Movie Review: Legend of the Guardians

The movie is a Warner Bros production. The screenplay has been adapted from the first three volumes of the book series Guardians of Ga’Hoole by Kathryn Lasky. Soren is a barn owlet who lives in a tree hollow with his siblings – one brother Kludd and one sister Eglantine, a nursemaid – a snake Mrs.P and his parents. He and his brother have just started learning how to fly from one branch to another. One night,they venture out to practice and get kidnapped by evil owls belonging to a group called the Pure Ones. Thus begins the adventure of the young owl and his new-found friends to bring an end to the evil plans of Metal Beak, ruler of the Pure Ones.

The pros of the movie are

# The whole movie is based on CGI animation. It has wonderful 3D effects and is a visual delight with beautiful landscapes.

# It is a fantasy movie 😀 my favorite genre!!

# The voice overs and the background music are good.

# It is a complete movie unlike the Golden Compass.

The cons of the movie are

# I think since the screenplay is based on three books and like any Hollywood movie there is a time limit of 1.5 hrs, the movie has not been able to make that impact. Some explanations are missing for example Soren’s sister gets kidnapped too later but that is not shown. She is just suddenly there!!

# The story is just like any other magical story about a protagonist who realizes his full potential, has a mentor and a bunch of odd friends. In fact the Tree of Ga’Hoole reminded me of Pandora’s Home Tree. That is why Pixar rules!! They deliver awesome stories.

# The story lacks humor and punch lines. I think humor is essential for an animation movie..and not just the tripping-and-falling; making weird faces kind of humor but the witty kind.

# Though the movie is for kids, I found it bit dark and violent for kids.

Overall, wait for the DVD (rip :P)

My rating:- 6.5/10


30 thoughts on “Movie Review: Legend of the Guardians

  1. After watching the trailer, I thought it would be a ‘worth-watching’ movie. But after reading your review, I think … well… it is not my kind of animation movie! May be I’ll give a shot… not sure though!

  2. I was planning to watch this movie but many of my friends said it is not worth it.. so dropped the idea.. after reading your review, I think I will skip this movie 🙂 Doesnt impress me much..
    Waiting so desp for HP7.. did you get the tickets? just few more days left 🙂 🙂

  3. Animated movies are always entertaining, but seeing the trailer of this movie I think I will rather watch it on a DVD but not in the theater..!!

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