# Ram Rahim – Notice the fusion of faces

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If and Only If

Being the in-charge of student association, organizing various events and uncooperative behavior of colleagues is taking a toll on my blogging time. But before September ends and for the first time a month goes in my blogging life without a single post, here is the cure to all Blogging Diseases like Writer’s Block or Laziness or Lack of Time for Original Post….a TAG. 🙂

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