I Love Me!

Changed my blog theme…how is it?

A long time ago Prats and Ritu gave me the Cherry on the Top award.

Rules for the award are :-

1. Thank the person that gave this to you
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself
4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to

Thank you so much Prateek and Ritu!! :)

The three things I love about myself are :-

# No Tension Attitude – I hardly worry too much or take tension about problems and situations..my mind always works in alogrithm..Define problem –> Look for solutions –> Check feasibility of each option..etc etc.. :)

# My Independent Attitude – I love that I hardly depend on others for anything…..and most importantly I love my financial independence.

# The Perfectionist in me – I am a hard taskmaster…I try to do things perfectly and expect the same from others. Others may find this irritating :D but that’s the way I am.

Now for a picture I love….

I and my mom :) … Found a great Calvin and Hobbes strip on motherly love :D

Now to pass on the tag…..

I pass on this tag to

# Mahmud

# Nu

# Anubha

# Kanagu

# Pallavi

for their lovely blogs!!


I have 400,000 hits on my blog!!! Yeyyyy!! Thank you all my readers and visitors…love you all!! You are,therefore I am.

Wish I made that kind of money :D :D

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52 thoughts on “I Love Me!

  1. LOVE the header…
    And congrats on the hits!
    Where do you keep disapparing off to now and then? Miss you and your ever-powerful posts!!!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot for the C&H strip too ;)

    Btw, isnt it time to update your “My Life At Present” widget? :D

  2. Congratulations for the 400000 Landmark sis!! :D :D
    I wished to observe the figure but I’m slow a bit…. anyway, thank for the Tag!! This is a lovely award :)

    So sweet and nostalgic photo with mom, isn’t? :)
    Good things and Good news all around…
    ***** time for party***** :D

  3. Me too love being independent :) :)

    And the pic is a cute one :)

    Loved the comic strip too.. especially the mo’s reply :) classic :)

    thanks for passing on the tag Reema.. will do soon :) :)

    Congrats on the 400,000 hits :) great number :) :)

  4. ooh!! Congrats! :) :)
    400,000 hits is amazing! :D

    The C&H cartoon is brilliant! :D
    And yea, I wish I had that kind of money too… :D :D
    The theme – need to get used to it, I was so used to your previous one… this one’s nice too.

  5. wow 400,000 hits.. that’s really awesome :) I loved the C&H strip and also the cartoon at the end.. I liked your new template :) The pic with your mom was very cute.. Congrats for the award :)

  6. Congrats for the 4 lakh hits …u are going to overtake me soon :) ..
    and after a long time my favourite calvin and hobbes strib :)
    and the theme looks cool. i love the comment typing section :P

  7. YAY for makeover of the blog Reema :) I’m loving it :)

    And those many hits :shock: wow you’re on roll :)

    Tnx for the award…I’m so happy :)

  8. Hello.. loved the post, the photo and the Calvin and Hobbes strip! :D Congrats on getting awarded.. and thanks for tagging me- it’s just what I need to go back to blogging in full swing again :)

  9. Hey Reema!

    Nice template! How did u make those sections above? I just love that organized look!
    As a blogger feels great when we check the clicks and readers right?! congrats dear!


  10. AWWWW, sigh… I am so happy that I have an amazing memory when it comes to a few things, like the memories of your childhood. We both love you :) This theme is very beautiful, please don’t change it. It is so pleasant too.

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